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All phdlos by Carllon Ward 

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Ski M 


I'^d- ''B^H^Hf^HVH 


Cjrllon Ward 

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student Life • 19 


LEFT: Crystal Thomas, 
Emily Sparkman, and 
Nicholas John per- 
formed in "The Cru- 
cible" diiring the fall 
semester. Other 
mainstage productions 
include "Holy Ghosts" 
and "West Side Story." 
BELOW: The Univer- 
sity Dance Theater gave 
a powerful performance 
in the fall and the 

Photo courtesy of WFU Dance Department 

FAR LEFT: A special 
edition of ABC's news 
program, "Nightline", 
called "Viewpoint" 
broadcast from Wait 
Chapel in February. 
The program focused 
on investigative news 
strategies, such as those 
used in the Food Lion - 
"PrimeTime Live" court 
case. TedKoppeland 
Diane Sawyer were just 
a few of the people 
involved with the case 
on campus for the 
program. LEFT: Tess 
Kincaid (pictured) 
starred in the romance 
"Love Letters" with 
actor Alec Baldwin. 
"Love Letters" was a 
g part of Wake Forest's 
° Year of the Arts celebra- 

DLj l^oiTiulus LinhGif 

I he Oast 

Coleman Shedman.. 

Rogers Canfield 

Obediah Buckhorn, 

Bo Perry 


r. JimFrazier 


Virgil Tides 


Howard Rudd 


Kirkland Dickey 

Randal Chou 


^orena Cosburg 


Lindy Krzyzewski 

Melissa Johnson 


iilly Boggs 

Dbediah Buckhorn S 

Whitney Lester 


r. F. Trent Merchant 


2arl Specter. 

Bonnie Bridge 

dancer Man 

Ken Thompson 

Heather Cowan 



i '1 






Tke CrucibTe 


-4jsr— ^ 

or WFU Theater Dcps 

1G C/Q 

Betty Parris 

Reverend Samuel Parris 


Abigail Williams 

Susanna Wallcott 

Mrs. Ann Putnam 

Thomas Putnam 

Mercy Lewis 

Mary Warren 

John Proctor. 

Rebecca Nurse 

Giles Corey 

Reverend John Hale 

Elizabeth Proctor. 

Francis Nurse 

Ezekiel Cheever. 


Judge Hathorne 

Deputy-Governor Danforth. 

Sarah Good 


..Elizabeth Thalhimer 

Nicholas John 

Selena Williams 

Kourtney Vahle 

Tiffany Burleson 

Cammie Wilson 

Randal Chou 

Catherine Justice 

Emily Sparkman 

Jim Frazier 

Crystal Thomas 

Allen Roda 

F Trent Merchant 

...Katherine A. Brewer 

Carter Smith 

Brad Stephenson 

Matt Murphy 

Wade Murphy 

Edwin Howard ., 

.Christina Wooldridgef 
Andrew Tapp/ 




1 ^ r^ ? s I rj- 


ten P 

ncDd uci I loi 1 



Weft Side Uory 

li'ciisGcd on en concGpfion bij 
cJei^orriG l^obbins 


ey of WFU Theater Deparlmenl 





^pi-inq I heater- P ---^cl uGtiiftri 

RIGHT: Bill 

Diggle, Drew 

Droege, F. Trent 

Merchant, Paul 

Lundberg, Julie 


Kirkland Dickey, 

and Jim Frazier 

all starred in 


Frank Joyner and 

Kyle Hayden 

present one of the 

three dialogues in 

Makm ieme of 

nothing (other 

actors include 

Ron Bianchi, 

Eddie Childress, 

Wade Murphy, 

David, Grimes, 

and Aaron 


of WFU Theater DeparlmenI 

..■:m^ _ ._.. . . _ _ 

Feftival of New FUyf 

LEFT: Catherine Justise and Julie Aitcheson star 



/ ti. 


FAR LEFT: Sara Simpson 
(pictured) performs vue Pay 
opposite Jen Wentzel. 
RIGHT: Annie Lanier, Jenny 
Harrison, and Paula Nance 
gave a wonderful perfor- 
mance in 

.ABOVE: MikeHuie 
performed a monologue in 

isff '^ 

k 9' ^: 

.Ml ' ' 


• • *l 


. V .1? 




•^ \ 

GmpopaPL) l=<Gpriev( 


Wake Forest is home to many musi- 
cal groups who have a tremendous amount 
of talent. Some of these groups include: 

Chi Uo 

. Concert Ch»iy 



Temforary K.efrhye 




^\ ?!!!' 






^^r^ospel C_^hoii 


Cl,i RInc 

The Unimfity Vance Theater 

UancG LyC 

mpariL) Mem 


Keri Bradley 

Ann Horsley 

Krista Rogers 

Dance Faculty: 

Challice Bonifant 

Stephanie Hudson 

Kristin Salsberry 

Fanchon Cordel 

Christy Cassell 

Kristi Lake 

Elizabeth Shuler 

Brantly Shapiro 

Rebecca Cowan 

Katie Maloney 

Aurora Smith 

Robert Simpson 

Beth Dodson 

Alexa Nimphie 

January Streeter 

Vlichelle Hallor 

Nicci Rainey 

Artistic Director: 

Holly Hallman 

Eve Richter 

Nina Lucas 

All photos courtesy of WFU Dance Department 

r ^<— iv 

Uni\crs)ls' Puhlicalu.nsOfT 

■?? • Fall Convocation 

LEFT: Beverly Sills 
spoke about the lack of 
support for the arts by 
the government. Years 
after retirement, Sills 
remains one of the most 
talented operatic 
soprano's. BELOW: 
Dean Escott presented 
the Donald O. 
Schoonmaker Prize for 
Community Service and 
the Jon Reinhardt 
Award for Excellence in 

BELOW: President 
Hearn delivers the 
opening com- 
ments at Convoca- 

FAR LEFT: Students 
oin in the recital of the 
Alma Mater. LEFT: 
Rob Shaw and his 
mother peruse the 
Opening Convocation 

Student Life • 33 



The second annual Fall Fling was held on 

September 27. 1996, and in every aspect, it 

was more successful than the year before. Fall 

Fling was held on the Mag Quad; the day was 

a little cloudy with a small breeze, but warm 

enough to be enjoyable. 

There were several activities that made 

the event a success, one was a 

performance by 

campus band Evan McNary who 
kicked off the affair. Temporary 
Reprieve, one of Wake Forest's 
acapella groups also performed 
a selection of songs. Lastly 
Dean Hamilton and his son took 
the stage, and he performed withj 
his famous banjo. While the en- 
tertainment was playing, WFU's 
Yearbook Staff gave upperclassmen their copy 
of the 1995- 1996 //(^n/fr. Aramark, the cam- 
pus food service, provided picnic style food for 
Fall Fling. Kites were also given out for the stu- 
dents to fly in the breeze. | 
Fall Fling was the Resident Student! 
Association's first activity of the 1996-1997 
school year. The success of this year's event was 
partly due to the tranquil mood of the day. 

"% Fall Fling 





IIIIWWPP III I .1 iw mpi i -'fn ■ ' ■»■ I 

i^ f t i A .-i i jij yi n W ill i I ' n 

..SI' - ?4 


f :,•; FALL FLIWG -J . f-p 

\ — r 

Opposite: Counter- 
clockwise from top: 
Kate McKune, Griff im> " 
Gatewood, and Brian Bi 
Pieslack peruse the 
Howler; Temporary 
Reprieve wooed the 
audience with a 
variety of songs; 
Many people took to 
the lawn to enjoy the 
music and compan- 
ionship of the day; 
Pete Zambito gets his 
copy of the Howler 
from editor, Lori 
Shores. This page: 
Student band, Evan 
McNary, brought out 
a huge group of fans 
to this conunuinty 


RIGHT: Tailgating is a 

part of the itinerary for 

man\' families during 

their campus visit. 

BELOW: These girls 

enjoy mingling at the 

pre-gamc tailgate. 

FAR RIGHT Parents 

came from all over the 

country to visit their 

children on Family 

Weekend. RIGHT: 

Local high school bands 

and cheerleading teams 

performed during the 

football halftime show 

as a part of the Family 

Weekend festivities. 

■* Family Weekend 


ciiuiiic lu uui nuiiic 

( DrrirK VVoodtuck 

Student Life • 37 



Opposite: Counter- 
clockwise from top: 
The children who 
visited campus really 
, ^ . got into the Hallow- 
\''>.t X een spirit; Amy 
i ' ■ Mackovic painted 

faces on the Quad; 
Jordan Wong made 
the kids smile with 
, his antics; this little 
' girl had a great time 
with her escort. This 
' page: These two rest 
after a long evening 
' of trick-or-treating. 

Photo: LeeAnn Hodgei 

Ir^jk i 

Carnivals. cosTumes. and candy were the 
main attractions around Wake Forest Univer- 
sity on October 30 this year. Hundreds of chil- 
dren and volunteers were a part of Project 
Pumpkin. Each year since 1989. the Volunteer 
Service Corps has sponsored this special pro- 
gram for Halloween. Children from the Win- 
ston-Salem community were welcomed to our 
campus to trick-or-treat on the Quad and in sur- 
rounding residence halls. The ghosts and gob- 
lins were led by over 600 student 
volunteer escorts into Poteat. 
Huffman. Kitchin. Davis, Efird. 
and Taylor Halls, where the chil- 
dren received a variety of sweets. 

Carnivals, set up in the 
lounges of Davis and Taylor 
Halls, were sponsored by many 
campus organizations. These 
carnivals provided fun filled 
games for the younger children, 
such as a cake walk, pie-in-the- 
face contest, bean bag toss, and 
bow ling. Each child received re- 
deemable tickets for participating 
in the games. The jugglers and face painters 
ran the carnival on the Quad, while groups such, 
as Chi Rho and Temporary Reprieve entertained 
the almost one thousand children, some of 
which were mentally or physically handicapped. 

Two haunted houses added an element 
of fear to this event for the older children who 
visited our campus. Almost one-third of the 
student body participated in Project Pumpkin, 
whether they were escorts, committee members, 
or participated in agency plunges. Ever>one's 
help was appreciated to provide support for the 
thirty-two after-school agencies that attended 
Project Pumpkin. Over 4.780 hours were vol- 
unteered to make Project Pumpkin 1996 a huge 

ome Home 


40 • Homecoming 

LEFT: These cheerlead- 
ers shov\' off in front of 
the alumni. BELOW: 
Most sororities and 
fraternities hold Wel- 
come Back tailgates for 
returning members. 

Wake Forest Band 
put on a spectacu- 
lar performance 
during the half- 
time show 

FAR LEFT: These 
parents prepare their 
daughter for a future as 
a Wake Forest cheer- 

RIGHT: Tailgaiting is an 
honored tradition of 
Homecoming weekend. 

Student Life • 41 


Sluilenl I'nion kaniokv .\i 

All phnliis hy l.ccAiin Hodgt 

42 • Student Union 

The Discovery Series 
was presented by the 
Benson University 
Center. Its topics 
ranged from interper- 
sonal relationships to 

Student Union pro- 
vided a massage class 
and dance lessons. 
Many of the programs 
SU provided enriched 
the student body 

• Student Union 

student I - #45 

>♦ - 

Opposite; Counter- 
clockwise from top: 
The Wake Forest 
Handbell Choir rings 
out a holiday 
melody; Students 
sing carols with 
angelic voices; Wait 
Chapel glows in the 
candlelight; The 
Wake Forest Choir 
adds to the lovely 
, atmosphere of the 
Lovefeast. This page: 
The Wake Forest 
Community cel- 
ebrates the Christmas 
season. Photo this 
page: Tripp 

Since the establishment of the Winston- 
Salem community, the Moravian Lovefeast has 
"leen a tradition. Approximately 2.300 students, 
acuity, and community members come to our 
ampus to celebrate this event in Wait Chapel. 
vVake Forest has been celebrating this tradition 
"or 3 1 years now and it will prob- 
ibly continue for many more de- 

The event started at 8p.m. 
in December 8. Many arrive 
■arly to enjoy the music of the 
Messiah Moravian Band and the 
ncandescent light that the luminaries on the quad 
[ive off. 

Students shared love buns and the tradi- 
onal sweet coffee. Students sang Christmas 
ymns after the conclusion of the program, which 
acluded the Wake Forest Handbell Choir, the 
lute Choir, and the Concert Choir. 


.•■4 .. ■* 




Student Life • 47 


^ »-■ 'n' ,■ . .. \'''' .■■■/. . ■ ... •' , ■, - 





and Bren 
show off 
on the ice 
visiting a 
friend in 


48 • Winter Season 











FALL: Emily Caldwell, Nancy Comorau, 
Douglas Crets, Sarah Hammons, Omaar 
Hena, Michael Janssen, Carrie 
Johannesmeyer, Keith Krut, Emilie 
Lapeyre, David Leonard, Carey Morton, 
Knox Robinson, Amy Roebuck, Bryan 
Thomas, Lynsey Wood. 

'9 I ondnn 

student Life • 51 

52 • Salamanca & Dijon 




DIJOX - FALL: Jabon Blount, Christy CasseU, Kristin Celello, 
Robert Clewis, Catherine Corbiere, Courtnev Farley, Jason 
Fiftal, Alicia Garrett, Kerry Gilsenan, Jessica Hill, McFienry 
Kane, Melissa Kellogg, Ashlev Martin, Erin Mulhern, Mary 
Reeves, Jennifer Ross, Jessica Stanley, Erin WuUer. 


student Life • 53 






CHINA - FALL: Ke\ in Anderton, Kent Benson, Ashley 
Bondurant, Abraham Fenberg, David Fleig, Andrew Gately, 
Justin Guariglia, Robin Lewis, Andrea Rothman, Ruth Scotti, 
Sara Simpson, Susan Shuler, Daniel Stvron, Emiiy Tingle. 

^«i :.^££^ 

54 • China & Japan 


student Life • 55 

SPRING: Andrea Bdrreto, Lauren Briicia, JettChilderj., kristie 
Collins, Kellv Cocoran, Ginnv Cox, Jennifer Crume, Chris 
Goff, Jason Hade, Jennifer KimbreU, Amy Laczynski, Whitney 
Lester, Randy Luciano, Hannah Ottinger, Tiffany Rice, Becky 
Robbins, Alison Segall, Megan Sheehy, Sarah Speeg, Justin 
Swan, Paul Thomas, Wendv Wade, Mary Brook White. 



Student Life 



Beckv Boj;le, Jason Hall, Brian Jones, Meike Lampe, Renee Louis, Ginnifer McGill, Brian McKini, 
Kristen Scliiller, Kathiryn Tompkins, Kristin Winkle. 


FALL: Deniz Akinc, Nicholas Burik, Stephanie Burns, Ashely Carson, Sarah Endemann, Caroline 

Lscobar, Bryan Everlv, Emilv Fammartino, Sarah Schick, John Schneider, Marcus Snow, Adria 

Abrams, Linne Amundson, Chantal Dilzer, Carla Gallelli, Clyde Slappy, Ashley Smith. 


Rebecca Cowan 


Heather D'Agnes 


Kenneth Feeley 


Sandra Benson 


Bradley Ouderkirk 


Amie Fon\'ille 


Timothy Blue, Brad Evans, Amy Harrison, Anne Randall, Andrew Rush, Kristin Wontka, Jason 

Aquilino, Renee Barnett, Lori Carter, Laura Clark, Laura Cooley, Heather Mackay, Julie Mitchell, 

Sarah Thalliimer, Jamie Tomhave, Amy Pyles 


Courtney Hallman, Betsy Neathawk, Meghan Reardon, Kristin Thompson, 


Katherine McCort 


Erica Hille, Jeff Dillon, Marni Neelv 


Andrew Frey 


Lauren Boyle, Caitlin Curtin, Ted Rice, Heather Higgins, Leslie Reese, Peter Rives, 


Charles Daniel, Jennifer Gentry, 


Joseph Parkhill, Shawn Pearce 


John Hedlund 


Amanda Pipkin 


Scott Mayne, Steven Smith 


Amy Grimm, Melanie Smith, Da\'id Hart, 


Thurman Chestnutt, Carinne Keenan, Samantha Ligon, Jamie Miyares, Matthew O'Neill, Karen 
Rzonsa, Emily Barger, Robert Holcomb, Lauren Patti, Lauren Abbate, Jessica Nelson 

* Overseas 

p r^CDC^ r^c3 m s 

student Life • 59 



"Art possesses great power to communi- 
cate." said James Earl Jones during Founder 
Day Convocation. Wait Chapel was packed with 
administration, faculty, students, and members 
ot the Winston-Salem community. Each of them 
came to hear the words of wisdom Jones would 
x'stow on them and the words of hope he would 
yive for the future of the arts. 

President Heam began the 1 63rd celebra 
lion of the founding of the University. Others 
were honored for their achievements and dedi- 
cation to Wake Forest. Senior 
Charlotte Opal was honored as a 
Rhodes Scholar Several awards 
were presented during convoca 
tion. Retired professor of math 
ematics. Ivey Gentry, wa^ 
awarded the medallion of merit, 
the university's highest honor. 
The Award for Excellence in Re 
search was given to Glorisj 
Muday, an associate professor ol 
biology, and the Reid-Doyk 
Prize for Excellence in Teaching 
was awarded to Helga Welsh, ar 
assistant professor of politic^ 

As a child, Jones said hi; 
exposure to art was limited to folk art. He saic 
art was all around him in music, movies, stories 
and books. Until he had to read his "Ode t( 
Grapefruit" in high school. Jones had a stutter- 
ing problem, but after that reading he began tc 
realize the power of speech. Jones said that we 
breath art from the atmosphere whether we know 
it or not. In the absence of folk art there is less 
community, less communication, and less bond 
ing said Jones. Jones asked us to support th< 
arts because "they are necessary for survival.' 
Jones "believes we should elevate the extraordi 
nary, but the extraordinary is all around us.' 
Jones hopes that thisYearof the Arts will remaii 
with us throughout the rest of our lives. 
"May the arts be with you." - James Earl Jones 

60 • Founder's Day Convocation 

Opposite: Counter- If 
clockwise from top: ' 
Administration, fac- 
ulty, and students 
processed into 
Founder's Day Con- 
vocation; Members 
of the Mortar Board 
and Omicron Delta 
Kappa were recog- 
nized for their 
achievements; Jones 
shows this boy the 
way to the Dark 
Side; Everyone 
joined in the singing 
of the Alma Mater 
This page; Jones 
was presented an 
honorary Doctrate 
of Fine Arts. 

62 • Student Union 


Jane L. Fowetl 

Martin Sexton 

Tom Peluca 

student Life • 63 



Opposite: Counter- 
st clockwise from top: 
1 Bren Varner and Joe 
iVolpe, like many 
Wake students, enjoy 
spending Spring 
Break at the beach; 
This group of Wake 
Alternative Breakers 
spent their break in 
Boston helping with 
many different 
community service 
projects; The Wake 
Forest Gospel Choir 
spent their Spring 
. Break on a cruise to 
the Bahamas. These 
Choir members 
• tested their vocal 
f cords wit 11 shows 
her school spirit at a ^ 
basketball game. 
Many students went 
' to the ACC tourna- 
ment over Spring 
Break to support the 
Demon Deacons. 
I Photo this page: i 

' Corinne Woodcock. 


Spring Break is one oftlie most antici- 
pated breaks of the school year. It is one time 
that many students get to go on vacation w ilh 
their friends and relax after a tough week of mid- 

For the past couple of years the ACC 
tournament falls on the same week as Spring 
Break, and many dedicated Screamin' Demons, 
students, hand members, and ath- 
letes give up their break to fol- 
low the basketball team. Unfor- 
tunately, this year Wake lost in 
the second round to Carolina. 

Another option many 
students explore for Spring 
Break is Wake Alternative Break. 
Over 60 Wake students helped 
with different community service 
projects across the nation. Teams of students 
traveled to places such as inner-city Boston and 
a Sioux reservation. 

Many students go to the beach with a 
broup of friends or with sorority and fralernit) 
groups. Some students also use the break to re- 
am home and relax. 

No matter what a students Spring Break 
idventure may have been, most return to school 
ejuvenated. ready to finish the spring semester. 

Student Life 

66 • Outdoor Activities 

LEFT: The Mag Quad 
pro\ides space for a 
plethura of acti\'ities, 
e\en hanging out with 
\our friends on the 
li\ing room furniture. 
BELOW: Rich Gahnski 
impresses spectators 
with his outstanding 
ultimate frisbee" 



When the stress of class gets to be a 
ittle ttKi much, you always know there's a 
relief right outside your door. With such a 
gorgeous campus, there's always an open field 
to play frishee in. or basketball courts to play a 
pickup game. 

Fortunately, the weather 
in North Carolina allows for 
students to spend a large 
amount of time outside, espe- 
cially in the fall and in the 
spring. Because of the mild 
winter this year, students were 
able to keep up with outdoor activities far into 

The students at Wake Forest are very 
active and are very resourceful when coming 
up with new and fun outdoor activities. There 
are also some nearby parks, such as Hanging 
Rock, where students can study and exercise. 



Opposite: Counter- 
clockwise from top: 
Junior Chris Maguire 
rides his bike 
through Reynolda 
Gardens; Senior Eric 
Gulbis looks to see 
exactly how deep the 
ravine is at Hanging 
Rock; There's always 
someone who's up 
for a game of basket- " 
ball; These guys 
enjoy a game of 
hackeysack on a 
sunny fall afternoon. 
This page; John Hage 
plays a game of 
lacrosse on Davis 
field. Photo this 
page; LeeAnn 

RIGHT: These three 
guys meet for a beer 
and a little conversa- 
tion. BELOW: The 
construction of Shorty's 
began in the fall. 

BELOW: After 

many years of 

planning, the 

grand opening of 

the coffeehouse 

was February 25. 


F,-\R RIGHT: The 

opening of Shorty's 

revived an "old 

campus" tradition. 

RIGHT: Pool is one of 

the many activities that 

is available in Shorty's. 

It's a great place to catch 

up with a friend, listen 

to music, watch TV, or 

have a drink 

^B i-<».. 


k.. . 



^^^^^Bh I'.Iii 

\ \ 

" — 9 



1 A 

- -^-^"^=^^^^^^B 

w - 

^ _- "---::^| 



^B^^ j**^ "^-^ 



mT .-^ 




LecAnn Hi)dge^ 

70 • Shorty's 

fji-llim Ward 

Student Life • 71 








Over the next couple of years the aesthet- 
ics of our campus will be changing. Many 
projects are underway as of this year. Complaints 
from students about the muddy conditions can 
be heard regularly, but so can praises of the won- 
derful services we will soon be providing. 

Construction crews broke ground on the 
new Polo Residence Hall which will sit across 
Irniii North Residence Hall and Student Apart- 
ments. Polo Hall will house 194 upperclassmen 
students, and will offer 
townhouse-style living. The 
building should be finished for thc 
start of the 1998 fall semester. 

Also in the plans for the 
next year, is the new academics 
building between Calloway Hall 
and Carswell Hall. This building 
will be the home to the psychol- 
ogy and language departments, 
and will be 80,000 square-feet. 

The information systems 
department along with ROTC will 
move into the indoor tennis com- 
plex after its renovation. This will provide a cen- 
tral location for all computer technology depart- 
ments. After ROTC moves out of Reynolda 
Gymnasium, the Student Health Services Cen- 
;er will move in to that location. 

Other construction projects include the 
novation of Wait Chapel, the renovation o 
Luier Hall, and the replacement of the balconie: 
|jn Taylor and Davis Halls. 

These projects will make serious im 
movements to Wake Forest's campus, and wi 
brovide state of the art facilities for students, fac 
[ilty, and staff 

Student Life • 73 E 


e Books 

74 • Studying 

^^, -r' J, "^y^'^^JZ^^^ 

student Life • 75 



The anticipated implementation of the 
Plan for the Chiss of 2000 finally came to an end. 
Ever\' member of the freshmen class was issued 
an IBM Think Pad during orientation. There- 
fore, it became commonplace to see computers 
in the classroom, outside on Mag Quad, and 
anywhere else on campus. 

The change stirred up a 
multitude of feelings from faculty 
and students. Some were in full 
support of the plan, while others 
violently objected to the com- 
puterization of our students. The 
change did encompass many 
areas of student life. Changes 
were noticeable in the classroom 
and in the residence halls. It has 
become a necessity to check your electronic mail 
on a daily basis because it is such an accepted 
brm of communication. 

Some of the faculty and administration 

belicNc that the computerization of Wake Forest 

will make our students more competitive in the 

wiirk force. lt"s hard to know what the outcome 

this program will have on Wake Forest stu- 

dents. We all hope that it is a positive one. 

RIGHT: These girls 
smile brightly as thev 
line up for the proces- 
sion. BELOW: Gradua- 
tion is the last chance 
many students have to 
say good bye to faculty 
and administration. 

BELOW: Presi- 
dent Hearn 
bestowed six 
dignitaries with 
honorary degrees. 




RIGHT: These gradu- 
ates anxiously await the 
receipt of their diplo- 
mas. FAR RIGHT: This 
graduate beams with 

78 • Graduation 

student Life • 79 










Opposite page: 
from top; Gradu- 
ates overflowed 
with pride on this 
great day of 
Louis V. Gerstner 
Jr. delivered the 
address; The 
seniors anxiously 
awaited the mo- 
ment that their 
name would be 
called; This gradu- 
ate shows his 
excitement. This 
page; After crossing 
the university plaza 
graduates flipped 
their tassle to 
sigrufy the receipt 
of their diploma. 



On a hot sunny May 19. seven hundred 
md seventy-six undergraduate students walked 
cross the university plaza to receive their di- 
loma. The pay day finally arrived for these stu- 
lents after four years of hard work and study- 

g. Tim Duncan, the most well- 
jiown member of the graduating 
lass, received a standing ovation 
s he accepted his psychology 

In his commencement ad- 

ress, Louis V. Gerstner Jr.. the 
hiefexecutiveofficerof IBM, stated that "com- 

uters are magnificent tools for the realization 

f our dreams, but they will never replace our 


The best of luck to our graduates, who 

all take the lessons learned from Wake Forest 

3 make a difference in the world. 

All phoios b\ Carlton Ward 

Student Life • 81 


LEFT: The gatehouses 
were an addition to 
campus life. The added 
security precaution was 
only a minor adjust- 
ment for students to get 
used to this year. 
BELOW: Construction 
became commonplace 
on campus, and it 
probably will not be 
finished for a few more 

Duncan's career at 
Wake Forest 
finally came to an 
end as he gradu- 
ated this year. 
Duncan will be 
playing for the 
NBA team the 
SanAntonio Spurs. 

FAR LEFT: With the 
implementation of the 
Plan for the Class of 
2000, ThinkPads 
became a necessary part 
of everyday life. LEFT: 
The Year of the Arts 
celebration brought 
many famous people to 
campus and provided 
wonderful activities for 
the entire year. 

Student Life • 83 

FAR RIGHT: Alanis Monssette 

has talent that seems to know no 

limits. Her debut album, "Jagged 

Little Pill," attracted considerable 

attention thanks to the hit single 

"You Oughta Know," a tier\. 

graphic rant at a former 

boyfriend. Morisette delivers the 

deeply personal lyrics with a 

dramatic voice and a dynamic 

rhythm. MIDDLE: A R&B pop 

singer named Toni Braxton hit 

the charts about three years ago 

and hasn't left. Her latest hit 

album, "Secrets", blends her rich, 

smooth voice with a versatility 

that continues to grow with each 

' hit. RIGHT: Celine Dion 

had the impossible good fortune 

of taking two movie songs - 

"Beauty and the Beast" and 

"Because You Loved Me" (f 

Up Close and Personal) and took 

them to the top of the charts. 

The Canadian performer has a 

dynamic voice that raises e\ en 

the most modest material to a 

level of loveliness. Her latest 

release, "Falling Into You" was a 

runaway hit. 

FAR RIGHT: President 

Bill Clinton and Vice 

President Al Gore 

maintained a strong and 

consistent lead in the 

polls during their 

campaign for foi 

years in the White 

House. RIGHT: Former 

Senator Bob Dole and 

Jack Kemp, an active 

Republican and former 

cabinet member, 

promised to give 

President Clinton a "run 

ABOVH: Olympic gold medal winner Michau I lohnson has what track coache 
endurance — the ability to carry top speed. He proved he had endurance-plus. Johnson 
won an unprecedented double win in the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. He ^ 
and the 400 meter race. 


National Year-ln-Review 

THIS PAGE: A deadly explosion disrup 
as the Games were turning Atlanta into a giddy metropolis 
nowing with tourists, a black-powered pipe bomb packed witi 
exploded in the crowded Centennial Park. One person died in; 
and another died of a heart attack. ABOVE: Months after TWA 
800 exploded in midair in the summer of 1996, investigator; 
still searching for a cause. The Boeing 747 jumbo jet plunge 
the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Long Island, N.Y., just m 
after taking off from Kennedy Airport for Paris. All 230 peo] 
board were killed. The theories ranged from a mechanical fail 
a bomb, from an exploded fuel tank to a missile. 

f w 


Academics • 87 


Thomas K. Hearn Jr. 




^^^V'ilj ^^^^^1 



Wm. iM 

David G. Brown 


Paul D. Escott 

# Administration 


Gordon A. Melson 


Bill Leonard 


Jack Wilkerson 

HI li >» • 
nj 1 1 1 p^ 


Paul N. Orser 




Harold R. Holmes 


Lula M. Leake 


Toby A. Hale 


William S. Hamilton 


Patricia Adams 

NOT PICTURED: BetSy HOppe, Assistant Dean ol Business and Accounlacy: DBB PBTfy, Assistant Dean: 
Jeryl PreSCOtt. Assistant Dean. Claudla Thomas, Associate Oean 




John Anderson 


Sandra Boyette 


Leon Corbett 


Louis Morrell 




Ken Zick 


Edwin Wilson 

S Administration 



Edgar Christman 


Carolyn Dow 


Samuel Gladding 


Thomas Gilsenan 


Margaret Perry 


Buck Bayljff 


James Dominick 


David Fyten 


Rhode Channing 

Academics • 91 


Connie Carson 




Julie Cole 


William Currin 


Michael Ford 






1? ' 






Ross Griffith 



- . 





•■■-•» ■ -^a 





Johanna Iwata 


Connie Lawson 


Regina Lawson 



Kay Lord 

92 • Administration 


Barbee Oakes 




Cecil Price 


Marianne Schubert 


Richard Sears 


William Starling 

NOT PICTURED: Mary Gerardy, 

Assistant Vice President of Student Life. 
Robert Mills, Assistant vice president of 

University Relations. DiaHG MJtChell, Director 

of Learning Assistance Program 

Academics • 93 

Academically, the biggest news around Wake Forest is 
the new Plan for the Class of 2000 and all the new computer 
technology on campus. For many of us now, it is hard to imag- 
ine life at Wake Forest without the easy word-processing pro- 
grams such as Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, 24 hour, easy 
access to the internet, and everyone's favorite, E-Mail! The 
new technology, especially in e-mail, has allowed separated 
friends all over the world to keep in close contact, and e-mail 
has helped students and faculty to communicate more fre- 
quently and comfortably. In some classes, professors have set 
up e-mail list servers in which their entire class can e-mail one 
another discussing their assigned readings, and anyone is free 
to respond. Some professors have set up their entire syllabus 
and all homework assignments on their web page on the 
internet, helping students to make use of their resources. Other 
professors have enhanced classroom discussion by requiring 
their students to e-mail a sentence summarizing the reading. 
and a list of questions which he/she will then use to lead the 
discussion in the classroom. The wonderful part of the new 
computer technology is the knowledge of the wide variety of 
its uses, which propels our university as a leader in computers 
as we approach the ne.xt millennium. 


Michael David Hazen, Beth Hutdieii^, \lai \- M rXilt,.n, Suvin Faust Denise Franklin 
Michael J H^•de, Ste^•e Jarrett. Andiv^v Leslie, lohn T Lle^^ elKn, Allan D, Louden, [o 
VVhitten May, Jill lordan McMillan, Ananda Mitra, Mardene Morykwas, Dee Oseroff- 
Varnell, Karen L. Oxendine, Randall G. Rogan, Ross K. Smith, Eric Watts, Margaret D. 

Conniie Woodcock 

Academics • 97 



Toward the l-ikI of the lW6-iyM7 aeademic year, the 
Wake Forest faculty voted in favor of a new plus/minus grading 
system, which will take effect the fail of 1998. The grading 
change means that pluses and minuses will factor into the final 
grade of the class, making 1 2 gradations instead of 5. Any grade 
with an added "plus" is worth .333. more than the typical letter 
grade, for example B+ is worth 3.333. and any grade with a 
"minus" is worth .333 less, such as B- is 2.667. This change to 
the grading system came as a surprise to many students, and 
some expressed displeasure at the faculty for not consulting the 
student body's opinions before making the decision. The over- 
whelming advantage of the plus/minus system is that it pro- 
vides a greater accuracy and fairness in grading. gi\ ing both the 
student and the professor an opportunity to display a more ac- 
curate ratine of student ability. 

ClaiR' ri ll.iiiimoiid, \.im\ \I l'iiikl\, \llin ( ollivll, lolin VV. D.nvsoii, Doiidld E 
Frev, I D.iilirl Hjmmond, \m L, \luh.u-l s l.nvlor, lohri C. Moorhouse, 
Pfrr\' I I'.ittiTSon, Robert M VVh.ipk-s, 1 1 Wood, Andrew J Yates. 

98 • Departments 

Nancy J. Cotton, Connie Green, .Andrea \I .Atkin, Ralph Black, Anne Bovie, 
Bamslev Broun, John A Carter Ir, Justin I Catanoso, Marv K. DeShazer, Bashir 
El-Besh'ti, Andrew V. Ettin, lames ? Hans, Marsha Holmes, Patricia A, Johansson, 
V\' Dillon Johnston, \Va\ ne E Kins;. Scott Klein, Philip Kuherski, Robert W. Lovett, 
Barrv G, Maine, Allen Slandelbaum, Caroh n Malheus, Thomas McGohev, Dolly 
.A, .McPherson, Jane Mead, William .\I Moss, Gillian R CKering, Elizabeth Petrino, 
Jeryl Prescott, Robert N. Shorter, Gale Sigal, Claudia .\. Thomas, Olga X'albuena, 
Michele Ware, Karen Wevler, Edwin G. Wilson, Eric Wilson, 

Academics • 99 


l\uilM KlIilsl.l'jIU kn ,l-,l >nii,i!.l l;rij;r\,\lkh.l.'l I Urn A, I '('In I i l! 

Lfo Fills,, n, Inuiil,'! I lni,'i, I,, hum,' l,ni\ Krlhni;, Anlli.nn I' M.iisl 
Stephen 1' Messier, Gjrv D. Miller, Kick Reje^ki. D.n id Stroupe, Guv B.ish, 

TOO • Departments 



This year's ficshman class is tiie first group of students 
to experience the new changes for tiie class of 2000. One ma- 
jor academic change is the requirement of a First- Year Semi- 
nar class in which fifteen students study an intellectual topic 
under a faculty member. Some seminars actually meet in a 
freshman residence hall in order to try to combine resident and 
academic life on campus. These classes provide a strong in- 
troduction to Wake Forest academics, as they are designed to 
develop critical thinking and verbal expression skills early in 
the student's college career. Students are encouraged in this 
First-year seminar to leam to use the technology that they have 
at their fingertips to communicate closely w ith their professor 
and to form a strong academic support grou|i that v\'ill further 
their academic as well as social endeavors at Wake Forest Uni- 



Cllristine Ch<indler, ChiT\l I iukliiiiM.n, C ln-r\l IViim.iik, Stfvcn Witkcr, l^ich.ird 
Carmichael.GlennAcrtr, I Ju.ird I Alli-ii, Inlin V H.i\l,'\,e lirisLi Blackburn, 
Jennifer J. Burp, Daniel Canas, Jule .M Connollv, Margaret Francel, Yaorong Ge, Elmer 
K. Hayaslii, Paul Hemler, Frederic T, Howard, David J. |ohn, Ellen E. Kirkman, James 
Kuzmanovich, Jeffrey K. Lawson, J, Gaylord May James L, Norris 111, Robert I 
Plemmons, Marc Renault, Stephen B Robinson, Stan J Ihomas, Todd C, Torgersen, 
Marcellus F. Waddill, Da\id C Wilson 

('.irlioii W.iid 

102 • Departments 

Academics • 103 



Howard W, Shields, Judith Swiccgood, D.ivid E G. Sturm, Ching-Wan Yip, P.iul 
R. Anderson, Keith D Boniii, Robert W, Brehme, Eric D. Carlson, Monroe 
Cowan, George Cvijanovich, George M. Holzwarth, William C. Kerr, Danii 
Kim-Shapiro, Joseph Louderback, George E. Matthews, George P. Williams h 
Richard T. Williams. 

J01 • Departments 

Deborah L. Best, Teresa S, Hill, Lauren E, Martens, [oan C Worth, Phillip G Batten 
Robert C. Beck, Terr\ D, Blumenthal, Christy M Buchanan, Dale Dagenbach Steve W 
DaMS, Robert H, Dufort, C, Drew Edu-ards, Philiippe R, Falkenburg, William W Fleeson 
Mark R. Lear>-, Mark V, Pezzo, Charles L, Richman, lames .A, Schirillo, Marianne A 
Schubert, Catherine E, Seta, Carol A, ShiN-elv, William W. Sloan,Ceciha H. Solano Eric 
Stone, W. Gu\- Bass. 

Academics • 105 

Academics • 107 




Lisa Andries 
Daniel W. Baker 
Jessica Barker 
Mary Caroline Barritt 
Jennifer Lynn Boone 
Rebecca Cowan 
Joseph Demarco 
Courtney Clayton Farley 
Michelle France 
Leigh Halchett 
Shelly Ann Jacobs 
Helen Lafaye 
Louisa Meyer 
Faye Rodman 
Staci T. Schwartz 
Julia Settle 
Amy Kristin Sigel 
Tracy L. Thomas 
Laura Thomas Tucker 
William T. Tyson, Jr. 
Joanna M. White 
Lynsey Ann Wood 



Jacqueline Adams 
Jonathan Adinoltl 
Heyward D. Armstrong 
Christian Cappelluti 
Donna M. Contestabile 
Renee W, Davis 
Matthew J. Frederick 
Jonathan Hansen 
Katherine High 
Paul L. Lejue/ 
Meredith J. Miller 
Sarah Moore 
Aaron Oakley 
Nocllc Palmer 
Phillip Rhuicr 

Honor Societies 

Michael Ricciardelli 
Kurt J. Sickman 
Wayne Smith 
Erik Van Der Sande 
Chad Ward 
Missy Zetick 


Elise Lacy Adams 
Jennifer Alexandra Alcorta 
Lauren Bennett Ale 

Jeffrey Blake Alpert 

Jami Temple Anderson 

Keisha Nichole Arrowood 

Anil Kumar Atluri 

Sarah Elizabeth Austrin-Willis 

Lule Aydin 

John Moulton Bartlett. Jr. 

Amy Kathleen Bassett 

Amanda Janice Bates 

David Scott Beardsell 

Jennifer Elaine Bell 

Brian C. Berklich 

Ashley Lauren Berry 

Arwen DeLaine Blayney 

Jennifer Lynn Boone 
Meredith Julie Borel 
Maria Laurice Bost 
Shannon Lee Bothwell 
Michael Randall Bourke 
Jill Lynn Boyd 
Keri Ann Bradley 
Anne Courtney Breuer 
Joshua Dale Bryant 
Sara Elizabeth Burke 
William Reece Burns 
Michael James Burtzlaff 
Jennifer Kaitlin Butler 
Christine Dianne Calareso 
Virginia Ann Canipe 
Christian Cappelluti 
Michael Stephen Cartwright 
Christy Lynn Cassell 
Chantal Marie Chapman 
Adrian Renee Chastain 
Mary Leigh Cherry 
David Dixon Childs 
Robert Raikes Clewis 
Eboni Shani Cohen 
Robin Michelle Cook 
Allison Lauren Costa 
Andrew Edward Darby 
Todd Michael De Jong 
Megan Elizabeth Deardorff 
Alvin James Detterline 
Alan Ronald Dickinson 
Wayne Michael Eaker 
Karen Amanda Ellis 
Lee Brinklcy Eure. Jr. 
Lisa Elizabeth Ewart 
Stephanie Elizabeth Falk 
William Goodyear Freehling 
Emily Suzanne Freeman 
Rebecca Alden Frost 
Lauren Ann Furgurson 
Michael Peter Futia 


Richard Thomas Gahnski 
Judson Payne Garbarino 
Ahcia Ann Ganett 
Kenneth Winston Gasaway 
Matthew James Giiley 
Bradley Thomas Gihnore 
KeiTy EHzabeth Giisenan 
Scott Eric Gindoff 
Elizabeth Wetzel Gordon 
Cameron McLean Gram 
Michele H. Hallor 
Deirdre Marie Harding 
Scott Hardy Mayne 
Megan Chase McCarthy 
Heather Ann McClain 
Laurie Ann McGuckin 
Telly Ali Meadows 
Kathryn Frances Meyer 
Stacia Christine Miles 
Melissa Catherine Mizesko 
Fanah Paige Moore 
Kelly Susan Morrison 
Courtney Dawn Mull 
Laura Ann Murray 
Matthew Paul Nimchek 
Christopher Patrick Ober 
Hannah Elizabeth Oettinger 
Laurie Jeanne Olson 
John Michael Pasalich 
Diana Lynn Peacock 
Jay Talmadge Penry 
Christen Julia Peterson 
Michael David Pleacher 
Scott Stuart Plumridge 
Amanda Marie Poinsette 
Michelle Lee Pope 
Stacy Elaine Quiroz 
Megan Allen Ramsey 
Ashley Anne Randolph 
Juddson Roberts Reed 
Eve Marie Richter 

Tiffany Ann Rinne 
Eric Harold Roberts 
Katherine Denise Roscoe 
Sari Rachel Rose 
Aaron Kalman Schachter 
Kimberly Connn Schutsky 
Thomas Hamilton Segars 
Lia Shannon Simpson 
Jill Kristen Skowronek 
Christine Marie Snapp 
Marcus Hilton Snow 

Sarah Woodward Speeg 
Sharon Kathleen Spilker 
Autumn Don Stokley 
Keith Ryan Szeliga 
Andrew Joseph Taska 
Virginia Gray Tate 
Craig Allan Taylor 
Myres Winston Tilghman 
Meredith Elizabeth Townsend 
Will Rowland Voelzke 
Joseph Michael Volpe 
Chad Martin Wagner 
Kristin Nicole Warren 
Michael Dale Warren 
Brian Garry Webb 

Stefani Loree Wedl 
Nicole Lynn Wellman 
Mark Richard Whiteman 
David Bennett Williams 
Benjamin Lewis Wilson 
Jill Kimberly Wilson 
Shelly Lynn Woodson 
Jennifer Maren Wright 
Lucy Moore Yarhrough 
Carrie Elizabeth York 
Karen Elizabeth Zawoysky 
Jason David Zook 



Jane J. Ahn 
Anne Louise Buffardi 
Jeffrey Brennon Childers 
Heidi Dorothy Cort 
Renee Wheeler Davis 
Jessica Dawn Finley 
Robin Lea Gelinas 
Christy Lynn Goff 
Donald Matthew Greenawalt 
Rahman James Harrison 
Paula Rocha Hayes 
Vicki Cathy Ho 
Mary Kathryn Hostinsky 
Jason Robert McEnaney 
Amanda Ellen McGrady 
Katherine Ellen McKune 
Rebecca Jean Meisenbach 
Meredith Jane Miller 
Candace Jane Modlin 
Thornwell Hay Parker, III 
Abigail Ashley Price 
Elaine Collier Sanderlin 
Katherine Anne Scott 
William Matthew Shurts 
Courtney Catherine Smith 
Shannon Elizabeth Stinnett 
Bryan Joseph Yeazel 

Academics • 




April Arden 
Karen Baker 
Susan Bowman 
Katherine Brewer 
Mary Leigh Cherry 
Patrick Depenbrock 
Robin Gehnas 
Mary Beth Green 
Matt Greenawait 
CaroUne Giipton 
Leigh Hatchett 
Nancy Hehns 
Jon-Paul Hickey 
Leslie Ann Jackson 
Randy Jenkins 
Amy Johnson 
Craig Joseph 
Jessica Kent 
Kelly LaChapelle 
Al-Hussein Madhnay 
Amanda McGrady 
Kate McKune 
Kate McLane 
Meredith Miller 
Sai'ah Moore 
Wendy Mumford 
James O'Neill 
Charlotte Opal 
Tripp Parker 
Emily Pairish 
Chad Peshak 
Scott Plumridge 
Lindsay Seawright 
Wes Sechrest 
Kathy Scott 
Jamey Spencer 
Deborah Tyson 
Joy Vermillion 

Jackson Williams 
Brian Yeazel 
Liza Zavaleta 



Heather S. Barnes 
Karen A. Ellis 
Andrew R. Frey 
Caroline C. Gupton 
Bentley Jay O'Dell 

Pamela Josette Ryan 
Jarrod Michael Sisk 
Richard Brent Spooner 
Hunter Reeve Underhill 
Amy Ruth Wilhelm 


Political Science 

Laura Acton 
Louis Amoroso 
Patricia Barattini 
Ashley Beuttcl 
Jason Benton 
Alison Bilheimer 

John Brooker 
Christopher Cathcart 
Brock Clary 
David Cunningham 
George Demetriades. Jr. 
Alan Dickinson 
Jessica Dhuyvetter 
Amy Eckert 
Laura Edwards 
Jeffrey Fahrenkrog 
Lillianne Fryer 
Kristine Goldhawk 
Elizabeth Gray 
John D. Hage 
Kathleen Hurley 
Christopher Jamison 
Randy Jenkins 
Beau Johnson 
Katherine Jones 
William Kennedy 
Roberta King 
Kate McKune 
Geoffrey Michael 
Kirsten Nobman 
Sean Nowak 
Shannon Poe-Kennedy 
Susan Riley 
Matthew Robida 
Sari Rose 
Tina Schippers 
Andrew Sisk 
Thomas Tolvaisas 
John Virdin 
Brian Ward 
Michael Woody 
Brian Yeazel 

no • Honor Societies 



Jiihn Russell Allen 
Brian T. Baker 
Carl E. Beck. Ill 
Jennifer Bell 
Brandon Bentley 
Stephanie Birkitt 
Michael Randall Bourke 
Jeremy T. Canipe 
Kristin Mary Celello 
K. Brock Clary 
Susanne Karen Danks 
Brian L. Dimmick 
Andrew Eagles 
Courtney Page Foley 
Amie Carol Fonville 
William G. Freehling 
Rosemary Lynn Futrell 
Amy Elizabeth Gibbons 
Matthew James Gilley 
Amy Hanzlik 
Andrew Coleman Hams 
Kathleen Milliard 
Sarah Elizabeth Hovis 
W. Giles Hunnings, III 
Carmen James 
Amanda K. Johnson 
Kelly LaChapelle 
Christian Holte Larsen 
Samatha M. Ligon 
Creston Sidney Long 
Pamela R. Lynde 
Jason R. McEnaney 
Amanda Ellen McGrady 
Millen Petrov 
Kristin Proud 
Arthur Ralston 
Thomas Edward Schultheiss 
Randolph Tyler Stone 
Thomas Street 

Jaime A. Tomhave 
Brian Wilson 



Jacqueline Rae Adams 
Kemberly Jill Bacon 
Stephanie Anne Birkitt 
Shannon Lee Bothwell 
Rayn Patrick Bowles 

Joshua Dale Bryant 
William Christopher Buck 
Anne Louise Buffardi 
Christian Cappelluti 
Megan Katie Cai-penter 
Jeffrey Brennon Childers 
Matthew John Coleman 
Kristie Jo Collins 
Robin Michelle Cook 
Heidi Dorothy Cort 
Amy Quaintance Counts 
Suzanne Karen Danks 
Renee Wheeler Davis 

Jessica Lou Dhuy\etter 
Brian Lawrence Dimmick 
Gary Lynn Edwards. II 
Jessica Dawn Finley 
Elizabeth Downey Fisher 
Matthew Jay Frederick 
Mary Liles French 
Lillianne Bea Fryer 
Christy Lynn Goff 
Laura Ann Gallia Goodman 
Peter Lloyd Goodwin 
Jean Ann Grant 
Elizabeth Chenault Gray 
Mary Beth Green 
Emily Sheryl Greenwood 
Eric Andrew Gulbis 
Caroline Cromartie Gupton 
Aaron John Guyer 
Holly Duvall Hallman 
David Hall Hammett 
Jonathan William Hansen 
Rahman James Hanison 
Heather Susan Hartman 
Wendy Michelle Hasenkamp 
Paula Rocha Hayes 
Vicki Cathy Ho 
Sarah Elizabeth Hovis 
Rebekah Lynn Hughes 
Leslie Ann Jackson 
Michael Paul Janssen 
Helen Clare Jenkins 
Carrie Ann Johannesmeyer 
Craig Anthony Joseph 
Sam Oliver Kerlin 
Mary Alice Manning 
Elizabeth Jean McCubrey 
Amanda Ellen McGrady 

Academics < 


Katherine Ellen McKune 
Rebecca Jean Meisenhach 
Geoffrey Jonathan Michael 
Candace Jane ModUn 
Fanah Paige Moore 
James Christopher O'Neill 
Charlotte Anne Opal 
Thornvvell Hay Parker. Ill 
Emily Hay Parrish 
Eloise Joy Prijoles 
Elizabeth Diane Ritter 
Matthew Scott Robida 
James Brewster Roner. Jr. 
Keny Louise Rotondi 
Anne Gainer Salsbury 
Sandra Michoelle Scott 
Lindsay Stuart Seawright 
Joshua Ian Sheptow 
Courtney Catherine Smith 
Margaret Elizabeth Stroupe 
Bradley Charles Strunk 
Terrence Patrick Tracey 
Jennifer Marie Trafton 
Will Rowland Voelzke 
Chad Irvine Ward 
Suzanne Christine Webb 
John Floyd Whitmire. Jr. 
Jason Drew Williams 
Jill Kimberly Wilson 
Lucy Moore Yarbrough 
Marian Margaret Zetick 
David Patrick Zins 



Keisha Anowood 
Betsy Allen 
Anne Buffardi 
Ashley Anne Carson 
Amy Counts 
Gray Crawford 
Mark Dailey 
Suzanne Danks 
Courtney Dennis 

Karin Dudziak 
Jules Dumais 
Matthew Feanington 
Emily Freeman 
Michael Futia 
Emily Greenwood 
David Hammett 
Maggie Hanis 
Wendy Hasenkamp 
Johna Hughes 
Leslie Ann Jackson 
Andrea Kolski 
Matthew Mazzola 

Meredith Neely 
Laura Negel 
Keri Nowend 
Bennett Slew 
Kristin Winkle 
Karen Zawoysky 


Computer Science 

Mark Dailey 
Brent Daniel 
Brian Dimmick 
Randy Little 
Ricardo Peral 
Jessica Reed 
Chris Siege 
Seth Stein 
Paul Sugden 
Jason Williams 



Arwen Blaynay 
Beverly Huffstetler 
Canie Johannesmeyer 
Kerry Espinola 
David Leonard 
Lisa Letke 
Katherine McKune 
Kate McLane 
Laura Negel 
Thomas Segars 
Barbara Salisbuiy 
Elaine Sanderlin 

112 • Honor Societies 

Academics • 113 

Sports • 115 


men f croff country 

Sept. 7 Tennessee Quadrangular Istplaee 

Sept. 21 WFU/Virguiia Dual Meet 1st place 

Oct. 5 WFU Invitational Istplaee 

Oct. 19 Arizona Invitational 9tliof32 

Nov. 2 ACC Championships 2nd place 

Nov. 16 NCAA Championships 2nd of 42 

Nov. 23 NCAA Championships 1 1th of 22 

116 • Men's Cross Country 


At the beginning of the season. Head 
Coach John Goodridge challenged the 
men's cross country team to continue the 
excellence achieved in recent years. Hi 
expectations were met. The team 
completed a successful season with 
three first place victories, a sec 
ond place in the ACC Champi 
onships and a second place in 
the NCAA Regional Cham- 
pionships. This was a 
record year for Wake 
Forest as Junior Now Ian 
Swanson became the 
first Deacon ever to win the 
ACC individual cross country 
championship. Swanson also re- 
ceived All-District honors at the NCAA 
Championship. Teammate, Jon Russell also had 
two home meet championships. All-District, and All 
American honors. 

.Matt Shady. Pat Fitzgerald. Eric Dunn. Jon Russell. Hunter Kemper. Nolan 
Swanson. Jay Penry. and Ben Boyd celebrate after a victorious race. 
Fur .Men's Cross Counin, n"rack & Field learn piclure. see page 142-143, 

Sports • 117 


The women's cross countrv team finished 
another promising year, ending the sei; 
son with a disappointing, but strong 
5th place in the ACC Championship 
Meet. Senior. Liz Cotter topped 
her excellent season with a 
ninth place finish in the ACC 
Meet, and earned All-ACC 
honors. The team had 
lot of depth throughout 
the season, arising 
largely from a front- 
four pack consisting 
of senior Chrissy Person, 
freshman Janelle Kraus. 
sophomore Amy Wallace, and 
senior Liz Cotter. 

For Cross Countn/Track and Field team picture, see page 144-14=^ 






Aug. 29 Appalachian State 

W 19-13 

Sept. 7 Northwestern 


Sept. 14 Georgia Tech 

L l()-3() 

Sept. 21 Virginia 


Sept. 28 Clemson 

L 10-2 

Oct. 5 North Carolina 

L 6-45 

Oct. 19 Maryland 

L 0-52 

Oct. 26 Navy 

L lS-47 

Nov. 9 Florida State 


Nov. 16 Duke 

W 17-16 

Nov. 23 NC State 

L 22-37 

120 • Football 


Brian KukUck 
looks on, 
anxious to 
reenter the 
game and lead 
the team to 

victory. Photo by 
Carlton Ward. 

Jammie Deese 
makes a break 
for it, as Navy's 
Defense charges 
after him. 
Only the strong 
survive on the 
Wake Forest 

The Wake Forest football team started 
the season with two impressive win 
against Appalachian State and North- 
western Univeristy. The Northwest- 
ern victory showed our awesome 
potential: however, the season 
proved more difficult than ex- 
pected. The Deacons contin 
ued strong and confident 
despite a disappointing fi 
nai conference ranking. 
Quarterback. Brian 
Kuklick. finished the 
season with 396 passing at 
tempts. 205 of them completed 
for a total of 2526 yards. Leading 
Wake in rushing was freshman Morgan 
Kane with 135 attempts, netting 490 yards 
tiie head of the defensive team was sophomore Ke] 
.\ with 72 tackles and 56 assists. 


OXDROU T ' . ' ^^ '"■•;- Cl-^. John Leu., Terrence Suber, LaDuaun Harr.on SEC- 
R I, p ,ViT • '"■" ^'^'-'"' '="''^" '^^^'-'^ THIRD ROW: Mark Hollenbeck Dan 

BallouBill Hollows. FOURTH ROW: Major Griffey. Harold Gragg. FIFTH ROW T^nv 
^amall. Bill Leeder, Bo Lo)'. SIXTH ROW: Jerome SimpWns, Doug Marsigl, 


J 121 

IGHT: The 
Deacon Defense 
is ready to charge 
at the line 
The offensive 
line prepares for 
another success- 
ful play. 

Dustin Lyman 
makes a suprise 
tackle from 


C'onnne Woodcock 

>r\an Ray, #45, steps from the huddle as he 
mentally prepares for his next battle. 

Sports • 123 

The 1996 Demon Deacons 

Chad Alexander. Adam Allen, Reggie Austin. Dan Ballon. Nick 
Bender. Chris Blank, Dan Bradley. Darrell Braswell. Matt Burdick, 
David Cerchio. Pai Charasika. Gardell Chavis, Kenyon Chavis, 
Desmond Clark, Taris Clark, William Clark, Marlon Curtis, 
Dameon Daniel, Thabiti Davis. Jammie Deese. Patrick Depenbrock. 
Tom EIrod. Robert Fatzinger. Jeff Flowe. Mark Francis, Kito Gary. 
Chris Gaskell. Harold Gragg. Major Griffey, Abdul Guice. 
LaDwaun Harrison. Mark Hollowell, Bill Hollows, Bobby Jones, 
Kelvin Jones, Aljamont Joyner, Morgan Kane, Mike Koch, Brian 
Kuklick, Willie Lam, Bill Leeder, Herman Lewis, John Lewis, 
James Lik, Bo Loy, Dustin Lyman, Mark Makovec, Jon Mannon, 
Doug Marsigli, Chris McCoy, Da'Vaughn Mellerson. William 
Merritt. Chris Modelski. David Moore. Tripp Moore. Kelvin Moses. 
Jeffrey Muyres. DaLawn Parrrish. Brandon Perry. Bryan Ray. Fred 
Robbins, Ben Sankey, Myles Savage, Sam Settar, Kelvin 
Shackleford, Wande Shaw, Jeff Sigmon, Jerome Simpkins, Brad 
Smith, Kevin Smith. Keyshorn Smith, Kai Snead. D'Angelo 
Solomon. Wilmot Spires. Ben Stafford, Tom Stuetzer, Terrence 
Suber, Rufus Taylor, Alaric Thieshen. Spencer Wagner, Brian Walls, 
John Whitehead, Clinton Wilburn. Brian Wolverton. Ben Woody, 
Wayne Wright. Tony Yarnall, David Zadel, Joe Zelenka 

124 • Football 

LEFT: Abdul 
Guice celebrates 
a touchdown, as 
Kenyon Chavis 
and Mark 
Makovec watch 
on. RIGHT: 
Kelvin Moses 
heads to 

fieldhouse after a 
challenging first 
half. MIDDLE 
RIGHT: Wake 
Forest #91 
tackles an 
imarmed NAVY 
RIGHT: Wake 
makes another 
plow for the end 

"■■' — - ' ^ -V. 




Home (iames: 

Sept. 17 Virginia Coniiiionwealth 

W }-2 

Sept. 20 N.C. State 

L 1- 


Sept. 21 North Carolina 



Sept. 28 East Carolina 



Oct. 11 Maryland 

L I- 


Oct. 12 Virginia 

L 1- 


Oct. 18 Georgia Tech 



Oct. 19 Clemson 



Oct. 29 UNC-Greenshoro 



Oct. 31 Duke 



Nov. 1 Florida State 



Nov. 9 William & Mary 

L 1-3 

Nov. 22 ACC Tournament 

N.C. State 

L 0-3 

126 • Volleyball 



The volleyball team experienced their 
first year of competition since the existence 
of a previous program ranging from 1971 
to 1986. The Wake Forest "^vol ley ba 
team closed out the season with a 10- 
23 record. It was a challenging year 
for the new Lady Deacons as they 
struggled through a long and tough 
Atlantic Coast Conference sea- 
son. They began the season 
show ing continuous improve- 
ment and experiencing a 
five-match winning streak. 
The team stayed com- 
petitive and aggressive 
throughout the remainder 
of the season, despite not find 
ing victory in the conference. The 
season was marked by personal bests 
from athletes Katie Home. Julie Cowley. 
Carni Walker, and Sharon Harmsworth. 

(L-R) Head Coach Mary Jones, Assistant Coach Valorie Baker, lulie Coivle\- Sara Kr\-der 
kelley McCaffrey, Amy Pyles, Amber Grahn, Vanessa Franke, Ar^^•en Bla%nev ChristN' Kelley 
Katie tiorne, Jessica Sammis, Sharon Harmsworth, Manager Liz Cromiey, Assistant Coach 
fredWendelboe, Sports Medicine Trainer Steve Yates. Not Pictured: Carri Walker Volunteer 
Assistant Coach Sonny Green. 

Sports • 127 

IGHT: Wake 
Forest women 
warm up for 
victory. TOP 
LEFT: Sharon 
hurries back to 
the court after 
making a great 
save. BOTTOM 
LEFT: Jessica 
Jammis just took 
care of that point. 
Carri Walker and 
intimidate their 

^ i 

128 • Volleyball 

Sports • 129 


men $ soccer 

lloini' (iiiiiR's: 

:\u'i. :-i^ 


W 3-0 

Sept. 6 

South Florida 


Sept. 8 
Sept. 24 
Oct. 2 


Belmont Abbey 



Oct. 6 
Oct. 16 
Oct. 20 

Old Dominion 

W 1-0 
W 3-0 

Oct. 30 

South Carolina 


Nov. 9 


W 2-1 

Nov. 14-17 

ACC Toumament | 

1st round 

North Carolma 

W 1-0 ot 

2nd round 


L 1-3 

130 • Men's Soccer 

The men's soccer team finished the 
season with a 12-7-1. 3-3-0 ACC 
record. An eventful sea- 
son, they won all but 
one game played on 
I their home field. The 
m^- I Deacons experienced a 
series of close games, as 
1 2 of the 20 ma'tches they 

played this season ended 

with a one goal margin. In 

the ACC Tournament, they 

won their first round match. 

in a tiring 1-0 overtime battle 

against North Carolina. The 

year was also a success for jun- 
ior. Josh Timbers; sophomore. 

Serge Daniv; and junior Ihor 

Dotsenko w ho all three w ere named to the ACC All-Conference team 

Among other honors. Timbers was also named ACC Player of the 

Week, along with junior, Ilija Zlatar. 

Trent Lind, 
concentrates on 
getting the ball 
up the field. 
Photo by LeeAnn 

Dotsenko looks 
across the field 
for an open 
Ilija Zlatar 
makes good use 
of his head on 
home turf 

KLUN iL-K, bcrKf D.n,^, Da^d kau^.i-Mukooza, Kexin K,ce, ll,,a Zlatar Tatnck 

' Keete, Jason Lowe, Tim Woods, Sean Conner, Matt Aubin, Kyle Bachi^eier Raymond 

».r,ano, etfP^gh. BACKROW: AssrstantCoach,ohnHackwo;th,-Headc^^^^^^^ 

hp Jenkms, V.k.or L.tmka, Jeff Crane, Peyton, Burr Williams, Ihor Dotsenko. Trent 

.T Andrew Laskowsk,, Josh Timbers, Chad E^ ans, Todd King. Not pictured: Sebashan 

Sports • 131 

► tealing the ball from his opponent, 
Kyle Bachmeier fiercely takes control. 

Bryan Herring 

132 • Men's Soccer 

EFT: Side- 
stepping his 
opponent, David 
Kaweesi Mukooza 
makes his attack 
on the goal. TOP 
RIGHT: Ihor 
Dotsenko puts his 
heart and head 
into the game. 
While surrounded 
by his opponents. 
Serge Daniv 
heroically breaks 
through. BOT- 
Timbers anticipates 
the ball's arrival to 
send it soaring 
down the field. 


women f foccer 

Home Gamts: 

Aug. 31 WFKick-OtT Classic 

W 3-0 

vs. LaSalle 

Sept. 1 Duquesne 


Sept. 25 Duke 

W 1-0 

Sept. 29 Maryland 


Oct. 10 N.C. Slate 


Oct. 20 Davidson 


Oct. 23 College of Charleston 

W3-1 ot 

ACC Tournament 

Nov. 7 Duke 

W 3-2 

Nov. 8 Clenison 

L 1-2 

NCAA Tournament 

Nov. 17 1 st round 


Nov. 23 2nd round 

L 0-5 

134 • Women's Soccer 



At the 

e completion of their third season 
in the varsity prgram. the women's soccer team 

ad accomplished much to be proud of. 
They finished the year with 14 wins and a 
2-5 Atlantic Coast Conference record 
On a roll, the team experienced a 
school-record eight game winning 
streak at the beginning of the season. 
They proceeded to bring home 
three tournament championships 
and five victories over teams 
which appeared in the Top 25. 
.As if all this wasn't good 
enough, the team went on to 
beat the top ranked Duke 
Blue Devils in the first 
round of the ACC Tourna- 
ment. Their season was con 
eluded by a record win over Clemson 
University in the first round of the NCAA 

n\ il-R) BfthKli 
■\l /inimerm.m, Rach 


riRosc SECOXr^KOW \Vh.tne\' l.iLkv.ii, lulir 
THIRD ROW K.irli Schilling, Andreo Pellelicr, 
\mjnd.i Leuis, Alli Costa, FOURTH ROW: Kelly Ann Newell, Liz Bumette, Jessen Snyder, 
^ .ite Crowley. FIFTH ROW: Alison McPheely Meredith Lester, Vanessa Slattery, Norine 
1 crnbach. TOP ROW: Head Coach Chris Turner, Lauren Hook, Manager Jessica Murray, 
.\ssistant Coach Mark Caudle, Anne Shropshire, Susie Nettelbeck, Assistant Coach Dan 

Sports • 135 

136 • Sports 


The field hockey team started the season 
ranked 14th. with a promising 5-2 start 
and an optimistic view toward its t"irst 
postseason appearance. 

Unfortunatley, injury reaked 
havoc for the Lady Deacons. 
At one point seven of the 
twenty-one athletes were 
out of commision due 
to a number of ail- 
ments. Despite the set 
back, the team continued to pla\ 
agressively and confident. They fin- 
hed the season 7-2 and 1-7 m the ,\CC' 


Iff fiJiHi 

(KciNI ROW iL-Ki lusML.i ^.lIuiIi/, Ann Mit-iid^kN. Sumiii BuMiidii. W.iiv .Vli.uiv, Ann 
Marcliell, Kelly Simon, Kelly Malinosky, Lizzy Hechenbleikner, Hadley Hicks, Julie JtMikm, 
Juli Lignelli, Amanda Janney BACK ROW:Assistant Strength Coach Chris Reed, Assistant 
Strength Coach B.J. Faulk, Assistant Coach Kerry Morgan, Wendy Mumford, Amy Allen, 
Samantha Rush, Kate McLane, Margit Haalebos, Jessica Barney, Lisa Andries, Nicole 
Serluco,Meaghan Nitka, Trainer Wendy Jackson, Head Coach Jennifer Averill, Assistant Coach 
David r.ilev. Head Strength Coach Ed Ellis. 

138 • Field Hockey 

Samantha Rush 
battles a Mary- 
land defender 
for possession of 
the ball. Photo by 
LeeAnn Hodges. 
Kelly Simon 
hustles down the 
field with the 
ball. MIDDLE 
RIGHT Jessica 

outmanuvers a 
opponent to pass 




Id hockey 

Home Games: 

Sept. 6 James Madison 


Sept. 8 Miami 

W 11-0 

Sept. 1? Maryland 


Sept. 25 Davidson 


Oct. 2 Nonh Carolina 

L 1-5 

Oct. 5 Richmond 

L 4-3 ot 

Oct. 7 Duke 

L (1- 1 

Oct. 1.^ Ball State 

L 1-2 

Oct. 19 Virginia 


Oct. 21) VCU 

W 1 1-0 

Nov. 8 ACC Tournament 



Sports • 139 

I\c'll\ Sinuin makes a fast break for the goal 

L'ssica Barney takes a step 
to fire the ball across the field. 









140 • Field Hockey 

EFT: The Lady 
Deacons break 
from a huddle 
ready for a great 
second half. 
Jessica Schultz 
powers around 
her opponent as 
she heads for the 
goal. BOTTOM 
Shenasky passes 
the ball down the 
field as the Lady 
Deacons hurry to 

J-r-lr| - 

rf'- -!• 



Sports • 141 

Off and 


The Wake Forest men's track and field 
team had a successful season. They fin- 
ished sixth overall in the ACC. Senior Jon 
Russell won All-ACC honors in both the 
5.000 and 10.000 meter events, complet- 
ng one of the most eventful seasons 
for distance running in WFU history. 
However, distance wasn't the only 
strong point for the Deacon run- 
ners. Freshman Nathan Knowles 
earned All-ACC honors, finish- 
ing runner-up in the 800 meter 
race. Junior Eric Dunn was the 
ACC runner up in the 1500 
meters, while senior Pat 
Fit/gerald placed fourth. 
Wake Forest also placed fifth 
in the 1997 ACC Indoor Champi- 
onships, led by two individual ACC Cham- 
pions. Jon Russell and Nolan Swanson. In addi- 
tion, the Distance Medley Relay team brought home 
victory, as they won the confernce championship. Overall. 
■ year was a great success for the Demon Deacon runners. 

FRONT ROW: (L-R) Brett Strathan, Hunter Kemper, Nolan Swanson, Ben 
Boyd, Eric Dunn. SECOND ROW: Steve Trezvant, Jon Russell, Christian 
Laugen, Matt Shady, Mike Riley, joe Degutis, Josh Buffalino, Patrick 
Swanson, THIRD ROW: Manager Dan Green, Jeff Mohan, Adam Stock- 
ton, Pat Fitzgerald, Matt Udvari, Chris Vaughan, Chris Gowen, Scott 
MacDonald, Jay Penry. FOURTH ROW: Chris Cody, Iran Hutchinson, 
David Hampson, Ian Carroll, Garret Putnam, Mike Maina, Stephan Pro, 
Jack Bishop. FIFTH ROW: Assistant Coach Noel Ruebel, Nathan Knowles, 
Brad Perkins, Pte Nosal, Paul Recksiek, Eric Pragle, Head Coach John 

142 • Men's Track and Field 

Senior, Pat 
Fitzgerald makes 
his move for the 
lead. Photo by 
Carlton Ward. 
Senior Ian 
Carroll paces 
himself for a 
strong finish. 
RIGHT: Sopho- 
more Brett 
Strahan tries to 
shake the pack 
in his race. 


*he LEAD 

The Wake Forest women's 
track and field team experienced yet an- 
other positive season, led to a great 
extent by its seniors. Liz Cotter 
placed ninth in the NCAA semitl- 
nal meet for the 1 300 meter race, 
qualifying her for the NCAA 
Championships for the second 
time in the past two years. 
Senior Chrissy Person 
earned All-Atlantic 
Coast Conference honors 
in the 800 meter run. finish- 
ing second. Receiving an ACC 
Scholarship award this year, was senior 
Mia Richardson. The team finished eighth over- 
all in the ACC Outdoor Season. 

FRONT ROW: (L-R) Emily Selvidio, Kathleen Mertes, Liz Moore, Amy 
Wallace, Danielle Wallace, 01i\ia Laney, Carrie Gilchrist. SECOND ROW: 
Kristy Hubbard, Chantal Dilzer, Jennifer Jarret, Megan McCarthy, Chrissy 
Person, Brooke Chapman, Kate Doyle, Alison Guiney. THIRD ROW: Jen- 
nifer Lister, Liz Cotter, Susan Hayes, Mia Richardson, Kate Blatt, Tara 
Brayboy, Jill Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Briana Savory, Katie Clarke, Jane 
Rawnsley, Kelly Wolfe, Rachel Kaplan, Brett Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Head 
Coach Francie Goodridge, Liz Murphy, Allison Forest, Trista Hopkins, Blair 
Simpson, Janelle Kraus, Assistant Coach Jennifer Rioux Straub. Not Pic- 
tured: Sarah Johnston, Pat Hatchett. 

144 • Women's Track and Field 


The Wake Forest 

duo of Liz Cotter 

and Chrissy 


Person cruise to 
the finish line. 


Photo by Carlton 






Junior Megan 


concentrates on 

making an 

impressive start. 




Murphy anx- 


iously watches 

I- , ■ 

the finish of a 


close race. 



waiting to take 


the track for her 











women 'f track and field 

ACC Team Finish 


Chrissv Person 


(2nd, 800 meters) 

NCAA Participant: 

Liz Cotter (1,500 meters) 

WFU Records: 

4x400 meters, 3:48.53 at ACCs 

Sports • 145 



The Wake Forest Men's Basket- 
ball Team stalled the season with lofty 
ambitions and high expectations from 
their spirited fans. They began strong, 
bringing home victory from 15 con- 
secutive games. Their stamina was 
somewhat weakened at the begin- 
ning of the second semester as 
Wake experienced some unex- 
pected losses to ACC rivals. 
However, the Deacs contin- 
ued to play strong and con- 
fident throughout the re- 
mainder of the season, despite a 
disappointing loss to North Carolina in 
the second round of the ACC Tournament. 

BACK ROW: (L-R) Manager Ken Lugo, Manager Christian Champ, 
Administrative Aide Bill Old, Assistant Coach Russell Turner, Jerry 
Braswell, William Stringfellow, Loren Woods, Rodney West, Steven 
Goolsby, Cureton Johnson, Assistant Coach Ernie Nestor, Assistant 
Coach Ricky Stokes, Trainer Scott Street, Manager David Strickland. 
FRONT ROW (L-R) Manager Brian Roberts, Tim Fuller, Ken Herbst, 
Marc Scott, Tim Duncan, Head Coach Dave Odom, Ricky Peral, Sean 
Allen, Joseph Amonett, Tony Rutland, Manager Drew Davis. 

Two time first 
team Ail- 
American Tim 
Duncan, shows 
his stuff. Photo by 
Kara Lassen. 

With a soaring 
pass, Senior 
Ricky Peral 
overpowers his 

MIDDLE: Senior 
Marc Scott and 
redshirt fresh- 
man Rodney 
West rally their 
team on to 

146 • Men's Basketball 

Sports • 147 

148 • Men's Basketball 


frustrated Jerry 
Braswell looks for 
Junior Steven 
Goolsby drives to 
the basket during 
another Demon 
Deacon victory. 
LEFT: Senior 
Ricky Peral 
schools Wofford 
on the art of the 
free throw. 
Senior sensation 
Tim Duncan soars 
over the Wofford 
defenders for two 
more points. 
LEFT: High-flying 
freshmen Loren 
Woods goes for 
the jam. 


i^ ^ 


Sports • 149 

LIGHT: Jerry 
Braswell fakes out 
his defender in a 
nail biting but 
Clemson game. 
Sophomore Joseph 
Amonett anx- 
iously awaits 
some movement 
from the Clemson 
RIGHT: Senior 
Sean Allen goes 
airborne for a 
rebound against 
Duke. TOP LEFT: 
Tony "The Tiger" 
Rutland pauses, 
ready to attack. 
Three friends 
Heather Hinkle, 
Vidya Prakasam, 
and Tamara 
Beavers show 
their Screamin' 
Demon Spirit. 
Coach Dave 
Odom rallies the 
troops during 

150 • Men's Basketball 

rarlli.n Ward 

Sports • 151 

1 H^^HRj^i^ ^k^^wB 

^ . * 


•»' ,-*'f' i^ 


^^ K^^l 

r *"^' 

C'arlK.n W.irJ 

EFT: Freshman 
Loren Woods uses 
his 71" frame to 
push around his 
opponent. LEFT 
MIDDLE: These 
Screamin Demon 
Fans bring Holi- 
day cheer to the 
Lawrence Joel 
Veterans Memo- 
rial Coliseum. 
Junior Jerry 
Braswell brings 
the ball down the 
court in front of a 
hostile Clemson 
crowd. RIGHT: 
In a tearjerking 
ceremony, all of 
Wake Forest said 
goodbye to 
favorite all-star. 
The twin towers 
of Duncan and 
Peral go for the 
rebound in 
another thrilling 
ACC game. 
RIGHT: Junior 
point guard Tony 
Rutland signals 
his teairunates to 
set up the next 
winning point. 

If*' I 

C';irllnii W.iul 

152 • Men's Basketball 

Sports • 153 


The Wake Forest 
Women's Basketball team experi- 
enced a hopeful, but disappointing 
season. The Lady Deacs had a 
hard time shaking defeat as they 
continued in a fourteen game 
losing streak. However, they 
concluded the season with a 
6.^-59 victory over Florida 
State, giving them added 
confidence as they en- 
tered the ACC Tourna- 
ment. Wake will ex- 
perience a grave loss next 
year, as the team graduated four se- 
iiiors: Tracy Connor, Stacy Hawes. 
RaeAnna Mulholland. and Lindsay Seawright. 

FRONT ROW: (1,-R) Assistant CiMch Shollv Pdtterson, Heidi Coleman, 
Stacy Hawes, RaeAnna Mulholland, Head Coach Karen Freeman, Tracv 
Connor, Lindsay Seawright, Alisha Mosley, Assistant Coach Jody Adams. 
BACK ROW: (L-R) Trainer Sheila O'Connor, Assistant Coach Amy Wallace, 
Cynthia Kelley, jenn Miklic, Emon McMillian, Liz Nelson, Nancy Helms, 
Brenda-Mock Kirkpatrick, Manager Alisa Wilson, Manager Shana Vidal, 
Manager Liz Haskell 

Heidi Coleman 
makes a tough 
defensive stand 
against the 

Photo by Carlton 

Senior starter 
Tracy Connor 
drives through 
the lane to score 
2 more points 
for the Lady 
Deacs. RIGHT 
Forest Female 
Athlete of the 
Year, Lindsay 
powers her way 
to the basket 
under heavy 

154 • Women's Basketball 



women f 


ACC Games: 

Dec. 7 Virginia 

L 57-73 

Jan. 2 Clemson 

W 69-60 

Jan. 5 Florida State 

W 79-68 

Jan. 9 Duke 

L 60-72 

Jan. 14 North Carolina 

L 62-55 

Jan. 17 Clem.>;on 

L 60-57 

Jan. 1 9 Georgia Tech 

L 65-80 

Jan. 22 Virginia 

L 43-74 

Jan. 26 Maryland 

L 60-69 

Feb. 2 North Carolina 

L 71-75 

Feb. 6 Duke 

L 81-58 

Feb. 12 Maryland 

L 49-74 

Feb. 16 Georgia Tech 

L 67-83 

Feb. 20 N.C. State 

L 61-79 

Feb. 2.^ Florida State 

W 63-59 

ACC Tournament 

Feb. 27 Florida State 

W 70-59 

Feb. 28 North Carolina 

L 60-86 

Sports • 155 

IGHT: Leaping 
above her oppo- 
nent, sophomore 
guard Cynthia 
Kelley goes for a 
quick jump shot 
outside the paint. 
Taking a break 
from their studies. 
Men's Basketball 
stars, Jerry 
Braswell, and 
Tony Rutland, 
admire the Lady 
Deacs' skills. 
LEFT: Freshman 
Alisha Mosley 
eyes an open 
teammate across 
the court. 
Sophomore Jenn 
Miklic makes a 
leaping lay-up 
over the N.C. State 
LEFT: Point guard 
Heidi Coleman 
looks for an open 
teammate or a 
clear shot for the 

::::n% ^- i;n:::::i 

• •• • PERIOD 

L-?»»* •••»] 


Sports • 157 


. ' Nfc^x — »/ 

KIGHT: Cynthia 
Kelley, Alisha 
Mosley, and Emon 
McMillian discuss 
a new strategy 
during a timeout. 
Emon McMillian 
and Lindsay 
Seawright take a 
breather on the 
bench during 
some ACC Action. 
RIGHT: Senior 
Star, Lindsay 
Seawright, soars 
above her compe- 
tition to make a 
stunning basket. 


158 • Women's Basketball 

All phi.Ii.', b\ Carltnn 








. A 

- „Ak 


^ o^N^-,. VI (; 





Sports • 159 

. t 

160 • Cheerleaders 

Kim Sklenicka 
intently leads 
the fans in an 
energetic cheer. 
Photo by Carlton 
Ward. TOP 
LEFT: Paul 
LEFT: The 
Wake Forest 
Squad poses in 
the hot Arizona 
desert while on 
the road for the 
NCAA Tourna- 
ment. BOT- 
provide sensa- 
tional entertain- 
ment for the 
crowd during a 
twenty second 
time out. 



H«.\ r ROW ,L-K, \1.,,, B.,rh.,n,,.A.hlcy Lmder, Erm.And.r.on, Lmdsav ^kGlamer^•, Hollv 
Litten, Megan Eaton. SECOND ROW: Dan Murawsk,. Rafael Guigou! Amv Sherrill Tina 
Mbah.CourtneyStahl, Kim Sklenicka, Tab Jones, Jennifer Browne. THIRD ROVV PauISueden 
Irrpp Parker, Joe Michalski, Jason Zook, Michael Jeffries, Tripp Harrington. 

Sports • 161 

LIGHT: Wake 
Forest Cheer- 
leaders line up at 
the end of the 
game for the 
playing of the 
Alma Mater. 
Sherrill, Go 
Deac's Go! 
Kim Sklenicka, 
Amy Sherill, and 
Megan Eaton go 
head over heels 
for the Wake 
Forest basketball 

The cheerleaders 
try to pump up 
the crowd before 
a much antici- 
pated Florida 
State game. 

^^•/■. 'i 

162 • Cheerleaders 

V if ^ 

W ith a crowd pleasing cheer. Tab Jones dances 
to the Hawaii 5-0 theme song. 

W ake Forest Cheerleaders proudly rise abo\e the 
rest, supporting the Demon Deacons fore\er. 

Sports • 163 




The baseball team began the sea- 
son with an awesome start, captur- 
ing two of the first three contests in 
997. The Deacons continued 
strong, propelled by the help of 
senior Michael Holmes and 
sophomore Pat Malloy 
April, the team defeated thir- 
teenth ranked Clemson m 
an astonishing 1 1-2 game, 
highlighted by Josh 
It/oe's three home runs. 
Wake lost only five games 
outside of the ACC. Inthecon- 
erence. they finished fifth with a 
record of 10-13. 

Matt BrigH^, Mike, Hnc Schmitt, Jason Mersev, Todd Gray, Mike Ramseyer Rick\ 
Mendez. MIDDLE ROW: Josh Otten, Andrew Riepe, Jason Rappaport, Joe Belton, Train.-i 
CeciJ Conrad, Assistant Coacli Bobby Moranda, Head Coach George Greer, VoJunteer Assis- 
tant BilJy Masse, Assistant Coach Mike Rikard, John Hendricks, Ben Danoslty, Steven Granesi' 
Joe Palmieri. FRONT J^OW: David Holden, Adam Zajac, Larry Marino, Josh Itzoe, Jonathan' 
Bonifay, Pat Mallov, Brian Bernard, Dave Lardieri, Sunny Chiou, Chris Turner. 


r In 

• *. 




ACC Conference Games: 

Mar. 7-9; Duke w s-6. W3-I. L 12-16 

Mar. 14-16: Florida State L s-l.<i. L .vii. LO-lO 
Mar. 21-23: Georgia Tech L.?-i4. L7-i(i. L 7-8 
Mar. 28-30: Clemson w 1 1-2. L 4-lii. L 7-ls 
Apr. 4-6: Virginia w s-4. w i i-.i. L 6-7 

Apr. 11-13: North Carolina L 1-4. w s-l. w lo-s 
Apr. 19-20: Maryland W 6-2, w 13-6. w 19-2 
Apr. 2.'i-26: North Carolina State L 2-.^. L I x 
May 14: Clem^on L6-8 

May 15: North Carolina L .^-4 

Sports • 165 

LEFT: Kevin 
Troup eagerly 
looks to the 
pitcher for the 
ball in a game 
against Ohio. 
Eyeing the 
pitcher intensely, 
Ben Danasky 
awaits the 
oncoming pitch. 
RIGHT: Assis- 
tant Coach 
Bobby Moranda, 
pitcher John 
Hendricks, and 
catcher Andrew 
Riepe discuss 
strategy on the 

Sports • 167 



ff1n- ■Ihm ill 

FRONT ROW (L-R) Nitola k.iiwji, Bultuij I'lcr], ManKn- H,lrn^, Lulu Avdiii BACK KOU 
Assistant Coach Dan Usher, Caroline Ullring, Terri Hiete, Annmarie Milton, Head Coacii 
LewGerrard. NOT PICTURED: Cnstina Caparis. 

168 • Women's Tennis 



Tlie Wake Forest men's tennis team 
egan the season with an impiessive 
seven game winning streak before the 
opening of the ACC regular season. 
L'nfortunately. the ACC proved 
tough for the men's team, as they 
battled against familiar rivals, 
and fell short of victory for the 
majority of the ACC 
matches. However, they 
brought home the gold in 
ten of the se\enteen non- 
conference matches. 
The team finished 12- 
1 3 (2-6 in conference), 
solidifying a seventh place in 
the ACC. The team looks forward 
to a prosperous season in 1998. as all fi\e 
simile starters will be returnina. 

FRONT ROW: (L-R) Lars Ziehn, .Andres Guzman, Kunal Premnarayen, 
Jin-imy Chou, Scott Sink, Charlie King. BACK RC^W: Assistant Coach Greg 
Davis, Michael Berger, Josh Osswald, Daniel Merkert, Ogden Phipps III, 
Charles Einwick, Head Coach Jeff Zinn. 

Antidpafing the 
direction of the 
ball. Sophomore 
Daniel Merkert 
returns the serve 
with a strong 
backhand. Phioto 
by Carlton Ward. 

Michael Berger 
sends the ball 
across the net as 
his partner 
Jimmy Chou 
waits the return. 
RIGHT: Prepar- 
ing to smash an 
overhead. Josh 
Osswald concen- 
trates on the ball 
in mid air. 

170 • Men's Tennis 


men f tennif 

ACC Games: 

Mar. 10 Georgia Tech 


Mar. 20 N.C. State 

W 4-3 

Mar 26 Duke 


,\pr. 2 North CaroUrii 


.Apr 4 Clenison 


Apr. 12 Florida State 


Apr 13 Maryland 


Apr. l.'^ Virginia 


ACC Tournament: 

Apr. 18 Clemson 


Sports • 171 


women'f ^olf 

Lady Tar Heel Invitational 5tli 

Rdlex Fall Preview 2nd 

Lady Paladian Invitational 1st 

Rolex Match Play Team 7tli 
Gdll Woild/Palmcltd Duik-s CdlicgialL- 4th 

Belsy Rawls Longhorn Classic 7th 

Lady Gamecock Classic 6th 

Duke Invitational 4th 

ACC Championship 2nd 

NCAA Tournament 1 1 ih 

172 • Women's Golf 



The Wake Forest women's golf team 
started the season as a quahfied contender 
for the NCAA Championship by finish- 
ing second in the Rolex Fall Preview 
They followed this tournament with 
another success, finishing first out 
of twenty-one teams in the 
Lady Paladin Invitational 
Senior Laura Philo led hei 
team throughout the 
year, ranking in the top 
seven in almost every 
tournament. Senior Sonia 
Bauer and junior Alexandra 
Armas played solid during the 
season, contributing toward an 1 1 th 
place finish in the NCAA Tournament 

FRONT ROW: (L-R) Kristen Wagner, Kerri Murphv, Stefanie Revnolds, 
Trina Casbum. BACK ROW: Head Coach Dianne Dailev, Alexandra Armas, 
Sonia Bauer, Kelly Kirwin, Laura Philo, Stephanie Schinkel. 

Sports • 173 



^^- !!^x*< 

• t 

*♦- ^4 


W^ ^ 






Reluislar Collcgiute ln\ itational 
Missouri Bliifts Inlcrcollegiate 
Taylor Made/Red River Classic 
Jen-y Pate National Intercollegiate 
Golf World/Palemelto Dunes Collegiali 
Puerto Rico Golf Classic 
Matlock Collegiate Classic 
Seminole Classic 
Carpet Capital Classic 
Ping Intercollegiate 
ACC Championships 
NCAA East Regional 
NCAA Championships 


I St 



174 • Men's Golf 

In Full 


The Wake Forest men's golf team 
had an overall successful season, be- 
ginning in October with a first place 
\ ictory in the Taylor Made/Red 
River Classic. They continued 
strong throughout the season, 
with medium success. Os- 
car Sanchez led the team 
m the Carpet Capital 
Collegiate Classic with f O 
a first place finish, the 
first win of his young career 
The Deacons completed the sea 
son with an awesome third place finish 
in the NCAA East Regional and an astound 
ing second in the NCAA Championships. 

(L-R) Head Coach Jack Lewis. Thomas Parker. Michael Caponc. R.i\ I l,-\,l 
Craig Inman. Jon Hopson. Justin Roof. Oscar Sanchez. R>an Gmltic. LaiKc 
'loung. Jamie Gailacher. Bill Bishop. Jason .Abernethy. Todd Lynch. Weston 
Leu is. Juan Vizcava. 

Sports • 175 





Wake Forest Athletics 

176 • Sports 


Sports • 177 



H^^^^^^^^^^Hj^ ^^^^^^^H If «^^^^^l 






1 . 


j 1 















Greeks • 179 

Members: Dan Bee. Brian Best. Mike Burt/iall. 
Rob Cerny. Matt Cronlund, David Davis. GaiTicI^ 
Gupton. David Joyner. Jake Larkins. Chris 
McLaughlin. Ryan Michalski. Aaron Munz, Robin 
Parihar, PJ Perry. Page Pratt, Brett Ryan, Dan 
Stephens, Aaron Stoller, Mike Turner, Scott 
Wat.son, Mike Willis, Brian Wil.son, Gen Yasaki, 
Bobby Yurkulat 


Members: Michael Alexander. Scott Askew, Bill 
Balistreri, Jason Benton. Keith Bodie. Gavin 
Bowie. Parker Brooks. Drew Brown. Trent Busby. 
Daniel Canas, Scott Cathcart. Jon Cox, Luke 
Creech. Mark Crum. Josh Dalley, Andy Dockham, 
Brandon Dunlop, David Eckedaw, Ben Eckert. 
Obie English, David Fenton. Andy Ferguson. Kent 
Ferreira, Matt Francis, Paul Fyte. Dana Gross. 
Chad Harlan. Dan Harris. Hawk Hawkins. John 
Hedlund. Ward Horton. Rob Howard. Erik Larson. 
Chris Leonard. Randy Little. Glen Lyon, Charlie 
Malone, Scott Mayne, Brett McGuire, Keith 
Merritt, Blake Nolan. Jason Oschwald. Patrick 
Patten. Mike Pelligrino. Will Pittman, Grey Powell. 
Geoff Proud. Adam Rainwater. David Ramsey. 
David Rees. Andrew Rosenburger, Brad Samuels. 
Shane Sayers-Couzyn. Ryan Soave. Drew 
Sprague. Brennen Spry. Taylor Stanfield. Rahul 
Thapar. Keith Thompson. Mark Whiteman. 

All pholus L-ounesy ot Delta Kappa hpsi 

Greeks • 183 


Dien et Les Dames 


MDA (Muscular 
Dystrophy Associa- 


Crimson and Gold 


Members: Josh Arnold, Nate Atkinson, Mike 
Barham. Griffin Bell, Tyler Bishop. John Bonney, 
Owen Bouton, Tom Callahan, Taylor Carrington, 
John Cheek. David Childs, Luke Cline, Charles Cole. 
Chns Cooper. Chad Creech. Cameron Curry. Rich- 
ard Davis. Jude DeCicco. Andy Everhan, Richard 
Forsyth, John Freshe, Blake Gayle, Bill Goodwin, 
Ryan Griffin, Henry Hager, Clay Hall, David 
Hammett. Ryan Harrington, Clyde Harris, Craig 
Hartzog, Ste\ e Hatch, Will Hayes. Todd Henningsen, 
John Hocutt, Bob Holding, Thomas Hollmgsuorth, 
Rob Johnson, Luke Johnston, Brian Kelleher, Daniel 
Kraje, Tim Leadbetter, Neville Letzerich, Brian 
Lewis, Weston Lewis, Jon Lohr, John Lovett, Andy 
Matthews, Will McGehee, Ned Michaels, Clay 
.Millener, Ben Mustian. Jim Myers. Chase Palamar, 
.Spencer Parker, Thomas Parker, Lawton Pearson, 
Scott Plumndge, Frank Posillico, Brad Push. Charles 
Quagliato. Jack Rabun. E\an Reemes. Woody Rich. 
David Romhilt. Reagan Rozier. Mike Simons. David 
Smith, Drew Stevens, David Taylor, Hayes Thomp- 
son, Trey Turner, John Virdin. Trey Walters. David 
Wilkins. Tom Wood, John Wright, Da\ id ZazworskA; 
Ron Zazworsky, Jarrett Zimmerman. 

Greeks • 185 


Members: Bob Abernathy, Matt Ambrosia, 
Chuck Armstrong, Mark Bennett, Paul 
Bernados, Bill Bishops, Jeff Blackburn, Seth 
Bohart, Matt Branda, Sean Britain, Chris Buck, 
Dave Chanon, Pat Clark, William Corey, Patrick 
Cullen, Porter Darnell, Jason Diaz, James 
Domenick, Jason Douglas, Jeremy Essig, Carl 
Fantasia, Chris Frankland, Paul Gaeta, E\an 
Gibbs, Sam Glassnapp, Clay Hallman, Todd 
Haring, Blake Hiltabrand, Mark Hinshaw, Jeff 
HoUingsworth, Tom Horner, Brian Hoskins, 
Mark Jackson, Dave James, Chris Johnston, Alex 
Jonas, Nick Kavayiotidis, Anders Klemmer, Jeff 
LaVoie, Rum Lynch, Scott Makee, Ryan Marsh, 
Jonathan Mason, Brooks McAdam, Marty 
McConchie, Jon Eric McCracken, Mac McNeill, 
Jeff Mohan, Dave O'Leary, Matt O'Neil, T.J. 
Olmos, Maury Pages, Ash Parker, Moneil Patel, 
Ben Peterson, Brian Pianca, Beau Pierce, 
Nathaniel Pleasant, Mike Ramseyer, Paul 
Recksiek, Brendan Reichs, James Reigner, Jason 
Reigler, Drew Roeser, Andrew Shaw, Jon 
Stephen, Kevin Stevens, Will Stevens, Timothv 
Stute, Casey Ueberroth, Erik Van Der Sande, 
Jeremy Ward, Jeremy Weber, Scott Weber, Brett 
Williams, Greg Williamson, John Wright. 





Members: George Scott, Joe Gagnon, John 
Lanuti, Jaak Rannik, Zack Zimmerman, Kyle 
in, Brent Martin, Greg Omland, Dave 
Kralo\ich, Erin Hone\cutt, Rob Brachowski, 
Jeremy Shelton, Tim Fisher, Chris Potocky, 
Craig Taylor, John Regan, Phil Hodes, Pat 
McDonough, Charlie Seitz, Matt Shurts, Adam 
Pier, Tom Williamson, McHenry Kane, Wendel 
Kralo\-ich, Brad Stephenson. 

Greeks • 187 


Members: Andy Adamsbaum. Adam 
Allen. Drew Allen. JC Astudillo. Anil 
Atluri. Jeff Baxter. Bryan Beach. Mark 
Bennet. Brian Branson. Rich Brookshire. 
Mike Butler. Mike Clancy. Jerry Colley. 
Jeremiah Davis, Jim Divito, Brandt Fifer. 
Greg Foots. Andy Gately, Craig Gilmour. 
Chad Harper, Jason Herring, Mark 
Hollenbeck, Kyle Hughes. Jay Hunston. 
Gray King. Scott Kirkendahl. Tim Knauff. 
Mike Kotzan. Neil Leutze. Sean Lynch. 
Brian McKim. Evan Medley. Ned Morgan. 
Matt Morris. Ned Muir. Dan Murphy. Kris 
Nordstrom. Kevin O'Brien. Chris Parsons. 
Bear Paul. Shawn Pearce. Dan Pickett. 
Todd Pierce. Ben Pinner. Mike Rabenstine, 
Rob Roberts, Brad Thompson, Matt 
Werthammer, Mark Whitaker, Weston 
Willard, Matt Wrynn, Jay Yarbrough. 



/ y^^y^^ 


^111 * 



R 'M^'ft-^ '■% 






m ^'llp 


" --'-Ul 


'' m 





In hoc signo vinces 

CHARITY: C/jiWren's 

Miracle Network, Brian 

Derby Days 


Mountain Weekend & 
Sweetheart Formal 


Blue and Old Gold 


Members: Ben Alexander, Chris Anderson, J.D. 
Anderson, William Ashworth, David Beardsell, Jef- 
frey Blackburn, Clayton Bricklemeyer, Byron 
Brown, Earle Burgess, Will Burns, Jones Byrd, 
Carson Campbell, Taylor Campbell, Chris Cathcart, 
David Cerchio, Sunny Chiou, Brett Cunningham, 
Mitchell Deane, Peter Denmark, David DiMatties, 
Kevin Eckhardt, Charles Einwick, Ben Erwin, Brad 
Evans, John Fouser, Michael Fronczek, James Gar- 
ner, Sonny Gasaway. Griff Gatewood. Prashant Goel, 
Daniel Gormley, Todd Gray, John Hage, Brian 
Hamby, Jonathan Harper, Martin Harrell, Tom 
Hawk, David Holden, Craig Inman. Ben Jackson, 
Matt Jamison, Jonathan Jarrell. Beau Johnson, Josh 
Kellet, Jed Kelley, Bill Kennedy, Malt Ken; Nathan 
Kerr, Willy Kjellstrom. Ryan Lakenan, Michael 
Lawton, Turner Lewis, John Lubas, Jason 
McEnaney, Chuck McFadden. James McHale, 
Christopher McKone, Jimmy McMillian. Laird 
McMullen, Phil Moore. Jeff Murray, George Norris, 
Peter Nosal, Lyle Oelrich, Todd Ohlandt, Stephen 
Patton, Ryan Patrick, Jason Putman, David Raynor, 
Juddson Reed, Brendan Reilly, David Reitz, Don 
Roveto, David Rowe. Jonathan Rowell, Brandon 
Rozelle. Drew Rush, Stephen Schmidt. Ralph 
Sevelius. Bryan Shrader. Brett Skilbred, Jeff Smith. 
Kevin Sprouse. Tyler Stone. Jason Summerton, 
Brooks Taylor. Terrance Tracey. Jeff Trapani. Greg 
Trimble. Bill Tyler. Dan Vivarelli. Jason Wall, Sam 
Wollman, Benjamin Worley 

Greeks • 189 

Members: Jon Adinolfi. Joe Anderson, Kit Ander- 
son. Jason Asbell, Brian Baker. Tim Blue, Will 
Bradford. Davis Byerly, Brent Cann, Darrell Carter. 
Chris Chotard. Ryan Clancy. John Clevinger, Alex 
Cogswell, Alex Curtis. Jaines Faucher, Andy 
Fitzgerald, Bill Freehling, Judd Garbarino, Tyler 
Gates, Scott Gindoff. Brian Hall, Jason Hall. Roh 
Hamilton. Tripp Harrington, Jon Hartsell, Joe Healy. 
Chris Heim, David Howard, Rhett Hughes, Jim Insco, 
Tommy Jenkins, Frank Johnson, Lukas Johnson, Ben 
Krick. Will Lagos. Mel Lewis, Tim MacPhail, Chad 
Maynor, Dan McNair, Matthew Meyer, Kemp 
Mullaney, Matt Mundy, Josh O'Donnell. Tripp Parker, 
Hank Patch, Keith Peacock, Mike Pleacher, Bill Rice, 
Jason Riffle, Adam Rothschild, Matt Rowand, Ross 
Samchalk, Brian Singleton. Josh Smith, Dave Sonntag, 
Drew Southern, Luke Theilken, Glenn Thompson, 
Nate Tilman, Marty Trumbore. Will Voelzke. Malt 
Wakefield. Brian Webb. Lee Wedekind. Chance Wel- 
fare, David White. Ben Williams, Bill Williams, Ja- 
son Zook 

190 • Greeks 


Brian Piccolo, Project 

Pumpkin, Big Brother 

Green Eggs and 


Purple & Red 


Members: Theo Abbott. Spencer Adamson. Tommy 
Altride Scott Alvey. Al Arceii. Dan Baker, Frederick 
ooth Hank Brambiet. Chris Bultimer. Pai 
Charasika Mike Coltet. Greg Curtin. Greg Dial, 
Denis Donegan, Rich Ege. Chris Fahrney, Bill 
Ferguson Jeff Giles, Dan Oilman, Keith Gindoff, 
Neil Gra\. Jorge Guigou, Rafael Guigou, Tom 
Guilshan Jeff Gulini, Man Guimbarda. Chris Halpin. 
Brian Hambel. Greg Hausner, Dylan Heck. Will 
Hodgson, Joel Hopkins, Mike Jeftnes. Tim Johnson, 
Larry Jones. Chariie King. Ryan Klein. Rodney Hull. 
Joe Lapan. Andrew Laskowski. Andrew Leger, Paul 
Lejuez, Dave Mailly, Kevin Maxwe^ll, Jim 
McCormick, John McCormick. Tony McMahon. 
Mike Morris, Chris Mullane, Jason Olitsky, Mark 
Paccione, Louis Panigrosso, John Pasalich. Rob Paul, 
John Phillips, Jason Rice, Mike Robitaille, Tim 
Rogers, Adam Santillo, Brandon Saul, Aaron 
Schachter, Dan Seidenstein, Keith Siegner. Mike 
Silvestro, Scott Sink. Joe Soave, Dave'Pickering, 
Carmine Stengone. Greg Stone, Todd Sumner, Jeff 
Tacau, Robb Todd, Nate Trinklein, Jim Landon, Eli 
Salatich. Paul Volpe. Gavin Williams. Cor\ Winig. 

Greeks • 191 

Members: Ben Applebaum, Chris April. Andy Archer, Chi is 
Barnes, John Burllett, Brett Balsinger, Bnan Berkheh, Neil 
Bldumrield, Justin Boiler. Matt Borgman. Andy Bronneck, 
Chris Bustaniante. Matt Cantando, Dave Cclello, Chris Cody, 
Jordan Dropkin, Matt Feamngton. Steve Feinberg. Wame Fiteh, 
Mac Foster, Steve Frasher, Mike Futia. Haynes Gentry. Chns 
Gerecke. Richard Graves. Jamie Green. Rich Grogan. Steve 
Halasz. Rob Haley. Jason Hayes. Justin Hayes. Andy Hennessey. 
Dave Hodges. Josh Hoffman. Rob Holcomb, Jason Holden, 
Andy Holtgrewe. Steve Huntington. Jason Kaplan. Chris 
Kolibash. Keith Krul. Ross Kuhner. Jon Kutner. Adrien 
Langlois. Bob MacReynolds. Derriil McAtcer. David McCoy. 
Zach McGrath. Pat Mallcy. Warner May. Matt Ma^/ola. Joe 
Michalski. Adrian Miller. Rick Minnieh. Jay Moody. Pat 
Murphy. AshurNovick. Kirk Owens. Mark Palmer Allen Peek*. 
Russell Pemberton. Justin Peterson. Kevin Richardson. Brian 
Riclh. Jon Robilotto. Greg Rush. Kevin Samuels. Brian Seibert. 
Ben Sibley. Marc Sirotkin. Todd Sninski. Dave Spangler John 
Stanford. John Stillerman. PeteTarsa. Rollie Thompson, Win- 
ston Tilghman, Ben Trayes, Jeff Vanderslice. Adam Ward. Geoff 
Warren. John Whaley. AdamWhalen.Alex Wilson. Jon Wilsie, 
Mike Wilson. Kyle Wittenbom. Murphy Yates. 

192 • Greeks 



Greeks • 193 

Members: David Barrctl. Jetf Beyer, Vinton Bruton, 
Scott Bryson, P.J. Charleton, Bnan Chitwood, Eric 
De Rose, Mark Domby, Andrew Eagles, Mitch 
Ellington, Tony Fasen. Jason Fiftal, Stefan Gassner, 
J.D. Graves. Judson Graves, Scott Gray, Vince Guido, 
Ryan Hatcher. Marcus Herdich, Charlie Hibbert, Jon- 
Paul Hickey. Will Hunt, Randy Jenkins, David 
Kaminsky, Jason Kirkpatrick, Matt Lane, Chris 
Locascio, Travis Levy, Jeff Mansir, Ryan Marvin, 
Brent Matson, Wes McKellar, Chris Mixter, Dan 
Murawski, Sean Nowak, Chris O'Neal, Randy Owen, 
Doug Peacock, Jonathan Planer, Don Pocock, Matt 
Porio, Brad Preslar, Andy Ralston, Tom Segars, John 
Sena, Brian Smith, Rich Spooner, Garrett Stringer, 
Ryan Stubits, Josh Surething, Brett Wendling, Sam 
White, Stephen Willis. Bryan Yeazel. Chris Yoro. 
Armen Zoharabian. 

194 • Greeks 

r. '^'O^^ir*!^^ 

m > If*! 

Ski/ lin.^n^.-f 


L_cc Ann H.^lL■L■^ LeeAnn Hodeex 

Greeks • 195 


Members: Nakea Alston. Ayanna Baccus, 
Mekeshia Bates. Lilly Bekele. April 
Jeffries. Kayamma Lewis. Tashawn 
Marshall. Joy Pearson. Tenika Rudisell. 
Latraviette Smith. Angel Taylor. Victoria 

198 • Greeks 



Members: Carol Albert. Emily Ansell, 
Judy Ariganello. Heather Bailiff. Cara 
Bobbitt, Kristi Bolick, Christina Brown, 
Caroline Butler. Christine Calareso. Devan 
Culbreth. Alison Dale. Teresa Dingboom, 
Amanda Edwards, Keiry Espinola. Janet 
First. Shannon Gardner. Terri Gillspie. 
Amy Glotzbach. Meredith Goodman, 
Kristin Grassey. Nancy Hechenbleikner. 
Nancy Henning, Roberta King. Stacy 
Kline, Laura Kjoger, Erin Logan, Michelle 
Mazor, Jenny McCarthy. Emily Miles. 
Elise Murphy, Kelly Newell, Michele 
O'Connor, Tesh Ramey, Tiffany Rinne, 
Allison Segall, Julie Slattery, Beth 
Stroupe. Stacey Tharp, Sarah VanAuken, 
Angle Welch, Devyn Williams, Michelle 
Wood, Katie Wooten. Polly Young. 

Greeks • 199 




Crec4;5 • 201 


Members: Laura Acton. Audrey Allen, Shannon 
Bailey, Amy Barzyk, Kristin Beck, Elizabeth Bell, 
Branch Bingham, Lea Billmeyer. Becky Bogle, 
Kara Borden, Courtney Brooks, Holly Brooks, 
Margaret Brooks, Meredith Brooks, Julia Byrd, 
Tina Carlucci. Shauna Carter, Carol Cash, Janet 
Cavetl, Ann Cockrell, Emily Culp. Kim Dallas. 
Taryn D'Anibrogi, Suzanne Davis. Paige Deblitz, 
Elizabeth Denton. Courtney Doctor, Ashley Dodd, 
Melanie Donnelly, Catherine Donovan, Charee 
Duncan, Kelly Durant, Susie Eggers, Karen Ellis, 
Sally Endemann. Jenny E.schen, Amber Evans, Lisa 
Ewart. Emily Fammartino. Hesta Fleming, Jenny 
Fownes, Karen Frekko, Katy Geil, Robin Gelinas, 
Betsy Graber, Lori Grant. Emily Griggs. Lindsey 
Grubb. Michele Hallor, Sarah Mammons, Kristin 
Hancock, Anna Harris, Charlotte Hartzog, Laurie 
Hunt, Lee Inman, Holly Ivanoff. Jessica Jackson, 
Emily Jacobs, Clare Jenkins. Harii Johnson, Minn 
Joshi. Carinne Keenan, Eden Kellet, Abbey 
Keenan. Emily Keenan. Anne King. Jane Knox, 
Sarah Kryder, LeeAnn Landers, Stacy Landis, 
Elizabeth Laney. Joanne Lapinski, Sarah Lawlor, 
Katie Lee, McKenzie Lovelace, Brooke MacPhail, 
Kelly Mason. Ann McAdams. Megan McCarthy, 
Erin McCormick, Jenn McDonald, Ginny McGill, 
Emily McQueen, Keil Mello, Katie Meyer, Carter 
Miller, Katherine Miller. Stacia Miles, Whitney 
Montague, Sarah Moore, Alexa Nimphie, Kirsten 
Nobman. Sarah Noland, Emily Parrish, Laura Par- 
sons, Leah Passmore, Fiona Penney, India Peiry, 
Megan Phillips, Nell Pitman, Mandy Poinsette, 
Morgan Poteat, Sara Price. Lauren Reeder. Elaine 
Sanderlin. Amanda Saylor, Marin Shaughnessy, 
Maureen Sheehy, Amanda Silva, Jessica Skalyo, 
Tammy Slowik, Leah Small, .^my Speas, Caroline 
Stanley, Jen Steinberg, Claire Strang, Brooke 
Sykes, Kim Templeton, Lindsey Tilt, Sarah 
Tollison, Margaret Turner. Ashley Vermillion. 
Bonnie Warren. Paige Warren. Liz Watscm. 
Courtney Wedl, Stefani Wedl, Suzanne Willers, 
Lynsey Wood. 

202 • Greeks 




"First in friendship, 
fellowship, andfunl" 


"Raise What?" 


"Honor you Scholar" 
Brian Piccolo Cancer 


"Strive for that 
which is honorable, 
beautiful, and highest. ' 


The National Commit- 
tee for Preventioti of 
Child Abuse 


Shamrock Project 


Green and White 


Members: Lauren Abbate. Kim Adams. Christy 
Auburn. Jan Badgett, Nicole Baldwin. Carrie 
Barbee. Amanda Barger. Jessica Barker, Amy 
Baniett. Renee Barnett. Andrea Barreto. Jennifer 
Ble\ms, Rebecca Blevms, Rebecca Bock. Carrie 
Bowden, Emily Boyd. Keri Bradley, Katie Brown. 
Tiffany Burleson. Kristin Celello. Aimee Cirucci. 
Kelly Compton. Amy Counts. Betsy Coward. Ellen 
Cross. Caitim Curtm. Pattie Daxenpon. Michelle 
DeMene/es. Lauren DeSanty. Emily Donofrio. 
Kris Dougheny. Clare Douglass. Jennifer Drennan. 
Heather Dukes. Amy Eckert. Laura Everhart. Beth 
Fain. Laura Farren. Lindy Fellabom. Carrie Fos- 
ter. Becky Frost. Lilli Fryer. Kristen Gadd. Marissa 
Garramore. Suzanne Garro, Jennifer Gentile. Ellen 
Godfrey. Courtney Greene. April Gregory. Kerry 
Grow. Ali.son Guiney. Amy Haddix. Kleigh Hamm. 
Mindy Harhai. Jennifer Harrison. Lizzy 
Hechenbleikner. Julie Hiester. Erica Hetrick. 
Meghan Higgins. Katie High. Amy Hills. Emily 
Hoagland. Whitney Holmes. Lacye Huffaker. Amy 
Hyatt. Amy Izzo. Leslie Ann Jackson. Jennifer 
Jarrett. Heather Jones. Manda Kalvestrand. Tiska 
Kennedy. Whitney Kinlaw. Anne LeBlanc. Amy 
Laczynski. Jenn Laudadio. Monica Lehmann. Lisa 
Letke. .Amy Ligler. Melissa Looney. Angela 
McElreath. Andrea Malik. Rachael Mangum. 
•Alison .Marsh. Barbara Mathes, Katie Menius, Liz 
Metz. Julie Mitchell. Sue Moffatt. Sara Montgom- 
ery. Wendy Mumford, Tara Murphy. Kristin 
Muzina. Betsy Neal. Emily Nev\ man. Lisa Newth. 
Carolyn Odom. Laurie Olson. Karin Osbum. Daisy 
Parsons, Michele Peacock. Emi Penafiel. Ivy 
Perdigon. Kelly Petersen. Cameron Powell. Abby 
Price. Kristin Proud. Jennifer Ramseur. Anne 
Randall. Stephanie Reddy. Laura Redeker. Sheri 
Rights. Jamie Ross. Caitlin Ruthven. Jen 
Schwegel. Kathryn Shelton. Betsy Simmons. Mimi 
Soule. Kate Spurlock. Adrienne Stone. Xandra 
Timmermans. Katie Townshend. Kristine Van 
Doran. Wendy Wade. Laura Ward. Stacy 
Wentworth. Jennifer Whitty. Wendy Winalski. 
Kristin Winkle. Bethany Wolf. Sarah Wrege. 
Tamara Yacavone, Fizzah Zahir 

Greeks • 203 

SOPH Scoiety 


Kappa Kaddies Golf 
Tournament for Brian 
Piccolo Cancer Fund 


"Rose & Candle" and 
"Out of the Blue" 


light blue and dark 


Members: Tracy Abbott. Elise Adams. Susanna Adams. 
Lauren Ale. Kim Alexander, Christy Anderson. Colleen 
Bailey. Jenny Bantz, Emily Barger. Noel Bayard, Susan 
Berris, Alison Bilheimer, Jennings Bishop, Anne 
Blakeney, Challice Bonifant. Katherine Bradley. Kale 
Broadway. Eli/aheth Burke. Cate Candler. Ginny Canipe. 
Aleeia Chandler. Louise Cherry. Allison Church. Laura 
Clark. Eli/ahelh Clarke. Allison Cole. Laura Cooley. Kelly 
Danielak, Rachel Davis, Lauren Dawson. Megan 
Deardorff. Anne Thurston Debnam, Lanier Defnall. Jill 
Deisler. Courtney Dennis. Amy Dotson. Allison 
Dougherty. Jessica Dreisbach, Kim Dynani, Ann 
D^ierzak, Ashley Edmonson. Halle Eisenman. Kristeii 
Faulders. Torrey Fink. Molly Fitzpatrick, Erin Foley. Anne 
Steele Fortune. Mary-Litlon Fowler. Margaret Gantt. Sa- 
rah George, Amy Gibbons. Julie Gibbons. Jena Girouard. 
Tanya Glosson, Leigh Golden. Colby Grant. Beck\ 
Graves. Catherine Green, Amy Grimm. Katherine Hall. 
Amy Harrison. Merrie Hatch. Tracy Hauk. Lindsay 
Hawfield. Jayme Head. Beckie Heim. Marci Helm, Kim 
Henney, Sara Hicks, Katherine Higgason. Rebecca Hoke. 
Stephanie Howard. Cassie Howell, Emily Hud.son. Amelia 
Hummel, Betsy Hunter, Nicole lacovone, Hillary Jones. 
Beth Kaleida. Halley Kehoe. Liz Keible. Whitney Kelley. 
Brooke Kennedy, Laura Kirby. Lindy Krzyzewski. Lizzie 
Lake. Amanda Landon. Olivia Laney. Sarah Langley, 
Paige Lassen. Nikki LaVee. Megan Lavin. Katie Lewis, 
Robine Lewis. Kristen Loux. Jessica Lukas, Heaihei 
Mackay, Katie Maloney, Jenny Manley, Alison McPheel> . 
Danielle Metzer. Holly Miller. Catherine Mitchell. 
Heather Moon. Julie Muir. Linnea Olson. Meagan Orser. 
Lee Pangle. Adrienne Park. Tamara Payden-Tra\ ers. Katie 
Perry. Kara Petracek. Ashley Randolph. Meghan Reardon. 
Ashley Reed. Lee Rhoades. Burch Rountree. Courtney 
Rountree, Caroline Rowell, Marissa Ruke, Anne Salsbury, 
Jen Salyer, Cary Savage, Laura Sayers, Tiffany Schaeler, 
Maggie Shaffer, Tina Schippers, Holly Scott, Kathy Scott. 
Melanie Smith. Alison Snodgrass. Elizabeth Spruni. 
Courtney Stahl, Sarah Ryburn Stainton, Autumn Stoklcy. 
Emily Stools, Amy Stribling, Katy Ward, Leah 
Williamson, Liz Wingfield, Sarah Wysocki, Julie Young 

204 • Greeks 




Members: Deni/ Akinc. Beth Andruchow, Brooke 
Anthony. Emily Appelbaum. Jennifer Auerbach, 
LesHe Bae. Shannon Bangs, Ah Banks. Laura Baxter, 
Jen Black, Alison Bean. Brooke Beebe, Amy 
Bumgardner, Steph Burns, Anne Burnsed, Suzie 
Burik, Shannan Carlisle, Chantal Chapman. Dawn 
Cheek, Keeley Chom, Katie Church, Emilie Claeys, 
Courtney Coates. Kristine Coffey, Heather Cowan, 
Megan Cramer. Kara Csensich, Noelle Davis, Sara 
Devaney, Shannon Dienst. Jennah Dieter, Erin Dowdy, 
Allison Doyle, Poppy Durant, Amanda Edmonds, 
Isabelle Fennell, Monica Femand, Peden Fitzhugh. 
Lydia Toon Fleury, Courtney Foley, Noel Fox, 
Michelle France, Michelle Gasperini, Jemi Goulian, 
Elizabeth Graff, Leslie Gregory. Ann Hamrick, 
Heather Harper, Heather Hazen, Kristie Hein.s, Jen 
Henderson. Kate Hershey, Mandy Hooten, Stephanie 
Hudson, Steph Jenkins, Anne Kasab, Grace Kim, 
Kristi Lake, Meike Lampe, Stacey Lavallee, Jennifer 
Lavender, Margaret Linton, Elizabeth Mack, Jenny 
Lee MacNeill, Jen Madison, Adriane Malanos, Char- 
lotte Martin. Meredith Martin. Chrissy Matlaga, Lisha 
Maxwell, Michelle McBrearity, Kim McClintic, Alexa 
Memory, Regan Merrick. Emily Meyers, Yvonne 
Moelk, Sarah Kate Moody, Andrea Morrison, Alexis 
Nagin, Jessica Nahabedian, Mary Nix. Heather 
Nusbaum. Priscilla Nutt, Alice Ockleshaw, Shaine 
Orlousky, Kirsten Patchel, Ashley Poison, Claire 
Porio, Katie Quigley, Susan Reid, Jessica Reigle, Erin 
Richard, Snow Roberts, Jen Ross, Lawson Rothgeb, 
Claire Rumberger, Samantha Rush, Cary Schaefer. 
Sarah Schick, Megan Sheehy, Kelly Shovelin, Leslie 
Shively, Anne Sloan, Katita Smith, Marissa Stocklin, 
January Streeter. Erin Sutika. Andrea Sutton, Jenny 
Tackabury, Ginger Tate, Sally Terbeck, Sam Teschner, 
Laura Tucker, Kourtney Vahle, Laura Vieta. Emily 
Wade, Kelle Wallace, Nicole Washienko, Valerie 
Williamson. Kim Wilson, Erin Wilt, Kri.stin Wontka. 

Greeks • 205 


Members: Emily Abemathy, Leigh Ann Ahemath\ . 
Betsy Allen. Beth Amos. Patty Barratini. Kelly 
Barham. Karen Bauer, Carrie Benefield. Maria Best. 
Emily Bryan. Ashley Bunnell. Dawn Calhoun. Patrice 
Carpenter. Sarah Carroll. Allison Caruthers. Adrian 
Chastain. Leslie Choplin. Julie Clark. Aileen Colatsky. 
Kristie Collins. Mandi Conklin. Betsey Cook. Cathy 
Corbiere. Heidi Cort. Erin Crabtree. Tracey Cranston. 
Cameron Currey. Becky Daigneau. Kelly Dalgleish. 
Megan Daly. Hayden Drass. Laurie Driscoll. Catherine 
Dyksterhouse. Kelly Eckhardt. Chrissy Eith. Eve 
Ferruggiaro. Karen Fort. Deborah Foster. Karen 
Friedman. Kelly Gidcumb. Kerry Gilsenan, Enn Grail. 
Chrissy Getman. Janette Glaser. Laurie Goodman. 
Julie Harmon. Nessa Harvey. Leigh Hatchett. Candie 
Hayes. Paula Hayes. Tori Hayes. Allyson Hilton. Lind- 
say Hoppe. Mia Hough, Jonessa Howald. Kath\ 
Huffman. Beverly Huffstetler. Charlotte Imbler, .Shelly 
Jacobs. Andrea Jennings. Stacie Johns. Megan 
Johnson, Elizabeth Jones, Melissa Kellogg, Amanda 
Kennedy, Sarah Kerr, Lisa Kowalczyk, Kelly 
LaChapelle, Margaux Lucas, Martha Lynch, Aimee 
Mackovic, Claire Maddrey, Gretchen Manglesdorf. 
Hima Maramreddy, Kate McCandless, Kute McCourl. 
Sharon McGee, Kate McKune. Leigh Mildren. Leslie 
Mountcastle.Amy Murashige. Melissa Murphy. Moll\ 
Murphy. Betsy Neathawk. Mami Neely. Emily Parks. 
Joy Pollard. Kara Prestage, Amanda Pruitt, Nicci 
Rainey. Ginny Reeves, Jackie Rogers, Kate Rogers. 
Michelle Rose. Beth Sarles. Ellen Scarff, Wendy 
Schriever. Lee Ellen Skelton. Jennifer Smith. Laura 
Smith. Chrissy Snapp. Kelly Sokol. Barbara Stanton. 
Emily Stieler, Jandy Stoughton, Erin Taylor, Susan 
Taylor, Alisha Tomlinson, Karen Trammell, Deborah 
Tyson, Susan VanSciver. Carmen Vaughn, Joy 
Vermillion, Andie Ward. Nikki Warren, Stacy White, 
Amy Wilhelm, Megan Williams, Jill Wilson, Chris- 
tina Wooldridge, Erin Waller, Lucy Yarbrough. 
Michelle Young. Kate Zelasko. 

206 • Greeks 

'>i1».i 'WMm - ti^' 







1 ^1 



1 B^^'^^ 

|l_ aHnI 


1 ^^^^.^SL.^^^ J 



■ ^KV^Vi^ rr 

' <^Bc: ;=! 

Hb ^^1 


■ irlVP^l,'^ ,^ 





^^ ^^MKl 









pholo (.vHirlesy o! Kappa Dcll; 

210 • Greeks 

• -» ■*:»"•• •* -* -, 



Organizations • 215 


Alpha Epsilon Delta ^ Alpha 
Epsilon Delta is Wake's Pre-med 
Honor Society. Members support 
one another as they work through 
this often difficult career track. 

Judd Garbarino (Historian), Aaron Guyer 
(Vice President), Melissa Mizesko (Secre- 
tary), Manisha Patel (Volunteer Coordina- 
tor), Kerry Rotondi (President), Beth Th- 
ompson (Publicity), Jason Zook (Trea- 

Anthony Aston Players =5- The 
Anthony Aston Players is a stu- 
dent theatrical service and pro- 
duction organization. 

Nicole Baldwin, Mack Barr, James 
Buescher, Katie Brewer, Tiffany Burleson, 
Gate Calhoun, Eddie Childress, Randall 
Chou, Heather Cowan, Megan Cramer, 
Drew Droege, Jim Frazier, Kyle Haden, 
Jenny Harrison, Jimmy Hilburn, Edwin 
Howard, Catherine Justice, Darren Linvil, 
Aimee Mackovic, Heather McClain, Matt 
Mundy, Tamara Payden-Travers, Katie 
Perry, Bo Perry, Don Pocock, Allen Roda, 
Jeff Shoenheit, Sara Simpson, Emily 
Sparkman, Dan Stern, Elizabeth 
Thalheimer, Ken Thompson, Kourney 

Asia Student Interest Association ^ 
Front Row: Al-Husein Madhany (Presi- 

Row 2: Megna Baliga, Kim Lo, Amer 
Khan, Emi Penafiel, Knox Robinson, 
Manisha Patel (Treasurer), Carolyn Lay, 
Vaishaliben Patel 

Back Row: Raam Sambandam, Raj 
Setty, Jason Lee, Praneetha Akula (Sec- 
retary), Vidya Prakasam, Jourdan 
Bickham, Sireesha Chenomolu, Amy 
Ng, Mary Vo, Omaar Hena (Historian) 
Not Pictured: Anne Egleston, Marcus 
Lamm, Ryan Michalski, Shaft Mustafa, 
Vi Pham (Editor), Rachel Thomas, Avani 
Vyas, Anushi Weerakoon 

Organizations • 217; 

Baptist Student Union ~- The 
Baptist Student Union (BSU) is a 
Christian community dedicated to 
serving Christ on this campus and 
in the community through outreach, 
spiritual growth, service, and fel- 

Stephanie Arnold, Julie Ashe, Jennifer Bishop, 
Jeremy Bishop, John Campbell, Anita Case, Ja- 
son Cogdill. Laura Davis, Bracton Dillon, 
Donna Dobbins, Alys Embry, Jennifer Fan, 
Mark Francis, Emily Greenwood, Angel 
Honeycutt, Marcus Ingram, Holly Jarrell, 
Robbie Jones, Jennifer Kimbrell, Carey King, 
John Lanuh, Holly Lille, Chad Maynor, Betsy 
McCubrey, Jody Moore, Beth Newsome. 
Hannah Oettinger, Cecilia Pressley, Christy 

Shelley Slaughte 
Stephenson, Recbec 
Ann Wells, Denny V 

Tina Smith, Brad 
1 Suits, Michael Warren, 

Black Student Alliance ^ Serv- 
ing as an outreach for African- 
American students, BSA hosts so- 
cials and meetings to best meet the 
needs of Wake Students. 

Pictured (L-R): Tiffany O'Neal, Jamie 
Spencer, Lakevia Hall, 

Catholic Community ~~ The Wake 
Forest Catholic Community is a 
community dedicated to giving stu- 
dents an opportunity for spiritual 
development, service, and friend- 

DJ Banks, Joseph Barker, Donna 
Contestabile, Amanda Epstein, Erin K. 
Grail, Vince Guido, John Kraus, Kevin 
Kuntz, Elaine Merrill, Emily Miles, 
Katherine Moore, James O'Neill, Valerie 
Parker, Jennifer Pittaway, Kim Rado, Matt 
Silversten, Christie Straube, Matt Stroot, 
Alisha Tomlinson, Taryn Toval, Jill Van 
Pelt, Susan Van Sciver, Nick Wessling, 

,218 • Organizations 

Organizations • 21 9j 

,220 • Organizations 

Choral Union ^^ The Choral 
Union is a mixed chorus that meets 
to prepare works with piano or or- 
chestra for performances on cam- 
pus. It is designed to allow every- 
one in the Wake Forest community 
to sing in a positive, informal atmo- 

Club Swim Team ^ The Club 
Swim Team has grown substantially 
in only its second year of chartered 
status. The team practices for com- 
petitions against teams of other col- 

Co-Ed Club Tennis ^ The Co- 
Ed Club Tennis team competed in 
intercollegiate matches this year 
against UNC, NCSU, Duke, and 
Methodist College. Practices are 
held weekly to provide both a so- 
cial and athletic outlet for members. 

Organizations • 221, 

College Democrats '^ The Wake 
Forest University College Demo- 
crats are dedicated to organizing the 
recruitment and participation of 
Democratic college students at 

Nicole Baldwin, Carrie Barbee (Secreuiiy). 
Meta Baiham, Lilly Bekele, Vera Best, Jeremy 
Bishop, Jenny Blackford, Carrie Bowden (Cam- 
paign Director). Ellen Cross, David 
Cunningham, Namita David, Kahn Dudziek, 
Amy Eckert, Karin Foley, Sara Fuller, Marissa 
Garramone (Social Director), Shannon 
Gardner, Brad Gilmore, Aaron Grose, Sarah 
Gulley, Daniel Hayford, Julie Hiester, Ann 
Horsley, Andrea Jennings, Sieve Kleinman, 
Kim Lo (Meml?ership Director), James McCoy 
(President), Adrian Miller, Rich Osborne, 
Emily Parks, Ben Piper, Anne Randall, Phillip 
Rhiner, Rob Shaw (Treasurer), David Slade, 
Jordana Soyke, Drew Sprague, Laniont Slewarl, 
Damian Strassforth, Ashley Twiggs, Joy 
Vermillion (Vice President). Avanie Vyas, Kevin 
Wenzel, Frank Wilson. 

Cycling Club ^ The Wake Forest 
Cycling Club leads training rides 
and competes in National Collegiate 
Cycling Association events. The 
Wake Forest Criterium bicycle race 
has been held on campus for the past 

El-Club Hispanico ^ El Club 
Hispano, Wake's Spanish club puts 
together events year round for Span- 
ish students. The club's forum for 
Spanish majors was a huge success. 

Praneetha Akula, Jose Bird, T.C. Chestnutt, 
Karen Coachman, Julia Pearcy. 

^ Organizations 

.^»»** ■.^'■.* 


Organizations • 223 




Eiizalian Society '^ TheEuzalien 
Society sponsors a lecture series 
and holds socials to stimulate the 
intellectual climate on campus. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes ==^ 
The Fellowship of Christian Ath- 
letes is a Christ-centered, Bible- 
based organization for athletes and 
those interested in athletics. 

Organizations % 225. 




^p m 

n^^ 1 


|\/P J 


P/ J 



^^ ^"^*K 

f /Mfe C/jo/r ^ The Flute Choir 
meets once a week to practice for 
events such as the Annual Flute Fest 
Concert, Moravian Lovefeast, 
Thursday morning services in 
Davis Chapel, and the Student 
Chamber Music Concerts. 

Meghna Bailga, Dejon Banks, Carrie 
Benefield, Julie Bradley, Stephanie Fallc, 
Rebecca Filby, Cameron Gram, Carrie 
Hixon, Hannah Oettinger, Valerie Parker, 
Lebbonee Price. 

Handbell Choir ^' The Wake For- 
est Handbell Choir holds weekly re- 
hearsals to prepare for performances 
at a nursing home and local churches. 
The choir also performs in Benson 
and at Lovefeast. 

Dejon Banks, Candace Modlin (Director), 
Donna Dabbins, Kendra Whittington, Angle 
Wood, De Anna Lewis, Erin Wuller, Christie 
Straube, Kelly Gidcumb, Tiffany Mitzman, 
Phil Modes (Assistant Director), Rich 
Osborne, Thomas Bedington. 

Harbinger Corps ^~ The Har- 
binger Corps supports the admis- 
sions office by giving campus 
tours, communicating with per- 
spective and newly accepted stu- 
dents, and representing Wake at 
high schools. 

Officers (L-R): Kevin O'Brien (Special 
Programs), Emily Culp (Special Tours), 
Leslie Ann Jackson (President), Todd 
Curtis (Regular Tours). 

Not Pictured: Jennifer Janet (Contact 
Team), Lisa Ewart (Contact Team), and 
Becky Meisenbach (Back to High School). 


t t 



w ^ 

Organizations • 227^ 


Health Advisory Board ^ The 
Student Health Advisory Commit- 
tee (SHAC) provides counsel, guid- 
ance, and assistance to the Student 
Health Service through program- 
ming, communication of student 
concerns and needs, and by inform- 
ing students of available resources. 

Honor Council ^ The Honor 
Council has the unfortunate task of 
reprimanding students for Honor 
Code violations. Some members 
attended an Ethics conference at 
West Point to help strengthen 
Wake's Honor System. 

Interfraternity Council ^ 
Members of each campus frater- 
nity make up the Council, on 
which they oversee and organize 
fraternity communication and 

Organizations • 229 

liitc'vVarsity Christian Fcllowsliip 
^' Intervarsity Christian Fellow- 
ship (IVCF) is a nationwide inter- 
denominational Christian organiza- 
tion whose members seek to inte- 
grate their faith with their academic 
and social lives. IVCF members 
meet in small group Bible studies 
in almost every residence hall and 
on Fridays weekly for large group 
worship and fellowship. IVCF was 
also the host for Forest Fire '96 in 
Brendle Auditorium. 

Islam Awareness Organization ^^ 
lAO exists to educate others about 
the practice of Islam as well as to 
support fellow Muslims on campus. 
Activities include Quran and Hadith 
study, free Arabic lessons, and 
prayers at local mosques. 

Marwan Abedin, Bashir El-Beshti, 
Mohammed Coovadia, Mustafa Culha, Sul- 
tan Hassan, Hilal Hibri, None Imdadullah, 
AmerKhan, Rohom Khonsari.Abdessadek 
Lachgar, Al-Husein Madhany, Shafi 
Mustafa, Zaher Silk, Mouhamadou Sy, 
Ramsey Umar, Selena Williams. 

Jiiiliviiil Boiiril ^^ In an effort 
to uphold the WFU honor code, 
members investigate, hear, delib- 
erate and make decisions on stu- 
dent-conduct cases in non-aca- 
demic situations. 

Tracey Abbott (co-chair), Elise 
Adams, Sean Britain, Erin K. 
Grail, John Hage, Josh Kellett, 
Matt Lane, Chris Locasio, 
Jonathan Perry, Jen Salyer, Tom 
Segars, Maggie Shaffer, Kurt 
Shotzberger, Jaime Spencer (co- 

^230 • Organizations 

Organizations • 231 

Karate Club ^ The Karate Club 
provides Wake students with the 
opportunity to learn the sport of 
Karate. The club provides training 
lessons and also competes in com- 

Lutheran Student Movement ^ 
The group is designed for fellow 
Lutherans to interact, worship, and 
socialize on a weekly basis. 
Monthly events include a Table Talk 
Lunch, a Wednesday dinner and 
Bible study, community service, and 
social events. 

Amanda Barger, Amy Bassett, Karen 
Bauer, Maria Bost, Manda Kalvestrand, 
Renee Kroll, Becky Meisenbach, Michele 
Naylor, Lori Olsen, Jamie Ross, Brett 
Skillbred, Emily Steiler, Paul Thomas, 
Kendra Whittington, Alisa Wilson, Karen 

Marketing Society e- The Wake 
Forest Marketing Society plans 
speakers, events, and career forums 
for anyone considering a career in 
marketing or advertising. 

Organizations • 233 


National Residence Hall Honorary 
^^ The National Residence Hall 
Honorary (NRHH) is the top 1% of 
residential students that have made 
outstanding contributions to resi- 
dential life on campus. They pro- 
vide programming and recognition 
in the residence halls. 

Betsy Allen, Lilly Bekele, Nikki Chappell, 
Rebekah Demshar, Erin K. Grail, Mike 
Gumrot, Paula Hayes, Brad Johnson, Betsy 
McCubrey, Chris Moody, Brian Paitsel, Jill 
Van Pelt, Bren Varner. 

Old G<dd and Black ^ The 
OG&B staffers worked hard this 
year to put out the weekly campus 
newspaper as well as the April 
Fool's Day edition, which has be- 
come a campus favorite. 
Karen Hillenbrand (Editor in Chief), Brian 
Dimmick (Managing Editor), Jim Myrick 
(Business Manager), Rachel Avon, Mike 
Beabout, Matthew Beldner, Jenny 
Blackford, Emily Brewer, Shannon 
Bothwell, Julie Davis, Danielle Deaver, Jo- 
seph Dobner, Poppy Durant, Zach Everson, 
Theresa Felder, Paul Gaeta, Biad Gilmore, 
Jennifer Gough, Aaron Grose, Erin Korey, 
Mickey Kraynyak, James Lewis, David 
Marshburn, Sam Newlands, Laurie Parker, 
Scott Payne, Victoria Pham, Jaak Rannik, 
Andy Snyder, Jenny Springs, Charles Stark, 
Brian M. White, Jamie Womack. 

234 • Organizations 


Organizations • 235 

*" 7S6 • Organizations 

Pave the Quad o- Pave the Quad 
has taken the campus by storm. 
Though members of this group are 
essentially anonymous, their work 
is well recognized. Their signature 
golden notices mysteriously appear 
all over campus entertaining stu- 
dents and baffling prospective stu- 
dents and their parents. 

Panhellinic Council ^ Members 
of each campus sorority make up 
the Council, on which they oversee 
and organize sorority communica- 
tion and events. 

Peer Health Educators ^ Peer 
Health Educators hold a mandatory 
presentation about college life issues 
for new students during Orientation. 
The group also arranges other health- 
related programs throughout the year. 

Organizations • 237 

Club Swim 

Pep Band (Women's) f?^ The Pep 
Band for Women's Basketball pro- 
vides energetic music for Wake's 
Women's Basketball team and fans. 

Pep Banc! (Men's) ^ The Pep 
Band for Men's Basketball provides 
musical entertainment at the Men's 
Basketball games. 





^Bk£5 'J 




A r 

Organizations • 239 

240 • Organizations 




L l 



r P ll 

j 1 IHI 

1^ ,;;'i 



III 1 '1 

^H!^-. ^ JinL IK. 


^k. — ^M 1 

^V* a^ ■lUlIlBnli 

mi V . 

^k. - ' U 





! :''I^^^^H 



^^^M^ ., ^^f'.-^m-^m 


3 1 ^iijl|H 

^Hp^^^ e«|Hr^ 


I^^K^^ BI^'^vM^^H^H^^'^^ m 



President's Aides '^ These stu- 
dents are selected on an individual 
basis to assist the President in mat- 
ters concerning the University. 

Publications Board '^~ The Publi- 
cations Board is made up of mem- 
bers from all of Wake's student pub- 

Shannon Bothweii, Suzie Danks, 
Danielle Deaver, Amy Dotson, Karen 
Hillenbrand, LeeAnn Hodges, Heather 
Mackay, Brian McKee, Jane 
OslislcTremayne Perry, Scott 
Plumridge, Vidya Prakasam, Kathy 
Scott, Kristin Thompson, Bren Varner. 

Resident Student Association '^ 
The Resident Student Association is 
the governing body for all residen- 
tial students. Hall Governments, the 
Executive Board, and the Inter-Resi- 
dence Hall Association provide com- 
munication, programming, and spe- 
cial events on campus. 

Noelle Achille. Jennifer Anderson, Amy 
Beisswanger, Jeff Beyer. Kimberly Boyd, Hank 
Bramblet, Anne Burkett, Taylor Campbell. Javier 
Cana,s, Keeley Cliorn, Betsey Cook, Rebekah 
Demshar, Allyson Fayard, James Fullerton. Erin 
K. Grail, J.D. Graves, Tom Guilshan. Kayla Hall. 
Dan Harris. Kristi Hennan. Heather Higgins. 
Stuart Hipp, Susan Hoffman. Heather Holley, 
David Holliday, Melissa Johnson. Kurt Kissling, 
Chris Kocher. Regan MacKay, Keith Malaya, 
Tameki McDowell. Anika Middleton, Adrian 
Miller. Chris Mixter. Shafi Mustafa, Sam 
Newlands, Kerry O'Hagan. Jonathan Perry, Kate 
Rogers, Ashanti Smith. Courtney Smith, Lamont 
Stewart, Will Tyson, Bren Varner. Joe Voipe, 
Katrina Watson. Evie Wesley, Stacy While, Betsy 
Woodruff, Pamela Yeaser. 


Bdhcock Hull ResideiU Advisers ^^ 
Front Row: Lauren Richardson, 
Cherie Quesenberry, Jessica Finley. 
Back Row: Sharrika Davis (Hall 
Director), Nikki Chappell, Anne 
Burkett, Betsy Wright. 

Bostwick Hall Resident Advisers ^^ 
Front Row: Sharon Spilker, Angela 
McElreath, Kristine Goldhawk. 
Middle Row: Kristine Broglio, 
Marin Shaughnessy, Paula Hayes. 
Back Row: Manda Kalvestrand, 
Kimberly Boyd (Hall Director), Lee 
Ellen Skelton. 

^^ Front Row: Jaime Dorsett, 
Robin Merrell, Erin K. Grail, 
Megan Williams. Middle Row: 
Emily Miles, April Jeffries, An- 
drea Dacquino, Eric Gulbis. 
Back Row: Brad Johnson (Hall 
Director), Marcus Ingram, Lee 

k242 • Organizations 


Davis Hall Resident Advisers ^^ 
Front Row: David HoUiday (Hall 
Director), Donna Contestabile, Liz 
McGill, Stephen Barnes. Back 
Row: John Strickland, David 
Collier, Andy Dyksterhouse, Greg 

Front Row: Cecilia Pressley, Chris- 
ten Peterson, Stacy Schmitt. Middle 
Row: Daniel Hayford, Nathan Dean, 
Jill Van Pelt, Jeremy Canipe (Hall 
Director). Back Row: Marvin 
Barner, Travis Howell. 

Kiichiii Hall Resident Advisers 
^ Front Row: LaTonya Mitchell 
(Hall Director), Laura Kroger. 
Second Row: Joy Pollard, Emily 
Kilburn, Weston Willard. Third 
Row: Elizabeth Miller, John 
Gallimore, Tim Tweten, Lilly 
Bekele. Back Row: Daniel Th- 

Organizations • 243j 

Luter Hall Resident Advisers ^^ 
Front Row: Gin Watson, Betsy 
Allen, Catherine Dyksterhouse. 
Back Row: Brock Clary, Brian 
Calhoun, Craig Taylor, Marc Sneed 
(Hall Director). 

Palmer/ Piccolo /Townhouses Resi- 
dent Advisers ^ Front Row: 
Adrain Bryant, Stephen Haransky 
(Hall Director). Middle Row: Beth 
Ritter, Sarah VanAuken. Back Row: 
Jerome Butler, David Joyner. 

Poteat and Huffman Halls Resi- 
dent Advisers '^ Front Row: 
Ben Slew (Hall Director), Kevin 
Kuntz, Mike Gumrot, Cassie 
Howell. Back Row: Russell 
Hightower, Wendell Kralovich, 
Janelle Stern, Adrian Bass. 

Satellites Resident Advisers ^ 
Front Row: Jose Bird, Rosetta 
Bernasko. Middle Row: Kaci 
Starbuck, Dani Hershberger (Hall 
Director). Back Row: Heather 
Shnider, Melissa Mizesko, Chris 

Taylor and Efird Halls Resident 
Advisers ^ Front Row: Kurt 
Shotzberger, Andy Crawford, Eliza- 
beth McCubrey. Middle Row: Ryan 
Clancy, Michael Bochicchio (Hall 
Director), Mitch Ellington, Brian 
Paitsel. Back Row: John Kraus, 
David Kralovich, Keith Szeliga, 
Chris Putnam. 

)rganizat[ons • 245, 






!*.' J* iH&f * 


S 1> 



r i 






" Tlf- 


^ The ROTC Unit at Wake 
gives students the opportunity to 
engage in mihtary training while 
preparing them for future careers in 
the armed forces. 

Screainin' Demons ^^ The 
Screamin Demons is a group of 
students that gives support to the 
football team, the women's bas- 
ketball team, and the men's bas- 
ketball team. 




^246 # Organizations 

Organizations • 247> 




248 • Organizations 


Student Alumni Council ^ The 
Student Alumni Council works 
closely with Alumni Affairs to en- 
sure that involved students become 
involved alumni in the future. 

Organizations % 249 





1 : 


Siudcnt Government -^^ The three 
branches of Student Government 
act as liaisons between the Wake 
Forest students, administration, and 

Three to Four Ounces ^^ Three to 
Four Ounces is Wake Forest's stu- 
dent-run literary magazine, publish- 
mg original poetry, prose, art, and 
photography by students. 

VSC conducts numerous service 
projects throughout the year that 
benefit Wake Forest and the Win- 
ston-Salem community. 

♦ Organizations 

Organizations • 251, 


Wake Radio ^ Wake Radio is the 
University's radio station. Aside 
from its daily broadcasts, Waice 
Radio also hosts benefit concerts. 

Wesley Foundation ^ The Wesley 
Foundation is the United Method- 
ist Campus ministry group at Wake 

Women's Club Lacrosse ^~ 
Jenny Anderson, Sara Barret, 
Courtney Boshart, Fran Dolan, 
Elizabeth Duncan, Becky Frost, 
Kristin Karbonik, Teha Kennard, 
Jen Leibert, Charlotte Opal, 
Brandy Peaker, Beth Rymeski, 

Organizations % 253 

•N i 


/ 4 


f^ ^SSi- 

^254 ® Organizations 




I, -ft it *-'/'■-. 

Organizations • 255^ 









Classes • 257 


Class of ^H 


Aftcy the pomp mid pa^cnutrif of^iadiiatioii 
is over, the Wake Forest left 
behind In/ tJie Class of 1997 is a iunrl<edli/ 
different pliiee from the one tlint greeted tlieir arrival. 
When they moved into their dornis as freshmen, the 
Class of 2000 did not i/et have its own plan. IBM 
Thinkpnds were unheard of If one wanted to send an 
e-mail message, Pine was the standard. Yet, remark- 
abhj, some things have remained the same. It's still 
diffieult to find a parking spot. The Quad still gets 
rolled when zee win a ball game. And Wake Forest 
still embodies the ideals of Pro Humaiiitate. As the 
sehool has eonfronted ehanges, so have the seiiiors in 
their own lives. Many are leaving this place with 
totally different life plans than the ones with which 
they entered. Some will continue their education in 
graduate school, others will begin their careers, while 
others uull begin their search for something to do. For 
some, the future appears more certain than for others, 
^et for all, memories of their tonne at Wake Forest 
will be cherished forever. 








ISh^ V' 

Jonalluin Adinolfi 

June Aim 

Hcillh & hx 

Eliztihcth Allen 
GiViiorx Allen 

John Allen 


Michael Allen 


Maythi Alvarez 

HiMory / Eiem. Education 

Emily Ansell 


Benjamin Applehaim 

Efltilish / Comniuiiicatlons 

April Anien 

Richard Arnao. Jr. 


Stephanie Arnold 

Sociology / Religion 

Keisha Arrowood 


Michele Ashe 


Kemhy Bacon 


Brian Baker 

Karen Baker 


Bret! Balsinger 


Kell\ Barham 

Stephen Barnes 

He.ilth 6i Exercise Science 

Mack Burr 

Lawrence Bass 


Mekeshia Bates 

Health & Exercise Science 

Kristen Bauer 


Sonia Baiter 

Classes • 259 

Anuiiuld Baxter 

ilu.illh.V Lxi'iviM- Science 

Noel Bavard 

llo;illh& Exercise Science 

Carl Beck 


Jennifer Beck 

' Biology 

Paul Beckner 


Matthew Beldner 


Sandra Benson 


Brian Berklich 


Susan Berris 

Ashley Berry 

Religion /All History 

Ashlc\ Beiittel 

Stephanie Birkitt 


Tyler Bishop 


Jeff Blackburn 


Nicole Blackmer 


Lakisha Blackstont 


Anven Blaynev 


Rebecca BIcvins 

Studio All 

Cara Bobbit 

Economics /Polilics 

Kellx Boblett 

Health & Exercise Science 




260 • Seniors 

Keith Bodie 

Psychol. .ij> 

Jennifer Boone 


Frederick Booth . Ill 

Susan Bowman 


Robert Brachowski 

Emily Breuev 

Eiementdry Education 

Katherine Brewer 


Lash Brii>^s 


Sean Britain 

Katherine Broadway 


Jennifer Brock 


Matthew Bro^man 


Parker Brooks 


Andrew Brown 


Katherine Brown 

Spanish / EngLihh 

Scott Brown 


Anne Bnjfardi 


Amy Biini'^ardner 

Ari/ English 

Kelly Bumgarner 


Classes • 261 

Ashley Biiimcll 
\ aleuvia Biirfoni 


Earle Buri;cs.s 

Will Burns 


Vinton Burton 


Trent Bushy 

Sociology ' 

Brian Calhoun 


Gianfilippo Cuineli 

Christian Cappelluii 


Megan Carpenter 

Health & Exercise Science 

Patrice Carpenter 

Weiuh Carr 


Amy Carroccia 


Ian Carroll 

llcallh& Exercise Science 

Sarah Carroll 

Ashley Carson 


Allison Caruthers 

Psychology /English 

Anita Case 


Paul Charlton 

Kenyan Cliavis 


262 • Seniors 










f^ ^1 


Mary Leigh Chary 

Art Hisior)' 

Jeffrey Childers 

David Childs 


^r\an ChiTwood 

Ryan Clancv 

Heallh & Exercise Sc 

Julie Clark 


Patrick Clark 

Martin Clewis 


Matthew Coleman 


Kristie Collins 

Karen Conboy 

Healih & Exercise Scit 

Mandi Conklin 

Heidi Cort 


Ann Counts 


Heather Cowan 


Erin Crahtree 

Amanda Crane 


Tafllne Crawford 


Jennifer Cnime 

Emily Cidp 


Classes • 263 

Tcrreiice D' Andrea 

Health & Exercise Science 

Rchccca Dai;^neau 


Mark Daik\ 

Psychology ■ 

Kim Dallas 


Brent Daniel 

Cumpiiter Science 

Patricia Daniel 

Health & Exercise Science 

Gia Dardani 


Laura Davis 


Renee Davis 


Jude Decicco 


Joseph Demarco 


Michelle Demenezes 

Health & Exercise Science 

Gcori^e Demetriades 

Rehekah Demshar 

Health & Exercise Science 





■ji -XT- M . 


■pw ■"'^v 

Courtney Dennis 
Elizabeth Denton 

Lauren Desant\ 

Health & Exercise Scit 

Sliannon Dienst 

David Dimatties 


Brian Dii7iniick 

Computer Science / History 

Teresa Dimihoom 


Anna Ditto 

Ian Dixon 


Joseph Dolmer 


Karin Diidziai: 


Choree Dnnean 


Mark Dunn 

Finance / Accounting 

Kelly Duraiit 

Health & Exercise Science 

Atjdy Dyksterhoiise 

Health & Exercise Science 

Andrew Eagles 


Kevin Eckhardt 

ics / Psychology 

Bradlev Edwards 

Christine Eith 


Troy Eldridge 


Classes • 265 

Kiiiihvrly Ellalgc 

Kcrrx Espinola 


Amber Evans 


Carl Fantasia 


Robert Fa1zinf>er 

Jennifer Faw 

Sociology '/Rfhsiuii 

Allie Fennell 

H^MlIhA: KuTcisi^SiK-iKO 

Slunrntae Fen;us(jn 


Rebeeea Filbev 

BioloKv ■ 

Torrex Fink 

Jessica Finlex 

M^uhcmatiLs ' 

Elizabeth Fisher 


R. Warne Filch 

Health & Exercise Science 

Jennifer Fownes 

Mark Francis 


Colleen Eraser 


Matthew Frederick 

Finance / Accuunting 

William Freehlinii 

Mislor\ ' 

Marx French 

l-lcmcnlar\' IjliicalKm 

Eillianne Frxer 






LA ^ 









James FuUerloii 


Kristen Gacld 


Jennifer Garone 

Christopher Gaskcll 

Richard Gaxlord 


Robin Gelinas 

Christopher Gerecke 


Janette Ghiser 


Amy Ghitzlnich 


Clirisfy Goff 


Laura Goodman 


Peter Goodwin 

Ellen Gores 


Elizalu'th Gralwr 


Jean Ann Grant 

Art Historv / Religion 

Eric Grate 


Rebecca Graves 

Elementarv Education 

James Gray 


Neil Gra\ 

Polmcs ' 

Mar\ Beth Green 



Matthew Greenawalt 


Emilv Greenwood 


Victoria Gregg 


Mark Gregory 


Emily Griggs 

I:lementary Educulion 

Paul Griggs 


Justin Guari^lia 


Mike Guinrot 

Caroline Gupton 

Math / Religion 

Garrick Gupton 


Aaron Guyer 


Ranya Habcisli 


Jason Hade 


Arnitra Hall 

Holly Hallmaii 

Health & Exercise Science 

Brian Hamby 


David Hammett 


Katharine Hanna 


Deirdre Harding 


Mindy Harhai 


268 • Seniors 


»•' '^ 






Andrew Harris 


Elizabeth Haskell 


R\an Hatcher 


Patricia Hatchett 

Heailh & Exercise Scieni 

Tracy Hauk 

Heafth & Exercise Science 

Candace Hayes 

Paula Hayes 


Jared Heiman 


Kristie He ins 


Jennifer Henderson 

Art/ Enghsh 

Kimberly Henney 

English " 

Tiana Herbin 


Erica Hetrick 


Jon-Paul Hickey 

Marie Higgins 


Katherine High 

Karen Hillenbrand 


Kathleen Hilliard 


Vicki Ho 


Jenny Hobbs 

Health & Exercise Science 



Michelle Hockc 

Robert Holding, IV 


.ludson Hollifield 

Religion /Po'lilii^ 

Monica Holmes 


Thomas Honaker 


Jeff Hooker 

Jonessa Howald 


David Howard 


Travis Howell 


Beverly Hitff'stetler 

English / Sociology 

Johna Hughes 


Rebekah Hughes 


Kathleen Hurlex 


Amy Hyatt 


Erin Ingram 

Health & Exercise Science 

K\le Irviin 

Tina Jabali 

Leslie Jackson 


Lahn Jacobs 


Shelly Jacobs 



17'^ «?i 

: i 





270 • Seniors 

AlUiiki Jeffries 
Clare Jenkins 


Lars Jensen 


Beau Johnson 


Lukas Johnson 

Catherine Jane: 

Politics /Spanish 

Crai)^ Joseph 

English / Rehgion 

David Katona 

Giis Kearney 


Hal ley Kehoe 
Josh Kellett 

Jed Kelley 

Biology " 

Michael Kennedy 

William Kennedy 


Elaine Khatod 

Allison Kield 


Kurt Kisslinq 


Ryan Klein 


Michael Kraynayak 


Renee Kroll 

Hiullli & Exerci> 





Ross Kiihner 


Kelly LaChapellc 


Kenneth Lachlan 


Helen La f aye 

Russian / Sociolouv 

Dave Lardieri 


Rian Larkin 


Christina Larsen 


Christine Law 

Lisa Letke 

English & Spanish 

Neville Letzerich 

Finance / Accounting 

Travis Lew 

Spanish & Anthropology " 

Turner Lewis 


Holly Litten 


Christopher Locascio 




f , 

%^ 'k 

^^r * w 

gl^^i JUl^. 


272 • Seniors 

William Loi^iiii 


Ginger Lohr 


Melissa Looiiex 


Jennifer L()n<>hreY 

Sarah Lovelace 


John Liihas 

RanJx Luciano 


Aimee Mackovic 

Claire Maddrey 


David Maillx 

Katherine Malonev 


Dabnex Mane) 


Rachael Maniiiun 


Jennv Manlex 


Scott Marcus 

Charlotte Martin 


Michael Martin 


Reeshcda Martin 


Kelh Mason 


John Massev 

Health & Exercise Science 



Christine Matkif^a 


James Maviior 


Michelle Mazor 

Health & Exercise Science 

Kiinherlv MeClinlic 


Elizabeth McCuhiex 

Patrick McDonoitgh 


Mary McEhvee 

■ Ps\ch.)k'g\ 

Jason McEiiancx 

Charles McFaddeii 


Amanda McGrady 

Jill McGrune 


Laurie McGiickin 


Brian McKec 


Daniel McKeithan 


Katherine McKiiiw 


Paive McLean 

' Psychology 

Elizabeth McMahon 


Anitra McRae 

Paaxal Mehta 

llcallhA Exeicisc Science 

Becky Meisenhach 



r^ ^ f- 






Ae/7 M('//(> 


A/evc/ Mcmorx 

Robin Merrell 

Sociology / ComnlunlLJtion^ 

Louisa Mevcr 

Sociolosv ■ 

Geojfrex Michael 

Politics ■ 

Joseph Michalski 

Candace Mudlin 

Music / Economics 

Meredith Miller 


A. Gram Monrfiomery 

Christopher Mood\ 


Sarah A. Moore 

Michael Morris 


William Morris 


Aaron Mum 


Dehhra Murphy 


Melissa Murphy 

Benjamin Mustiau 


Michelle Naxlor 


Meredith Seeh 

Kirsten Nohman 


Classes • 275 

John Nofsinger 


Peter Nasal 


Chris O'Neal 


Rich Ochoa 

Health & E,\erci^e Science 

Thomas O'Connell 


William Oelrich 
Laura Okehie 


Liimea Olson 

Charlotte Opal 


Brian Paitsel 


Robin Parihar 

Tliornwell Parker 

Health & Exercise Science 

James Passaro 


Michael Pellegrino 


Molli Perkins 

Computer Science 

Henry Persons 

Russell Pierce 


Diane Pitassy 

Biology ■ 

Nell Pittman 


Michael Pleacher 


H|k «r^ -" ^H 



•-. * 

276 • Seniors 


jfte ^^^^^^^^1^ ■WK^^M ^^^ ^^ 

Cameron Powell 

Eloise Prijoles 


Christx Puoh 


Jason Putnam 

Charles Quagliato 


Stacy Qiiiro: 


Nicole Rainey 


Arthur Ralston 


Tcsh Ramey 


Jennifer Ramseur 


Jaak Rannik 


Am\ Raphael 


Jessica Reed 

Cotliputer Science 

Michael Reed 

Communications / PoUtit 

Virginia Reeves 


Phillip Rhiner 

Lonnie V. Rice, HI 

Health & Exercise Scienct 

Mia Richardson 


Jason Riegler 

Chemistry / Biology 

Susan Rilev 


Royden E. Rollers 

JciDU's Rorrer. Jr. 


KcriY Roiondi 


Ci)urtiu'\ Roiintree 

Jonathan Rtiwcll 

Pollx Ructti^cr.s 
Barbara Salishurx 

English /French' 

Anne Salshiirv 

English /Spiiilish' 

Elaine Sanderlin 


Brandon Saul 

Computer Science 

Kristen Schiller 


Christina Schippers 

Stephen Schniitz 


Jennifer Schwartz 


Kathlene Schwoerer 


George Scott 


Hollv Scott 


Katliy Scot! 


J. Brook Seaford 


Thomas Se;j,ars 


^^■^ '/Aw 


I ^m. 

278 • Seniors 




4/V- •'^ 




ri» A 



^1 <• "^ K 

■PI ^' f 


,4ah\' Shciuiskx 

HJ.ihh A; Exercise Siience 

Heather Sluiicler 


Lori Shores 

Hcjitli & Exenise Science 

Jennifer Sin,i;leion 

Andrew Sisk 


Kimherley Sklenicka 

Health & Exercise Science 

//// Skowronek 


Shawn Sleep 


Amy Sloan 


Melanie Sloan 


Sara T. Slowik 

Elementary Education 

Brian Smith 


Coiirtiiex Smith 

Math /Economics 

Jennifer Smith 

Tina Smith 

Health & Exerc: 

Todd Sninski 


Andrew Snyder 


Nathan Spees 

Fiorella Speziani 


John Spitler 

Classes • 279 

Richard Spanner, ,/;■. 

Malli / Economics 

Katherinc Spiirluck 

Margaret Stewart 

Elemenlary Education 

Teresa Stewart 

Eniilx Stieler 


Shannon Stinnett 

Txler Stone 


Jandy Stoiighton 

Health & Exercise Science 

Thomas Street 


Garrett Strim^er 


Margaret Stroupe 


Tom Stuetzer 

Beth Sxdnor 

Psychol. .gy 

Brooks Taxlor 


Flcurtashia Taylor 

Communications / Sociology 

Susan Taxlor 


Kate Temoiiev 

Psychology /Religion • 

Kimherly Templeton 

Finance / Accounting 

Samaiitha Tesch/ier 

Bryan Thomas 



280 • Seniors 



Crxsfal Thomas 

Elizaheih Thomas 


Patricia Thomas 

Spanish / French 

Jessica Thompson 


Michele Tilley 

Health ^ Exercise Science 

Nathan Tihnan 

Health Si Exercise Science 

Alexandra Timmerman 


Tomas Tolvaisas 


Erin Jordan Toolex 


Jennifer Trafton 


Virginia Trice 

English / Sociology 

Classes • 281 

Kevin Troup 

Theodore Tsein; 


Mark Tinker 


Kiinherlx Turner 

' K^ull^h 

Tre\ Turner 

■ FiiKiiiL-e 

Lindsey Ueberroth 


Jeffrey Vandersliee 


Matthew Wakefield 


Cherxl Walker 

■ Sp.m.vl, 

Lori Walker 


Claiidetta Wall 

Brian Ward 

Health A: Exercise Science 

Chad Ward 


Laura Wcwd 

Vietoria Wearer 


Suzanne Wehh 

Tammx Wells 

English / Sfudio Art 

Kimberlx Whatley 

Thcilcr " 

Eliza he th White 

Vir;^inia White 

Biology /Mmh 


282 • Seniors 


John Whitniirc 


,4/H\' Williams 


Bill Williams 


Mc'^aii Williams 


Brian Wils()n 

Kimheih Wilson 


Erin Will 

Kristin Winkle 


Vann WinsUnv 


Corinnc Woodcock 

All HiMorv 

Ben Worlex 

Psycholugv ■ 

Gen Yasaki 


Murphy Yates 


Pete Zamhito 

Liza Maria Zavaleta 


Karen Zcnvoxskv 


Katherine Zelaski 


Marian Zetick 





Class of 


With aire academic year left before their 
graduation from Wake Forest, the litii- 
ior chiss immersed itself in preparation 
for the future. Having declared tlieir majors, most 
juniors spent the year working to fulfill the require- 
ments for their major or finish up their last feu' divi- 
sional courses. Some chose to spend a semester study- 
ing abroad, while others planned research to be car- 
ried out during their remaining time at Wake Forest. 
For many juniors, the year was a time to put serious 
thought into post-graduation plans. Many kneio tliat 
they would continue on to graduate school after their 
undergraduate career, while others loere busy uvrk- 
ing on polishing resumes and securing internships in 
preparation for future careers. Regardless of the plan, 
each ju)iior faced the realization that the time loas 
quickly approaching when they would be seniors and 
soon thereafter, Wakealunnii. With this in mind, the 
juniors drove ahead through the 1996-97 academic 
year, anxiously aumiting the coming year ami the ex- 
citement that it would bring. 




Laura Acton 
Ben Alexander 
Beth Amos 
Clara Andrews 
Lisa Andries 
Anamaria Arcinieuas 

Scott Askew 
Christy Aubum 
Jeffrey Bankowitz 
Patricia Barattini 
Amanda Barger 
Jessica Barker 

Caroline Barritt 
Amy Bassett 
Karen Bauer 
Jennifer Bell 
Carrie Benefield 
Kyle Bergquist 

Rosetta Bernasko 
Alison Bilheinier 
Sherri Black 
Anne Blakeney 
Brian Bohannon 
Maila Bost 

Shannon Bothwell 
Jill Boyd 
Emily Brewer 
Richard Buff 
Davis Byerly 
Casey Campbell 

Darrell Carter 
Lori Carter 
Stephen Carter 
Louise Cherry 
Thurman Chestnutt 
Rachel Childs 

Scott Cislo 
Daniel Clanci. Ill 
Laura Clark 
Robert Clewis 
Amy Cloud 
Allison Cole 

Classes • 285 

Charles Cole 

Jeny Colley 

David Collier 

Mohammed Coocadia 

Robin Cook 

Stephen Cook 
Laura Cooley 

Rebecca Cowan 
Ginny Cox 

Tracey Cranston 

Caitlin Curtin 

Alexander Curtis 

Andrew Darby 

David Davis 

Anne-Thurston Debnam 

Jessica Dhuyvetter 

Jason Diaz 

Alan Dickinson 

Chantal Dilzer 

Andrew Dockham 

Amy Dotson 

Laurie DriscoU 

Heather Dukes 

Elizabeth Duncan 

Laura Edwards 

Karen Ellis 

Ashley Estwanik 

Kelly Evans 

Colleen Fahey 

Beth Fain 

Courtney Farley 

Skippy A. Ferguson 

Jason Fiftal 

Amie Fonville 

John Fouser 

286 • Juniors 





Michelle Fiance 
Amanda Freeman 
Kristin Fretz 
John Gallimoie 

Judd Garbarino 
Stefan Gassner 
Andrew Cook Gately 
Keith Gindoff 
Kristine Goldhawk 

Shelly Gonzenbach 
Erin Graves 
Elizabeth Gray 
Scott Gray 
Jennifer Greer 

Chris Grezlak 
Jaime Guidry 
Brian Hall 
Clay Hall 
Courtenay E. Hallman 

Robert Hamilton 
Tripp Hanington 
Heather Hanis 
Slade Harvin 
Leish Hatchett 

Jason Hayes 
Susan Hayes 
Jayme Head 
Brent Hickman 
LeeAnn Hodees 

Ann Horsley 
Emily Hudspeth 
Holly Jarrell 
Jennifer Jarrett 
Randy Jenkins 

Classes • 287 

Stacie Johns 

Amy Johnson 

David Johnson 

Robert Johnson 

Bryan Karr 

Jennifer Kay 

Catherine Kendrick 

Amanda Kennedy 

Jose Kennedy 

Jessica Kent 

Emily Kilbuni 

Charlie King 

David Kralovich 

Wendel Kralovich 

Amanda Latham 

Susan Lee 

Elizabeth Lenox 

Amanda Lewis 

Jennifer Lewis 

Samantha Ligon 

Tekisha Lindler 

Holly Litle 

Mark Little 

Katie Machi 

Heather Mackay 

Heather Mahoney 

Michael Mariani 

Brent Martin 

Jane Martin 

Lisha Maxwell 

Scott Mayne 

Catherine McCandless 

Erin McFarland 

Brian McKim 

Laird McMullen 

288 • Juniors 

Catherine Merrill 
Leich Mildren 

Richard Minnich 
Jay Moody 

FaiTah Moore 
Kelh MoiTison 

Leslie Mountcastle 
Jeffrey Muyres 

Jennifer Neeb 
Stephen Neff 
Jessica Nelson 
KellyAnn Newell 
David Nichols 

Patrick Noble 
George Norris 
Michael O'Keefe 
Carolyn Odom 
Hannah Oettinaer 

Karin Osbum 
Theresa Oubre 
Elizabeth Parker 
Katherine Parker 
Emilv Parrish 

Moneil Patel 
Diana Peacock 

Kira Pittman 
Michelle Pope 
Morgan Poteat 

Canena Prevette 

Joe Purcell 

Amy Pyles 

Cherie Quesenbeny 

Kimberlv Rado 

Ashley Randolph 

Sam Ranjitkai" 

John Regan 

Lauren Richardson 

Sheri Rights 

Rebecca Robbins 

Amy Roebuck 

Michelle Rose 

Don Roveto 

Karen Rzonsa 










Jennifer Salyer 
John Schneider 
Thomas Schultheiss 
Beth Schwartz 
Staci Schwartz 

JuHa Settle 
Marin Shaughnessy 
Jennifer Sinclair 
Marc Sirotkin 
Elizabeih Skladany 

David Slade 
Allison Smith 
Janelle Stem 
Jennifer Stewart 
Mark Stopa 

Classes • 291 

Jonathan Strickland 

Timothy Stute 

Paul Svvenson 

Craig A. Taylor 

Keith Thompson 

Kenneth Thompson 

Kathryn Tompkins 

Meredith Townsend 

Matthew Trenchard 


Marty Trumbore 

Laura Tucker 

Timothy Tweten 

Deborah Tyson 

William Tyson, Jr. 






Ronald Vance 
Carmen Vaughn 
Joy Vermillion 
Will Voelzke 
Bonnie Warren 

Kristen Warren 
Christy Warrington 
Brian Webb 
Amanda Welhorn 
Dennis Wesney 

Jennifer Whitty 
Amy Wilhelm 
Suzanne Willers 
Jackson Williams 
Jennifer Widener 

Michelle Wood 
Erin Wuller 
Chris YoiTO 
Abbie Young 
Jason Zook 

Classes • 293 



Class of 



Haviii^:; one i/cnr iiinlcr their belt, the Sopho- 
more elass UHilked around the eniiipiis as if 
thcij hnd been here for years. No longer 
irere the\/ faced with the awkwardness of being fresh- 
men, as they faced a year filled ivith neio experiences. 
During the spring each sophomore crossed the major 
hurdle of declaring a major. While some studoits have 
known for years exactly what they wish to major in 
ami wJiat careers they icould like to pursue others are 
just now deciding. Many sophomores also reaped the 
boiefits of the Plan for the Class of 2000. Last year, 
some of the members of the Class of 1999 participated 
in pilot programs in which they purchased an IBM 
Thinkpad computer and some participated in trial ver- 
sions of the First Year Seminars -which this i/ear's 
freshmen were required to attend. The Sophomore 
class also encountered tragedy early during the year 
as classmates Maia Witzl and Julie Hansen were killed 
in an autouwbile accident. Despite a challenging year, 
the sophomores emerged ready to tackle the rest of their 
years at Wake Forest. 










Leigh Ann Ahernethy 
Kimberly Adams 
Pianeetha Akula 
Lauren Ale 
Elizabeth Amnions 
Christopher Anderson 

Courtney Anderson 
Nathan Anderson 
Katherine Arnold 
Julie Ashe 
Colleen Bailey 
Maria Ballas 

Dejon Banks 
Carrie Barbee 
Amanda Bates 
Benjamin Baumann 
Michael Beabout 
Tamara Beavers 

Joseph Belton 
Charles Benson 
Laurie Best 
Jeffrey Beyer 
Meredith Borel 
Katie Bradford 

William Bradford 
Julie Bradley 
Keri Bradley 
Tadelro Brown 
Taylor Brown 
Lauren Brucia 

Scott Bryson 
Jennifer Bumgamer 
Meredith Burleson 
William Burns 
Jerome Butler 
Jones Byrd 

Amy Cahoon 
Dawn Calhoun 
Geoffrey Caligan 
Matt Cantando 
Cristina Carlucci 
Bendeara Caroll 

Classes • 295 


Kevin Carter 

Tiina Casburn 

Timothy CashdoUar 

Ronald Castle 

Alecia Chandler 

Daniel Childs 

Keeley Chorn 

Chris Chotard 

Katharine Church 

Karon Click 

Luke Cline 

Kimberly Clower 

Karen Coachman 

Courtney Coates 

Mimi Coker 

Lindsay Coleman 

Summer Colucci 

Elizabeth Cook 

Derek Costin 

Andrew Crawford 

Josh Creason 

Elizabeth Crumley 

Devan Culbreth 

Bret Cunningham 

Cameron Curre\ 

Namita David 

Todd De Jong 

Jonathan Derby 

Ginger Desprez 

Farrah Dinkins 

Amy Dixon 

Elizabeth Dodson 

Mark Domby 

Francesca Donlan 

Erin Dowdy 

296 • Sophomores 


o kl 


% y Sm 

Andrew Droege 
Catherine Dyksterhouse 
Michele Edwards 
Anne Egleston 
Carol Lynn Elks 

Michelle Ellwood 
Allison Evans 
Stephanie Falk 
Allyson Fayard 
Adam Ferranti 

Timothy Finnegan 
Janet First 
Jermaine Foots 
Stephanie Fox 
Marissa Garramone 

Kenneth Gasaway 
Teiri Gillispie 
Scott Gindoff 
Jonathan Giokas 
Tanya Glosson 

Erin K. Grail 
Cameron Gram 
Ryan Gritfin 
Richard Grogan 
Kerry Grow 

Richard Haigler 
Melody Hairston 
Radford Hallman 
Colleen Hamilton 
K. Leigh Hamm 

Raleigh Harrell 
Jim Harris 
Kristy Harris 
Jonathan Hartsell 
Glenn Marvin 

Classes • 297 

Daniel Hayford 
Rebekah Heim 

Megan Hekman 
Michael Held 
Laura Hensley 

Bryan Hening 
Eric Hewitt 

Heather Higgins 
Kristin Hill 

Emily Hoagland 

Heath Holcomb 

Angel Honeycutt 

Lee Honeycutt 

Sarah Houghtlin 

Stephanie Howard 

Jay Hunston 

Adrienne Hunt 

Nicole lacovone 

Lee Inman 

Mark Jackson 

Amanda Janney 

Tracy Janell 

Julie Jenkin 

Jaime Jenkins 

Thomas Jenkins 

Andrea Jennings 

Nicholas John 

Heather Johnson 

Jacquetta Johnson 

Tim Johnson 

Tabitha Jones 

Jason Kaplan 

Monica Kay 

Eden Kellett 

Christy Kelley 

298 • Sophomores 

■ ■[■J l 

Brooke Kennedy 
Kara Kennedy 

Will Kennedy 
Jennifer Kimbrell 

Carey King 
Jean King 

Stacy Kline 
Jane Knox 

Erin Korey 
Junioke Ladapo 
William J. Lagos, Jr. 
John Lanuti 
Christine Lapoite 

Rebecca Lee 
Weston Lewis 
Ashley Linder 
Andrea Lindsay 
Kimberlv Lo 

Jessica Lukas 
Shea Lyles 
Matthew Magee 
Andrea Malik 
Tracy Manuck 

Classes * '>^^ 




Jennifer Martin 

Ty Maitinelli 

Barbara Matiies 

Derrill McAteer 

Davis McEiwain 

Lindsay McGlamery 
David McGlinchey 

Wesley G. McKellar 

Katie McKenna 

Chris McLauszhlin 

Evan McNary 

William Merritt. Ill 

Allen Michael 

Melissa Michel 

Emily Miles 

Elizabeth Miller 

Holly Miller 

Zach Miller 

Aaron Mills 

Laura Montgomery 

John Moore 

Chuck Murphy 

Mary Lynn Nesbitt 

Susan Nettelbeck 

Lisa Newth 

Matthew Nimchek 

Jeremy Noel 

300 • Sophomores 









l7 - 





\ 1^ 



If -^; 

Blake Nolan 
Sean Nowak 
Priscilla Nutt 
Michele O'Connor 
Ryan Opel 

Kirk Owens 
Lee Pangle 
Joshua Parks 
Daisy Parsons 
Laura Parsons 

Tamara Pay den-Tra vers 
Scott Payne 
Michael Pearson 
Jillian Peat 
Enii Penaflel 

Renee Pennell 
Jay Penry 
Ken Perkins 
Jonathan Pen'y 
Todd Pierce 

Brian Pieslak 
Benjamin Pinner 
Jonathan Planer 
Vidya Prakasam 
Pase Pratt 

Brad Preslar 
Cecilia Pressley 
Chris PuUiam 
Michelle Puskar 
Christopher Putnam 

Mark Rabuano 
Brooks Rainey 
Shani Ramseur 
Juddson Reed 
Brian Reif 

Classes • 301 


Natasha Reinken 

Courtney Relyea 

Kevin Richardson 

Eve Richtei" 

Dana Rimel 

Tiffany Rinne 

Christy Roberson 

Matthew Roberson 

Christopher Robinson 

Ehzabeth Rogers 

Kathryn Rogers 

Katherine Roscoe 

Adam Rothschild 

Marissa Ruke 

Caithn Ruthven 

Emily Sanders 

Laura Sasser 

Amanda Saylor 

Nathan Schultheiss 

Jennifer Schwegel 

Maggie Shaffer 

Dawn Shoultz 

Kelly Shovelin 

302 • Sophomores 

^- M ^m -- 


Bryan Shrader 
Michael Simons 
Lia Simpson 
Sara Simpson 
Lee Ellen Skelton 

Leah Small 

Stuart Smartt 

Kerri Smetzer 

Jeff Smith 

Matthew Smith-Kennedy 

Chrissy Snapp 
Michael Soffer 
Emily Sparkman 
Anna Spaugh 
Sarah Speeg 

Rashard Spiller 
Patricia Steffen 
Roger Steur 
Amy Stewart 
Benjamin Strickland 


Matthew Strong 

Matthew Stroot 

Ryan Stubits 

Erin Sutika 

Heather Sword 

Erin Taylor 
Jessica Temple 

Stacey Tharp 
Crystal Thomas 

John Timmer 

Karen Trammel! 

Shannon Trant 

Gregory Trimble 

Kristine Van Doran 

Bren Varner 

Laura Viety 

Joseph Volpe 

Michael WaiTen 

Gin Watson 

Lee Wedekind 
Mary Brooke White 
Sam White 
Timothy White. Jr. 
Clinton Wilbum 

David B. Williams 
Alex Wilson 
Alisa Wilson 
Ben Wilson 
Michael Wilson 

Jordan Wong 
Susannah Wood 
Shelly Woodson 
Anitra Worthy 
Jason Yanni 

Carrie York 
Julie Young 
Robert Yurkutat 
Fizzah Zahir 
Annen Zohrabian 

Classes • 305 

.<: mi^iM -..««i>sib««tNKr:^ jugS 


Class of 


T//C' Class of 2U00 came in with a plan. In 
addition to tlic students ' own plans for ma- 
jors, classes, and future ambitions, tlie Uni- 
versity devised its own Plan for the Class of 2000, in 
hopes of placing fi-eshinen at the forefront of technol- 
ogy and enhancing their Wake Forest education. Not 
onhf did each freshman receive an IBM Thinkpad com- 
puter, but they zoere also required to participate in a 
First-Year Seminar First-Year seminars loere small 
classes, many ofiohich loere held in students ' dormi- 
tories and covered topics on everything from "Mak- 
ing Light of the Dark Ages" to "The Roots & Fruits 
of Biology. " In addition to all these clianges, the en- 
tering class was faced with the normal milestones of 
transition to college life — meeting their new room- 
mate, learning their way around, deciding which pro- 
fessors to take, registering for classes for the first time, 
and choosing wliether to pledge a fraternity or soror- 
ity. Faced with an entirely new world, the freshmen 
soon became immersed in college life as had the gen- 
erations of Deacons before them. 




^iinv 4HH 

•v*3ir"-'f'^^.">' '-m 

■ ''I 

»k;-> 'r.._*^*^': 

1* ^^H^^^m^^HUtHV^Ri 

n , '' ' ■^■f. r'^Brlfi^fU^ 



i ^ MSSKH^^B^&KSi 

H^r 1 ..9 


^ilBBt iiiiv 


01 1 WSi^UH^HUHiUHii^ ' " ' ^" 


i^# ^ vii^i^ 

ksRM. ^Jk'^^^SKk 

w^m- •:^' 

^5>«^'"ti3fi^.^ .:i:S3l:_ 4MH 


- V>:-''-i-<{, 

^^^^:- .. 

• .. ■ ,- 

.■,A, '.''"■; -■ •,>,- 


- _^.. V .^^,^ti^ 


I CI- Aim II.kIl' 

Noelle Achille 
Yemi Adegbonmiie 
John Ainswoith 
Kimberly Alexander 
Brooke Anthony 
Emily Appelbaum 

John April! 
Sarah Austrin-Willis 
Leda Baker 
Meghna Baliga 
Dede Banks 
Keira Bard 

Meta Barham 
Joseph Barker 
Allison Bates 
Monica Bates 
Virginia Batta 
Beth Beagles 

Thomas Bedington 
Heather Bedle 
Amy Beisswanger 
Brock Benson 
Michael Berger 
Allison Berrier 

Jennifer Blevins 
Rebecca Bock 
Christine Borowski 
Laura Bowen 
Michael Bowen 
Aaron Bowman 

Christy Brendle 
Ben Briggs 
Harry Brookby 
Courtney Brooks 
Christina Brown 
Bryon Brown, IV 

Emily Bryan 
Josh Buffolino 
Joe Bumey 
April L. Buscher 
Julia Byrd 
Britt Cagle 

Classes • 307 


Butler Caldwell 

Brent Cann 

Matt Carletti 

Bari CaiToll 

Shannon Canoll 

Ashiya Carter 

Adrienne Cashion 

Randal Chou 

Emma Claggett 

Katherine Clark 

John Clevinger 
Beth Cockman 
Kristine Coffey 
Karen Corvino 
Mark Crum 

Katherine Cunningham 

Leon Cunningham 

Kelly Dalgleish 

Megan Daly 

Lora Davenport 

Pamela Dawkins 
Tamika Devlin 
Donna Dobbins 

Courtney Docter 
Brian Dodwell 

James P. Domenick 

MaryEUen Dougherty 

Clare Douglass 

Allison Doyle 

Hayden Drass 

Megan Eaton 

Kelly Eckhardt 

Angela Edwards 

Susan Eggers 

Julie Eling 

308 • Freshmen 

Duane Ellington 
Zach Ellis 
Alys Embry 
Amanda Epstein 
Laura Everhail 

Cameron Farmer 
Alicia Fennel 
Eve FeiTuggiaro 
Tafana Flore 
Erin Foley 

Teresa Foster 
Matthew Francis 
Kristen Franke 
Greg Frey 
Amelia Fulbrisht 

Stephanie Fulton 
Jatin Gaba 
James Gamer 
Suzanne Garro 
Julie Gibbons 

Carrie Gilchrist 
Heather Gilreath 
Paul Ginder 
Sam Glasnapp 
Jason Goins 

Mark Goldberg 
Leigh Golden 
Brian Gomez 
Jemi Goulian 
Sarah Graham 

Richard Graves 
Matt Gredvig 
Catherine Green 
Julie Greer 
Edward Griggs 

Classes • 309 


Matthew Gudenius 

Vincent Guido 

Sarah Gulley 

Margit Haalebos 

Kay la Hall 

Kristen Hancock 

Mora Hanlon 

Heather Harper 

Mary Margaret Hairis 

Megan Hauser 

Tara Hawks 

Justin Hayes 

Candrice Heath 

Kristin Hemric 

Nancy Henning 

Julie Hiester 

Laura Higgason 

Jeremy Hill 

Canie Hixon 
Joshua Hoffman 

Heather Holley 

Kimberly Horton 

Michael Hostinsky 

Emily Hudson 

Brian Hughes 

Leigh Hughes 

Charlotte Imbler 

Emily Jacobs 

Emily Jameson 

Niel Jenkins 

Christopher Jewell 

Frank Johnson 

William Johnson 

Alex Jonas 

Jennifer Jones 

310 # Freshmen 

Lf 'M H 


Jill Jones 
Tiffany Kassab 

Sophia Kazakos 
Sarah Kerr 

Rebecca Keyser 
Kelly Kilgore 

Kevin Kim 
Ronda King 

Whitney Kinlaw 
Kris ten Kinsey 
Lynette A. Kirk 
Nathan Kirkpatrick 
Christopher Kocher 

Elizabeth Lafuze 
Shannon Lally 
Brockenbrough Lamb 
Amanda Landon 
Annie Lanier 

Jake Larkins 
Kara Lassen 
Christian Laugen 
Jennifer Lavender 
Carolyn Lay 

Classes • 31 1 

Jennifer Leibert 
Barry Lewis 
Amy Ligler 

Margaret Linton 
Mandi Little 

Jason Lockspeiser 

Kelly Loudenslager 

Erin Lutz 

Martha Lynch 

Regan Mackay 

Tate Maddox 

Whitley Maner 

Allison Marsh 

Alexander Martin 

Meredith Martin 

Joseph Mathis 

Warner D. May 

Ann McAdams 

Jennifer McCarthy 

Richard McCluney 

Richard McDonald 

Daniel McNair 

Kelly Meachum 

Elizabeth S. Metz 

Ryan Michaelski 

Sarah Milam 

Aimee Miller 


El '' 

>»■, --^Mu-- 





^^^.^^jrilfi^^^lBk^^ -4 

Christopher Mills 
Ryan Mills 
Christopher Mixter 
Yvonne G. Moelk 
Michelle Monroe 

Joseph Moore 
Katherine Moran 
Angela Moratti 
Anne Moser 
Matthew Mundy 

Molly Murphy 
Ganett Nabocs 
Betsy Neal 
Sam Newlands 
Amy Ng 

Susan Nitfenegger 
Meaghan Nitka 
Timothy O'Brien 
Kerry O'Hagan 
Christopher Ober 

Nicole Paniccia 
Adrienne Park 
Laurie Parker 
Valerie Parker 
Emily Parks 

Solomon Peace 
Will Pearce 
India PeiTy 
Kara Petracek 
Karen Phillips 

Megan Phillips 
Robert Phillips 
Will Pittman 
Jennifer Pollock 
Claire Porio 

Classes •SIS 

Lebbonee Price 

Stephan Pro 

Kathryn Quiley 

Maryam Rahman-Esene 

Jennifer Rapp 

David Raynor 

Stephanie Redely 

Ashley Reed 

Lauren Reeder 

Jessica Reigle 

Meredith Reinecke 

Stefanie Reynolds 

Carrie Richardson 

Katie Rief 

Krista Rosers 

Lauren Ross 

Caroline Rowel 1 

Lauren Rule 

Beth Rymeski 

314 • Freshmen 

• ■■ # •^ •, -«■ •» -» 

Kevin Samuels 
Cary Savage 
Ellen Scarlf 
Damien Schmitz 
Elizabeth Scott 

Matthew Shearin 
Cynthia Sheek 
Kathryn Shelton 
Tamlyn Shields 
Anne Shillingsburg 

Jeni Sigmon 
Emilee Simmons 
David Smith 
Duval Smith 
Laura Smith 

Classes •SIS 


Marc Snyder 

Joe Soave 

David Sonntag 

Jordana Soyke 

Amanda Spain 

Jill Spillane 

Drew Sprague 

Amanda Spring 

Jennifer Springs 

Kevin Sprouse 

Stefanie Spurlin 

Couilney Stahl 

Karen Stephan 

Bradley Stephenson 

Brad Stewart 


4 4^ 


Emily Stoots 
Claire Strang 
Christie Straube 
Karen Stroiney 
April Stuart 

Jason Stubbs 
Rebecca Suits 
Andrea Sutton 
Tyson Swanson 
Anne Taylor 

Kymberly Teniyer 
Katherine Thalhimer 
Amine Tharrington 
Bradley W. Thomas 

Susan Van Sciver 
Chris Vaughan 
Erika Viltz 
Chris Vrabel 
Karen Vucic 

Classes • 317 

Emily Wade 
Trey Walters 

Adam Ward 
Andrea Ward 
Julia Warein2 

Geoffrey Warren 

Brad Washburn 

Nicole Washienko 

Shannon Watkins 

Katrina Watson 

Scott Watson 

Jill Webster 

Courtney Wedl 

Ann Wells 

Meredith Wells 

Stacy Wentworth 

Adam Whalen 

Brian White 

David White 

Danielle Whren 

318 • Freshmen 




> ' 



ll3|iJ4i,i_LL. a 


1 f fBRARV 

r,„i„H,w.,„i 1 


Amy Williams 
Selena Williams 
Gregory L. Williamson 
Leah Williamson 
Cameron Wilson 

Matt Wilson 
Wendy Winalski 
Elizabeth Wingfield 
Betsy Woodruff 
Kevin Woods 

Natalie Worley 
Sydney Wright 
Matthew Wrynn 
Pamela Yeager 
Audrey Youna 

Craig Zakrzewski 

Classes • 319 



322 • Gallery 

t •^«'■•lr -» •• -* 

Gallery • 3:'-^ 

^^I^^^^^Hh^^i flHI^H 

m^K^^ '{ .:^ 


qW / 


lL£ ^^ 

dr^^^ ^ 

324 • Gallery 


Gallery • 325 





C.iri Well Stud., 

Carl WollSludK 

Gallery • 327 

328 • Gallery 

ill ■ 111 ■ II PM 

Gallery • 329 

330 • Gallery 

* - , mA •. •* -, 


I cc Ann^< 

Gallery • 331 

Car] Wolt Studlt 

Kristin Thompson 

Gallery • 333 

('.Ill Willi Siiiii 

•^4 • Gallery 

HUiil. Hcrnni] 

Gallery • 335 

336 • Gallery 

"■> «•* •• •♦ •» -« — , --. 

Gallery • 337 












1511 South Stratford Rd. 


#4 Funtime Blvd. 


4459 Indiana Ave, 
at North Point 


Village Shopping Center 
Clemmons, NC 


3480 Vest Mill Rd. 


3600 Yadkinville Rd. 
Old Town 


304 N. Mam St. 
Kernersville, NC 



'par /4a 'Tiotm 'JR.e«a<sil 'TUetU 





/V Weyerhaeuser 

/ Eastern Oriented Strand Board Business. Winston-Salem, N.C- 

Monday thru Friday 

8:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. 

2:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m. 

Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 


1449 Trademart Blvd. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27127 

Office: 785-9228 

Office: 785-9397 

David D. Harris, D.V.M. 

Charles J. Bocholis, D.V.M. 

JoelL. Fox, D.V.M. 


Summit Credit Union 

serving our members 

in a progressive and 
professional manner 

since 1935. 

2283 Cloverdale Avenue 

Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

(910) 722-3065 

Serving employees and their families of: 
Wake Forest University, Bowman Gray 
School of Medicine, North Carolina Baptist 
Hospital, Telephone Employees and other 
Select Employee Groups in North Carolina. 

Ads • 339 

p. 0. BOX 5496 





P^O. Box 5098 
T221 National Dr. • Winston-Salem. NC 27113-5098 

Congratulations Graduates 

(910) 7:3-9656 

NC (800) 223-9656 
FAX (910) 777-0588 


Steaks 'Chops -Seafood 

719 Coliseum Drive, Winston-Salem, N.C. 



Authorized Dealer For: 

CASE, Sky Trak, JLG, P&H, 

Simon Aerials, Vibromax 2000, 

Peltibone, Laser Alignment 



Res: (910) 584-8717 
Fax: (910) 697-9212 

3133-A Cedar Park Rd 

Greensboro, NC 27405 

Phone (910) 697-9200 

Toll Free: 1-80O-473-262S 

Winsion-Saiem, NC 27105 

Phone: (910) 744-7930 

Toll Free: 1-800-659-2625 

MAICHmFIEB PPG Certified Collision Repair Center 


WINSTON-SALEM,N.c! 91D''#00''61#4 



Dependable Building Materials 


Apartment Rentals 

Residential & Commercial 
Sales and Management 

3775-A Vest Road • Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Phone: (910) 765-6698 

Fax: (910) 760-4940 



(910) 784-7930 


Pharmacy Division 

2551 Landmark Drive 

Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

(910) 760-3446 

' Service 
'S Since 1951 



& Interiors, Inc. 

141 North Green Street 
UVinston-Salem. NC 27101 

The Design Professionals Offering: 

• space Planning • Wall Coverings 

• Quality Office 'Accessories 
Furnishings for . Draperies & 
Every Budget Mim-blinds 

• Carpeting Steelcase stow & Davis 

For more in/brrnarion abouf the services we offer, 
please call 724.5272. 




Executive Offices: 

1373 Westgate Center Drive 

Post Office Box 241 89 

Wlnston-Salem, NC 271 14-4189 




Lloyd G. Walfer, Jr., FAIA 

President/Senior Principal 

P BOX 110 
W 1 N S I N . 5 4 I 
2 7 11 

T E I 9 19/725-1 
Fax 919/72i-l 

Moving? Expanding? 
Need Office Furniture? 
Five Great Reasons to - 
Call Us Now. 

I wide selection of quality brand name office furniture 

any position in the woriiplace 
i Open office panel systems »ith versatile designs, feamres v^ 

and pnce points-from planning ihrrtjgh tnstaJlalion y^^ („„. „^,p la-Z-Boy Business 
1 Professional design service Furniture CaUery/or the latest 

■ Multi million dollar inventory slylesand largest selection ofjint 

I State-wide delivery ik Instajlatton 

laZ Boy products., .for the ojpcel 




1100 S. Stratford Blvd. 


Office Furniture 1-800-955-0582 

The Daniel Professional Group, Inc. 

Certified Public Accountants 

4400 SUas Creek Pkwy., Suite 200 

Winston-Salem, NC 27104 


Fax 910-768-7666 


Wake Forest 


Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC 

is proud to support the 

educational community of 

Wake Forest University. 

Womble pr 
Carlyle r 



1056 Burke Street 
Winston-Salem, NC 


1-800-742-8088 PIN 4604 

Fax: 723-2071 

Modem: 722-4259 

serving the Triad 
for over 20 years 

Computer Output Bureau 

• Wide Film Output -29"x 44" 

• 50" Wide Color Output 

• Drum Scanning 

• 4-Color Separations 

• Color Copies 
Camera Department 

• MatroColor Transfers 

• 4-Color Process Proofs 
T-ShIrt Design 
Web Page Design 


SINCE 1942 


Ads • 341 

Iik.1 ^ E ^^ 

Anamana ArcimeBas 285 

Amanda Janice Bates 108 

Anne Blakeney 204. 285 

Katherine Broadway 261 


April Arden 111) 

Mekeshia Bates 198 

Chris Blank 124 

Jennifer Brock 261 

1997 Howler 

ludy Anganello 199 

Monica Bates 307 

Sandra Blankenship 9y 

Knstine Broglio 242 

Alexandra Armas 175 

Virginia Batta 307 

KateBlatt 144 

Matt Borgman 192 


chuck Armstrixng 186 

Phillip G. Batten 105 

Arwen Blayney 112, 127. 260 

Matthew Brogman 261 


Heyxvard D Aniistronj; 108 

Karen Bauer 206, 233, 285 

Arwen DeUine Blayney 108 

Andy Bronneck 192 

Amy Arnold 95 

Siinia Bauer 175 

Jennifer Blevins 203. 307 

Harry Brookby 307 

Uuren Abbale 52, 58. 203 

Josh Arnold 185 

Benjamin Baumann 295 

Rebecca Ble\ins 203. 260 

Courtney Brooks 202, 307 

Thei> Abbott I'll 

Katherlne Arnold 295 

lohnV Baviey 102 

Neil Bloomfield 192 

HoUy Brooks 202 

Tr .icy Abbott 204 

Stephanie Arnold 218 

Amanda Baxter 260 

Jason Blount 53 

Margaret Brooks 202 

Mtirwan Abedin 230 

Keisha Arrouood 112 

Laura Bavter 205 

Tim Blue 190 

Meredith Brwks 202 

Chnstian J Abell 103 

Keisha Nichole Arroivood 108 

Noel Bayard 204. 2h0 

Timothy Blue 58 

Parker Brooks 261 

BobAbemathy 186 

Jason Asbell 190 

Buck Bayhft 9] 

Terry D Btumenthal 105 

Ales Brown 181 

Firtil) Abfmathy 206 

Julie Ashe 218. 295 

Michael Beaboul 295 

Cara Bobbitt {^•^,2U) 

Andrew Brown 261 

lasan Abumelhy 175 

William Ashworth 1.89 

MikeBeaboul 234 

Kelly Bobletl 260 

Bamsley Brown 99 

Lflgh Anji Abemethy 206, 2^)5 

Scott Askew 285 

Beth Beagles 77. 307 

Michael Boihicchio 245 

Byron Brown 189, 307 

AdriaAbrams 58 

Andrea M Alkin 99 

Alison Bean 205 

Rebecca Bock 203, 307 

Chrishna Brown 199, 307 

NwlleAchille 241, 307 

Nate Atkinson 185 

David Beardsetl 189 

Keith Bodie 261 

David G. Brown 88 

Gk-nn Acr«' 102 

Anil Kumar Atluri 108 

David Scott Beardsell 108 

Becky Bogle 58, 202 

Katherine Brown 261 

Laura Actati 202, 285 

MatlAubin 131 

Tamara Beavers 48. 150. 295 

Brian Bohannon 285 

Katie Brown 203 

Elisf Adams 204 

Christ\ Auburn 203. 285 

H Kenneth Bechtel 107 

Seth Boharl 186 

Scott Brown 261 

rhwUcy Adams 108 

Jennifer Auerbach :05 

Carl Beck 261) 

KnstiBolick 199 

Tadelro BrouTi 295 

l.icqueline Adams 108 

RegRieAiislin 124 

L.irl h Beck. Ill 111 

Justin Boiler 192 

Taylor Brown 295 

[.Kqueline Rae Adams 111 

Sarah Austrin-Willis 307 

Chnsia Beck 102 

Ashley BonduranI 54 

Carole L. Browne 95 

lody Adams 154 

Sarah Elizabeth Austrin-Willis 108 

lenniterBeuk 260 

Chalhce Bonifant 30, 204 

Jennifer Browne 161 

kim Adams 203 

Jenniter Aeerill 138 

Kristin Beck 202 

lonathan Bonifay It4 

Robert A. Browne 95 

KimbtTlv Adams 2'15 

Rachel Aeon 234 

Robert C Beck 105 

Keith D Bonin 104 

Shaggy Brou-ne 181 

Susanna Adams 204 

LuleAydm 108. ln« 

Bi'ckie Heini 204 

lohn Bonney 185 

David B Broyles 105 

Andy Adamsbaum 188 


r.uil Buckner 2fiO 

Jennifer Boone 261 

Peter H, Brubaker 100 

Spfnccr Adamson IQl 


rhumasBfdington 226, 307 

Jennifer Lynn B<«>ne 108 

Lauren Brucia 57, 295 

li-m.Adegbonmire .307 


Heather Bedte 307 

Frederick Bwth 191 

Emily Bryan 206. 307 

)on.-\dmo!h 140 

Dan Bee 182 

Frederick Booth, III 261 

Adram Bryant 244 

lonalhan Admolh 108 

Mjirly^e Bach lOh 
Kyle BachmeKT 131. 132 
Kemberly Jill Bacon 111 
Jan Badgett 203 

Brooke Beebe 205 

Kara Borden 202 

Joshua Dale Bryant 108, 111 

lara-l Ahn 101 
lohn Amsworth 307 
luli.'Aitcheson 26, 27 

S Douglas Beets % 

Amy Beisswanger 241, 307 

Lilly Bekele 198, 222, 2W. 243 

Meredith Borel 295 
Meredith Julie Borel 108 
Chnshne Borowski 307 

Vicki Bryant 55 
Scott Bryson 295 
Christy M Buchanan 105 

Dem; Akmc 58. 205 

MatI Beldner 181 

Susan H Borvvick 103 

Chris Buck 186 

Hek-n % 

Leslie Bae 203 
Marif R. Bagby 107 
Colleen Baik-y 204, 295 
Shannon Bailey 202 
Heather Baihfl I'i'J 

Matthew Beldner 234. 260 

Maria Launce Bost 108 

William Chnstopher Buck 111 

Umil Akmc * 

Elizabeth Bell 202 

Maria BosI 206. 233. 285 

James Buescher 217 

Pranet'tha Akula 217. 222. 2^5 

Gnffin Bell 185 

Shannon Bothwell 56, 234, 241, 285 

Richard Buff 285 

Carol Albert 1^9 

lenniferBell 111. 285 

Shannon Lee Bothwell 108. Ill 

JoshBuffalino 142 

lancW Albrechl 106 

Jennifer Elaine Bell 108 

Michael Randall Bourke 108, 111 

AnneBuffardi 112, 261 

lennifer Alexandra Alcorta 108 

Brian! B.iker 111 

JoeBelton l64 

Randy Bourke 51 

Anne Louise Buffardi 109, 111 

Lauren Ale 204. 295 

Joseph Belti^n 295 

OwenBouton 185 

Chris Bultimer 191 

Lauren Bennett Ale 108 

Dcin Baker I'^l 

Nick Bender 124 

Colleen Bove 49 

Amy Bumgardner 205. 261 

Ben Alexander 189. 285 

Daniel W Baker ins 

Came Benefield 206, 226, 285 

Carrie Bowden 203, 222 

Jennifer Bumgamer 295 

kim Alexander 204 

Karen Baker 110 

Mark Bennett 186 

Kevin Bowen 103 

Kelly Bumgamer 261 

Kimberlv Alexander 307 

Leda Baker 307 

Brock Benson 307 

Laura Bowen 307 

Ashley Burmell 206, 262 

Matt Alexander 82. 

Scott Baker ^^9 
Valorie Baker 127 

Charles Benson 295 

Michael Bowen 307 

MattBurdick 124 

Chad Alexander 124 

Kent Benson 54 

Helen M Bowers 96 

Valencia Bitrford 262 

Adam Allen 124 

Nicole Baldwin 51. 203, 217. 222 

Sandra Benson 58, 260 

Rayn Pa tnck Bowles 111 

Jennifer). Burg 102 

Amy Allen 138 

MeRhnaBaliga 226.217,3117 
lackiBall 13? 

Brandon Bentley 111 

Aaron Bowman 307 

Earle Burgess 189, 262 

Audrey Allen 202 

Michael Berger 170, 307 

Bnan Bowman 261 

Nicholas Bunk 58 

Betsy Allen 112, 206. 2.34. 244 

Maria Balla^ 2*^5 
DanBallou 121. 124 
Bretl Balsinger I'I2 

Donald Bergey 100 

Susan Bowman 110, 138, 261 

Suzie Burik 205 

Ldward E Allen 102 

KyleBergquist 285 

Jimmy Box 181 

Elizabeth Burke 204 

lohn Russell Allen 111 

Brian Berklich 192. 260 

Ben Boyd 117. 142 

Sara Elizabeth Burke 108 Allen 146. 150 

Shannon Bangs 205 

Brian C Berklich 108 

DebraS Boyd 106 

Anne Burkett 241, 242 

l.ltAlperl 5n 

Jeffrey Bankowilz 2S5 
Ah Bank^ 205 
DedeBank_s 307 
Dqon Banks 22h, 2^5 

Mary Jane Berman 44 

Emily Boyd 52. 203 

Meredith Burleson 295 

leilrey Blake Alperl 108 

PaulBemados 186 

Jill Boyd 285 

Tiffany Burleson 23, 203, 217 

Nakea Alston luS 

Brian Bernard 164 

Jiil Lynn Boyd 108 

Tiffany Y Burleson 22 

Tomnn Allride lui 

Rosetia Bemasko 245, 285 

KimberlyBoyd 241, 242 

Liz Bumette 135 

VottAKey lul 

Jenny Bant? 204 

Allison Berner 307 

Stephen B Boyd 106 

JoeBumey 307 

Matt Ambrosia 186 

Susan Berris 204. 260 

Sandra Boyette 90 

Steph Bums 205 

1 li^tabelh Ammons 295 

Patricia Barathni 51.206, 2H5 

Ashley Bern- 260 

Anne Boyle 99 

Stephanie Bums 58 

loseph Amonett 146. 150 

Came Barhee 203. 222. 2^5 

Ashley Lauren Berry 108 

Lauren Boyle 58 

Will Bums 189, 262 

Beth Amos 206. 285 

Sarah E Barbour 106 

Michael 1 Berry 100 

Rob Brachowski 187 

William Bums 295 

Lmne Amundson 58 

KeiraBard 307 

Brian Best 182 

Robert Brachowski 26l 

William Reece Bums 108 

L\iyid J Anderson 95 

lames P Bareheld 101 

Deborah L Best 105 

Katie Bradford 295 

Anne Bumsed 205 

Chris Anderson 189 

Amanda Barger 203. 233, 285 

Laurie Best 295 

Will Bradford 190 

Vinton Burton 262 

Christopher Anderson 295 

FmilyBarger 58, 204 

Vera Best 222 

William Bradford 295 

Michael James Burtzlaff 108 

Christy Anderson 204 

Kelly Barham 71, 206 

Ashley Beuttel 260 

Dan Bradley 124 

Mike Burtzlaff 182 

Courtney Anderson 295 

MetaBarham 161, 222, 307 

)eff Bever 24! 

Julie Bradley 226, 295 

Trent Busby 262 

Lnn Anderson 161 

Mike Barham 135 

Jellrev Beyer 295 

Kathenne Bradley 204 

Neal Busch 96 

1 D Anderson 189 

(L'ssica Barker 285. 108, 203 

Ron Bianchi 26 

Ken Bradley 24, 30, 203, 295 

April L Buscher 307 

lami Temple Anderson 108 

Joseph Barker 218, 307 

lourdan Bickham 55, 217 

Ken Ann Bradley 108 

Chris Buslamante 192 

Jenniter Anderson 241 

Marvin Bamer 243 

AliM.nBilheimer 51. 204, 285 

HankBramblet 14], 241 

Caroline Buller 199 

|oe Anderson 190 

Bomadine Barnes '^5 

l.LM Billmever 202 

James C Brand 103 

Jennifer Kaitlin Butler 108 

lohn Anderson 90 

Chris Barnes 192 

Br.indi Bingham 202 

Mall Branda 18<. 

Jerome Butler 244, 295 

Kit Anderson 190 

Heathers Barnes 110 

lose Bird 222, 245 

Darrell Braswell 124 

Davis Byeriy 190. 285 

Nathan Anderson 295 

Stephen Barnes 243 

Stephanie Birkitt 111. 260 

Jerry Bras we 11 146. 14", 15(1, 152, 157 

Jones Byrd 189. 295 

Paul R Anderson 104 

Amy Bamell 203 

Stephanie Anne Birkitt 111 

Tara Brayboy 144 

juha Byrd 202, 307 

Keyin Anderton 54 

Renee Bametl 58. 203 

Bill Bishop 175 

Bill Braxton 181 

Clara Andrews 285 
Sharon Andrews 107 

Jessica Barney 138. 140 
Mack Barr 217, 24 

Jack Bishop 142 

Jennifer Bishop 218 

Robert W Brehme 104 
Chnsty Brendle 307 


lisaAndnes 108. 138. 285 

Andrea Barreto 57. 203 

Jennmgs Bishop 204 
leremy Bishop 218. 222 

Anne Courtney Breuer 108 

lohn L Andrcnica 97 

Caroline Barritl 285 

Emily Breuer 261 

Daniel Caggiano 55 

Beth Andruchow 205 

Mar\' Caroline (Carolyn) Barntl III 

Tvler Bishop 185. 260 

Emily Brewer 234. 285 

BrittCagle 307 

t .eorge Andrus 181 

lohn Bartlelt 192 

Bill Bishops 186 

Kathenne Brewer 24, 110. 26l 

AmyCahoon 295 

LmilyAnsell 199 

lohn MouUon Bartlrll, |r lOH 

|en Black 205 

Chnshne Caiareso 199 Anthony 205. .307 

,\mx BarA-k 2112 

Ralph Black 99 

KaHe Brewer 217 

Christine Diarme Calareso 108 

1 milyAppelbaum 205. 307 

Adrian Bass 244 

Sherri Black 285 

Clayton Bricklemeyer 189 

Butler Caldwell 307 

Hen Appleliaum 192 

Guy Bass 100 

Ian Blackburn 102 

Sheri Bridges 96 
Ben Briggs 307 

Emily Caldwell 50 

Chris April 192 

W Guy Bass 105 

leff Blackburn 186. 260 

Brian Calhoun 244, 262 

lohn Aprill 307 

Amv Basselt 233, 285 

Icffrey Blackburn 189 

Lash Briggs 261 

Cate Calhoun 217 

Jason At^uilino 58 

AmvKalhleenB.iss(..|| 108 

lenny Blackford 222, 234 

Matt Briggs 164 

Dawn Calhoun 206. 295 

'M Anen 191 

Allison Bates 307 

Nicole Blackmer 24, 260 

Sean Britain 186, 261 

Geoffrey Caligan 295 

\nd Ntcher |92 

Amand.i B.itfs 2'''^ 

Lakisha Blackstone 260 

Kate Broadway 204 

Tom Callahan 185 

342 • Index 

••/•*»•» -» •• «. * , 


'nOimpbell ISM 
«, Cimpbell 2»5 
Cmipbell 21S 
-r Cimpbell IS^', 2-1 2114 
R-nn Lanipe 24^ 
remvT.Canipe 111 
irmiiM AnnCanipe lOS 
ri'TUCinn 190, 308 
l,ittC<intando 192, 295 
ri^tm,! Caparis 168 
iKh.iL'lCapone 175 
hnstianOppelluU 108, 111. 262 

uiniuin Carlisle 205 

Bt'ndeara Camli 2'- 
Chnsta G Carollo 


Simont'M Caron 101 
Mepan Carpenter 2h2 
Megan Katie Carpenter 111 
Patrice Carpenter 206, 262 
Wendy Carr 262 
Taylor Carnnpton 185 

Ban Carmll 308 
Ian Carroll 142, 2h2 
Sarah Carmll 206, 2b2 
Shannon Carroll 308 
Ashley Carson 58,262 
Ashley Anne Carson 112 
Connie Cannon 92 
Ashiya Carter 308 
Darrell Carter 190, 285 
John A Carter |r <w 
Kevin Carter 296 
Lon Carter 58, 285 



Stephen Carter 285 
Stewart Carter 103 
Michael Stephen Carlwright 
AllLSonCaruthers 20h, 262 
TrinaCasbum 175, 296 
Anita Case 218, 262 
Carol Cash 202 
Timothy CashdoUar 296 
Adrienne Cashion 308 
Christy Cassell 30, 53 
Christ\- Lynn Cassell 108 
Ronald Castle 296 
lustin J. Catanoso 99 
ChnsCathcart 189 
Mark Caudle 135 



DaveCeletIo 192 
Kristin Celello 53, 203 
Knstin MaryCek'lIo 111 
David Cerchio 124 
RobCemy 182 
Chnstian Champ 146 
Alecia Chandler 204, 296 
Chnsline Chandler 102 
Rhoda Channing 91 
DaveChanon 186 
Brooke Chapman 144 
Chantal Chapman 205 
Chantal Marie Chapman 108 
Nikki Chappell 234, 242 
PaiCharasika 124, 191 
Paul Charlton 262 
Adrian Chastain 206 
Adrian Renee Chaslain 108 
Garden Chavis 121. 124 
KenyonChavis 124, 125. 2(i2 

Dawn Chee 


)ohn Cheek 185 

Nancy Cheek 9t> 

Sireesha Chenomoiu 217 

David Cerchio 189 

Louise Cherry 204. 285 

Marv Leigh Cherry 108. 110, 263 

TC-Chestnutt 222, 64 

Thurman Chestnult 58, 285 

Chi Rho 29, 39 

Cherese Childers 52 

leftChilders 57 

Jcflrey Childers 263 

Jeffrey BrennonChilders 109, 111 

Eddie Childress 26, 217 

Daniel Childs 296 

David Childs 185, 263 
David Dixon Childs lOS 
Rachel Childb, 285 

SunnvChiou In-J, IS'^ 
Br\.>nChitwood 2ti3 

KeeleyChom 205, 241, 296 
Chris Chotard 190, 296 
Jimmy Chou 170 
Randal Chou 22, 23, 217.308 
Hanva E Chnspeels 95 
Christen Peterson 243 
Edgar ^i 
Jonathan H Chnstman 107 
Allison Church 204 
Katharme Church 29h 
Katie Church 205 
AimeeCinicci 203 
Scott Cisio 285 
EmilieClaeys 205 
EmmaClaggett 308 
Daniel Clanci. Ill 285 
Ryan Clancy 190. 245, 263 
Desmond Clark 124 
lulie Clark 20b, 263 
Kalherine Clark 308 
Laura Clark 58, 204. 285 
Pat Clark 186 
Patrick Clark 263 
Tans Clark 124 
William Clark 121, 124 
Elizabeth Clarke 204 
Katie Clarke 144 
Brock Clary 244 
K- Brock Clary 111 
JaneClendenin 103 
John Clevinger 190. 308 
Martin Clewis 263 
Robert Clewis 53, 285 
Robert Raikes Clewis 108 
Karon CUck 296 
Karon Anne Click 24 
LukeCline 185, 296 
Amy Cloud 285 
Kimberly Glower 296 
Karen Coachman 222. 296 
Courtney Coates 205. 296 
BethCockman 308 
AnnCockrell 202 
Kelly Cocoran 57 
Chris Cody 142. 192 
Krishne Coffey 205, 308 
Jason CogdiU 218 
Alex Cogswell 190 
Eboni Shani Cohen 108 
Mimi Coker 296 
AileenColatsky 206 
Allison Cole 204. 285 
Charles Cole 185, 286 
Juhe Cole 92 
Heidi Coleman 154 
Lindsay Coleman 296 
Matthew Coleman 263 
Matthew John Coleman 111 
Jerry Colley 286 
David ColUer 243. 286 
John E. Collins 106 
Knstie Collins 57, 206, 263 
Kristie Jo Collins 111 
MikeColtet 191 
Summer Col ucci 296 
Nancy Comorau 50 
Kelly Complon 203 
Karen Conboy 263 
Concert Choir 47 
Mandi Conklin 71, 206, 263 
Sean Conner 131 
Tracy Connor 154 
WUIiam E Conner 95 
JuleM Connollv 102 
Tracy Connor 154 
Cecil Com-ad 164 
Donna Contestabile 218, 243 
Donna M Contestabile lOS 
Mohammed Coocadia 286 
Betsey Cook 206, 241 
Elizabeth Cook 296 
Hunter Cook 96 
Robin Cook 286 
Robin Michelle Cook lOS, 111 
Stephen Cook 286 
Laura Cooley 58, 204, 286 
Chris Coop>er 185 
Mohammed Coovadia 230 
Leon Corbett 90 
Catherine Corbiere 52. 53 
Cathy Corbiere 206 

Fanchon Cordell 30 

William Corey 186 

Heidi Cort 206, 263 

Heidi Dorothy Cort 109. m 

Jonathan Cort 181 

Karen Corvino 24, 308 

Atli Costa 135 

Allison Uuren Costa 108 

Derek Costin 296 

Liz Cotter 119. 144 

Nancy J. Cotton 99 

Allin Coltrel! 98 

Amy Counts 112, 203, 263 

Amy Quainlance Counts 111 

Heather Cowan 22, 205, 217, 263 

Monroe J Cowan 104 

Rebecca Cowan 24, 30, 58. 108. 286 

Betsy Coward 203 

Julie Cowley 127 

GinnyCox 57. 286 

Erin Crabtree 206. 263 

Megan Cramer 24, 205, 217 

.Amanda Crane 263 

Jeff Crane 131 

Tracey Cranston 206. 286 

Andrew Crawford 296 

Andy Crawford 245 

Gray Crawford 112 

Tafline Crawford 263 

JoshCreason 296 

Chad Creech 185 

Douglas Crets 50 

Liz Cromley 127 

MattCronlund 182 

Ellen Cross 51. 203. 222 

Kate Crowley 135 

MarkCrum 308 

Jennifer Crume 57. 263 

Elizabeth Crumley 296 

Kara Csensich 205 

DevanCulbrvth. iw 

Mustafa Cuiha 230 

Patrick Cullen 186 

Emily Culp 202. 226. 263 

Bret Cunningham 189,296 

David Cunningham 222 

Katherine Cunningham 308 

Leon Cunningham 308 

Patricia M, Cunningham 99 

James F Curran 95 

Cameron Currev 206, 296 

William Currin 92 

Cameron Curry 185 

CaitlinCurtm 58. 203. 286 

GregCurlin 191 

Alex Curtis 190 

Alexander Curtis 286 

Marlon Curtis 124 

ToddCurHs 226 

George Cvijanovich 104 


Andrea Dacquino 242 
Dale Dagenbach 105 
Heather D'Agnes 58 
Becky Daigneau 206 
Dianne Dailey 175 
MarkDailey 112 
Alison Dale 199 
Kelly Dalgleish 206, 308 
Kim Dallas 202 
MaryM Dallon 97 
Megan Daly 206, 308 
Taryn D'Ambrogi 202 
Brent Daniel 112 
Charles Daniel 58 
Dameon Daniel 124 
Kelly Danielak 204 
Serge Dan IV 131, 133 
Suzanne Karen Danks 111 
Ben Danoskv 164 
Andrew Darby 286 
Andrew Edward Darby K 
Porter Darnell 186 
Lora Davenport 308 
Pallie Davenport 203 
David C Wilson 102 
Namila David 222, 2*^6 
David Davis 182. 286 
Drew Davis 146 
Greg Davis 170 
Julie Davis 234 
Laura Davis 218 
Noelle Davis 205 
Rachel Davis 204 

RenecW Davis 108 

Renee Wheeler Davis 109. Ill 

Richard Davis 185 

Sharrika Davis 242 

Steve W Davis 105 

Suzanne Davis 202 

Thabiti Davis 124 

Pamela Dawkins 308 

John W Dawson 98 

Lauren Dawson 204 

Todd De Jong 296 

Todd Michael De Jong 108 

Nathan Dean 243 

Mitchell Deane 189 

Megan Deardorff 204 

Megan Elizabeth Deardorff 108 

Danielle Deaver 234, 241 

Sharon Deaver 56 

Anne-Thurston Debnam 204, 2Sfi 

Jude DeCicco 185 

Jammie Deese 121. 124 

Lanier Defnall 204 

JoeDeGutis 117, 142, 175 

Jill Deisler 204 

Joseph Demarco 56. 108 

Michelle DeMenezes 203 

Rebekah Demshar 234, 241 

Cheryl Denmark 102 

Peter Denmark 189 

Courtney Dennis 112. 204 

Elizabeth Denton 202 

Patrick Depenbnick 110, 124 

Jonathan Derby 296 

Lauren DeSanty 203 

Mary K DeShazer 99 

Ginger Desprez 67, 296 

Alvin James Detterline 108 

Sara Devaney 205 

Tamika Devlin 308 

Amn P Dewasthah 96 

Jessica Dhu>'\'etler 286 

Jessica Lou Dhuyvetler 111 

Greg Dial 191 

Jason Diaz 186. 286 

Constance Dickey 106 

KirkJand Dickey 22, 26 

Alan Dickinson 56, 286 

Alan Ronald Dickinson 108 

Shannon Dienst 205 

Jennah Dieter 205 

Bill Diggle 22, 24, 26 

Bracton Dillon 218 

JeffDUton 58 

Chantal Dilzer 58. 144, 286 

David DIMatties 189 

Brian Dimmick HI, 112. 234 

Brian Lawrence Dimmick 111 

Ronald V Dimock ]i 95 

JohnDinan 105 

Teresa Dingboom 199 

Farrah Dinkins 296 

Amy Dixon 296 

Pah-icia Dixon 103 

Donna Dobbms 218, 226,308 

Joseph Dobner 234 

Andrew Dockham 286 

Courmey Docter 202. 308 

Ashley Dodd 202 

James H, Dodding 107 

Beth Dodson 30 

Elizabeth Dodson 296 

Brian Dodwell 308 

Mark Domby 296 

James Domenick 186 

James P, Domenick 308 

Denis Donegan 19] 

Francesca Donlan 296 

Emily Donofrio 203 

Catherine Donovan 202 

Jamie Dorsett 242 

IhorDotsenko 131, 133 

AmyDolson 56, 204. 241. 286 

Daren Doub 99 

Allison Dougherty 204 

Kris Dougherty 203 

MaryEllen Dougherty 308 

Mike Dougherty 77 

Clare Douglass 203, 308 

Jason Dtiuglaas 186 

Carolyn Dow 9] 

Erin Dowdy 205, 296 

Allison Doyle 205, 308 

Kate Doyle 144 

Hayden Drass 206, 308 

Jessica Dreisbach 204 

Jennifer Drennan 203 

Laurie Driscoll 206, 286 

Andrew Droege 296 

Drew Drocgc 24, 26, 217 

Jordan Dropkin 192 

Jon E Duchac 96 

KarinDudziak 112,222 

Robert HDufort 105 

Heather Dukes 203. 286 

Jules Dumais 112 

Charee Duncan 202 

Elizabeth Duncan 286 

Tim Duncan 81. 83. 81. 83, 146, 149, 1 

John S Dunkelburg 96 

Eric Dunn 117, 142 

Kelly DuranI 202 

Poppy Durant 205. 234 

Yomi Durotoye 105 

Duslin Lyman 122 

Andy Dyksterhouse 243 

Catherine Dyksterhouse 206, 244, 297 

I 204 


Andrew Eagles 111 

Wayne Michael Eaker 108 

JohnR Earle 107 

Eddie V Easley 96 

Megan Eaton 161, 162, 308 

AmyEckert 222, 203 

Kelly Eckhardl 206, 308 

Kevin Eckhardt 189 

Amanda Edmonds 205 

Ashley Edmonson 204 

Amanda Edwards 199 

Angela Edwards 308 

C Drew Edwards 105 

Gary Lynn Edwards, I! Ill 

Laura Edwards 286 

Michele Edwards 297 

Todd Edwards 96 

Rich Ege 191 

Susan Eggers 308 

Susie Eggers 202 

Anne Egleston 217, 297 

Charles Einwick 170, 189 

Halle Eisenman 204 

Chrissy Eilh 206 

Bashir El-Beshti 99, 230 

Julie Eling 308 

Carol Lynn Elks 297 

Kimberly Elledge 266 

Duane Ellington 308 

Mitch EUmgton 245 

Ed Elhs 138 

Karen Ellis 202, 286 

Karen A Ellis 110 

Karen Amanda Ellis 108 

Zach Ellis 309 

Leo Ellison 100 

Michelle Ellwood 297 

Tom EIrod 124 

Alys Embry 218. 309 

Sally Endemann 202 

Sarah Endemann 58 

Kristen Eppley 52 

Amanda Epstein 24, 218, 309 

Ben Erwin 189 

Gerald W. Esch 95 

Jenny Eschen 202 

Caroline Escobar 58 

Carolyn Escobar 52 

Dean Escott 33 

Paul D. Escott 88, 101 

Kerry Espinola 112. 199. 266 

Jeremy Essig 186 

Ashley Estwanik 286 

Jennifer Etnier 100 

Helen Etters 106 

Andrew V Ettin 99 

Herman E. Eure 95 

LeeBrinkleyEure.Jr 108 

Evan McNarv 29, 35 

Allison Evans 297 

Amber Evans 202, 266 

Brad Evans 58. 189 

Chad Evans 131 

David K Evans 94 

Kelly Evans 286 

Robert H. Evans 99 

AndyEverharl 185 

Laura Everhart 203, 309 

Bryan Everly 58 

Zach Everson 234 

Lisa Ewart 202. 226 

Lisa Elizabeth Ewart 108 




C.illeen Fahey 28f> 
Chris Fahmey 191 
Belh Fain 203, 286 
Slephanie Falk 226, 297 
Slephanie Elizabeth Falk 108 
Phillippi- R Falkenburs 105 
tmiK Fammartino 58, 202 
leuniffr Fan 218 
Carl Fantasia 186, 266 
Cmirtnty Farley 53, 286 
Courtney Clayton Farley 108 
Cameron Farmer 309 
Laura Farren 203 
Robert Falzinger 124.266 
lames Faucher 190 
Knsten Faulders 204 
B| Faulk 138 
Susan Faust 97 
jenniter Faw 266 
Allyson Fayard 241, 297 
Matt Fearrtngton 192 
Matthew Feamngton 112 
kenneth Feeley 58 
Steve Femberg 192 
Fheresa Felder 234 
Lindv Fellabom 203 
■\braham Fenberg 54 

ennell : 

HillF.Tgus.m 191 
I'ativ Ferguson 103 
Shawntae Ferguson 266 
Skippy A Ferguson 286 
Monica Femand 205 
Norine Femhach 135 
Adam Ferranti 297 
Fee Ferruggiaro 206, 309 
Adam Fier 187 
lason Fiftal 53, 286 
Rebecca Filbey 266 
Erie Findeis 95 
Torrey Fmk 204, 266 
lessica Fmley 242, 266 
Jessica Dawn Firrley 109, II 
David Finn 95 
Timothy Finnegan 297 
lanet First 199, 297 
lames C Fishbein 96 
Elizabeth Fisher 266 
Elizabeth Downey Fisher II 
Tim Fisher 187 
R Wamc Filch 266 
Wame Filch 192 
Andy Fitzgerald 190 
Pat Fitzgerald 117, 142 
Peden Fitzhugh 24, 205 
Mollv Fitzpatrick 204 

kU I 


William W FIceson 
David Fleig 54 
Hesla Fleming 202 
Drew Fletcher 24 
l.vdiaToonFleury : 
Totana Flore 309 


lell Flo' 


ard Forsvlh 185 


n Fort 206 


' Steele Fortune 204 


e Foster 51, 203 


irah Fosler 206 


Foster 192 


a Foster 309 


Foiiser 189, 286 


-Lillon Fowler 204 


ler Fownes 266 


V Fownes 202 


Fo. 205 
hanioTox 297 

lohnnic Foyc- 100 

Michelle France 108. 205. 287 

Margarel Fr<intc'l 102 

Mark FraiiLi.s 124. 218. It-h 
Matthfu l-r.iruis ^(W 

Vanessa Franke 127 

Chris Frankland 186 

Denise Franklin 4? 

Colleen Fraser 26(i 

Steve Frasher 1^*2 

hm Frazier 22. 2X 2-1, 2h. 217 

Matthew Frederick 2hb 

Matthew J. Frederick 108 

Matthew Jay Frederick 111 

BilIFreehling 190 

WiUiam Freehling 266 

William G- Freehling 111 

WiUiam Goodyear Freehling 108 

Amanda Freeman 287 

Emily Freeman 112 

Emily Suzanne Freeman 108 

Karen Freeman 1S4 

Karen Frekko 202 

Mary French 2hh 

Mary Li les French 111 

JohnFreshe 185 

Kristin Fretz 287 

Andrew Frey 5S 

Andrew R Frev 110 

Donald E Frev ^8 

Greg Frey 3lW 

fohn E R. Friedenberg 107 

Karen Friedman 20f> 

/ Fried 


Mary L. Friedman lOfi 
Michael Fronc/ek 18** 
Becky Frost 203 
Rebecca Alden Frost 108 
Lim Fryer 203 
Lilbanne Fryer 266 
Lillianne Bea Fn,er 111 
Amelia FulbriRht 30^ 
Sara Fuller 222 
Tim Fuller 14fi 
James Fullerton 241, 267 
Stephanie Fulton 309 
Lauren Aim Furgurson lOf 
Michael Fuha 112 
Michael Peter Fuli.i 108 
MikeFutia 1^»2 

■ell 111 

David Fvlen M] 

latin Gaba 304 

knsten Gadd 203. 2f.7 

PaulGaela 186, 234 

)oe Gagnon 1 87 

RichGalmski ti7 

Richard Thomas Galinski 10^ 

Jamie Gallacher 175 

Carla Gallelli 58. 287 

John Gallimore 243, 287 

Margaret Gantt 204 

Judd Garharino 217, 287 

Judson Payne Garbarino 109 

Shannon Gardner 199, 222 

luddGarbanno 190 

lames Gamer 189, 304 

lenniferGarone 267 

Mansi-a Garramone 203, 297, 222 

Alicia Garrett 53 

Alicia Ann Garrett 109 

Suzanne Garro 203, 309 

KitoGary 124 

Kenneth Gasaway 297 

Kenneth Winston Gasaway 109 

Sonny Gasaway 189 



Christopher Ciaskell 2h7 
Michelle Gaspenni 205 
Stefan Gassner 287 
Anclrew Gately 54 
Andrew Cook Gately 287 
Tyler Gates 190 
Griff Gatewuod 35, 189 



Richard Gaylord ; 
YaorongGe 102 
KatyGeil 202 
Robin Gelinas 110 
Robin Lea Gelinas 

Hayni-s Gentry 1^ 


>y Gentry bO 
initer Gentry 58 

■ah George 51. 204 
irdy 93 
■eke 142 

Christopher Gerecke 2t>7 

LewGerrard 168 

ChnssyGetman 51. 206 

Amy Gibbons 204 

Amy Elizabeth Gibbons 111 

Julie Gibbons 204. 309 

EvanGibhs 186 

Aaron Gibson 26, 181 

Kelly Gidcumb 206, 226 

Carrie Gilchrist 144. 309 

Jeff Giles 191 

AnneGiUoil 106 

Matthew Gilley 55 

Matthew James Gilley 109. Hi 

Tern Giltispie 199. 297 

DanGilman 191 

Brad Gilmore 222, 234 

Bradley Thomas Gilmore 109 

Heather Gilreath 309 

Kerry Gilsenan 53, 206 

Kerry Elizabeth Gilsenan 109 

I 91 

SM>iU.indott 140, 297 
Soil I FK (..indotf 109 
RyanGioffre 175 
Jonathan Giokas 297 
JenaGirouard 204 
Samuel Gladdmg 91 
Samuel T Gladding 99 
Janette Glaser 206, 267 
Sam Glasnapp 186, 309 
Kathleen M Glenn 106 
Tanya Glosson 204. 297 

Ellen Godfrey 203 
PrashantGoel 189 
Chris Goff 57 
Christy Goff 267 

Christy Lynn Goff 109, HI 

TliomasS Goho 96 

Jason Coins 309 

Mark Goldberg 309 

Leigh Golden 204. 309 

KrishneGoldfiawk 242, 287 

Louis Goldstein 103 

Brian Gomez 309 

Shelly Gonzenbach 287 

Alice R- Goodman 97 

Laura Goodman 267 

Laura Ann Gallia Goodman HI 

Laurie Goodman 206 

Meredith Goodman 199 

FrancieGixidndge 144 

JohnGoodndge 117, 142 

Bill Goodwin 185 

Peter Goodwin 267 

Peter Lloyd Goodwin 111 

Steven Goolsby 146, 149 

Elizabeth Wetzel Gordon 109 

Brian Gorehck 103 

Ellen Gores 267 

Daniel Gormley 189 

Gospel Choir 29 

Wake Forest Gospel Choir M 

Jennifer Gough 234 

Graham Gould 82. 

lemi Gouhan 205, 309 

Chris Gowen 142 

Betsy Graber 202 

Elizabeth Graber 267 

Elizabeth Graff 205 

Harold Gragg 121, 124 

Sarah Graham 309 

Amber Grafin 127 

Erin Grail 206 

Erin K Grail 37. 218, 234, 241, 1 


1 Gr.^ 


Camenm Mil ean Gram 
Steven C.ranese Id4 
Colby Grant 204 
Jean Ann Grant 111, 267 
Lori Grant 202 
Kristin Grassey 199 

■ 267 

Becky G 

Erin Graves 287 

ID Graves 241 


Elizabeth Clienault Gray HI 

James Gray 267 

Neil Gray 191, 267 

Scott Gray 287 

Todd Gray 164, 189 

Patty Graybeai 96 

MattGredvig 309 

Catherine Green 204. 309 

Connie Green 99 

Dan Green 142 

Jamie Green 192 

Mary Beth Green 110, 111. 267 

Sonny Green 127 

Donald Matthew Greenawalt 109 

Matt Greenawalt 110 

Matthew Greenawalt 268 

Courtney Greene 203 

Emily Greenwood 112. 218. 268 

Emily Sheryl Greenwood HI 

Tamara Greenwood 4f) 

George Greer 164 

Jennifer Greer 287 

Julie Greer 309 

Victoria Gregg 268 

April Gregory 203 

Lelie Gregory 205 

Magaret Gregory 95 

Mark Gregory 268 

Chris Grezlak 287 

Major Griffey 121, 124 

Ryan Griffin 185, 297 

Ross Griffith 92 

Edward Griggs 309 

Emily Gnggs 202, 268 

Paul Griggs 268 

David Grimes 26 

Amy Grinnm 204, 58 

RichGrogan 192 

Richard Grogan 297 

Aaron Grose 222, 234 

Kerry Grow 203, 297 

LmdseyGrubb 202 

Justin Guanglia 54, 268 

Matthew Gudenius 309 

Abdul Guice 124, 125 

VinceGuido 218 

Vincent Guido 310 

Jaime Guidry 287 

Jorge Guigou 191 

Rafael Guigou Ihl, 141 

TomCuiLshan iMl, 241 

Matt Guimbarda 191 

Alison Guiney 144, 203 

EricGulbis 69, 242 

Eric Andrew Gulbis 111 

JeffGulini 191 

Sarah Gulley 222, 310 

MikeGumrot 234, 244, 268 

Caroline Gupton 110. 268 

Caroline C. Gupton 110 

Caroline Cromartie Gupton 111 

Garrick Gupton 182. 268 

Aaron Guyer 217. 268 

Aaron John Guyer HI 

Andres Guzman 170 


Margit Haalebos 138, 310 
Ranya Habash 268 
Greg Habeeb 243 
)ohn Hackworlh 131 
Army Haddix 203 
lason Hade 57, 268 
KyleHaden 217 
Steven C Haefner 96 
John Hage 52, 69, 189 
Henry Hager 185 
David Hagy 103 
Richard Haigler 297 
Melody Hairston 297 
^ Steve Halasz 192 
Toby Hale 94 
Toby A. Hale 89 
Rob Haley 192 
Amitra Hall 268 
Brian Hall 74, 190, 287 
Clay Hall 185, 287 
David Hall 95 
Jason Hall 58, 190 
Katherine Hall 204 
Kathrin Stanger Hall 95 
KaylaHall 241, 310 
Lakevia Hall 218 
ClayHallman 186 
Courlenay E. Hallman 287 

Courtney Hallman 58 

HolJy Hallman 30, 268 

Holly Duvall Hallman 111 

Radford HaUman 297 

Micheic Hallor 30, 202 

Michele H. HaUor 109 

Chris Halpin 191 

Brian Hambel 191 

Brian Hamby 189, 268 

Sandra H Hamby 103 

Colleen Hamilton 297 

R Craig Hamilton 107 

Rob Hamilton 190 

Robert Hamilton 287, 310 

Dean Hamilton 34 

William S Hamilton 89, 100 

Kleigh Hamm 203, 297 

David Hammett 112, 185, 268 

David Hall Hammett 111 

Claire H. Hammond 98 

J Daniel Hammond 98 

Sarah Hammons 50, 202 

David Hampson 142 

Ann Hamrick 205 

Krislen Hancock 202, 310 

Mora Hanlon 310 

Katharine Hanna 268 

James S Hans 99 

Jonathan Hansen 108 

Jonathan William Hansen 111 

Julie Hansen 82, 82 

Amy Hanzlik 111 

Stephen Haransky 244 

Harmah M. Hardgrave 104 

Deirdre Harding 268 

Deirdre Marie Harding 109 

Mmdy Harhai 203, 268 

Todd Haring 186 

Julie Harmon 206 

Sharon Harmsworth 127, 128 

Heather Harper 205, 310 

Jonathan Harper 189 

Martin Harreli 189 

Raleigh Harreli 297 

Katy J Harriger 105 

Ryan Harrington 185 

Tripp Harrmgton 161, 190, 287 

Andrew Coleman Harris 111,269 

Anna Harris 202 

Catherine T Hams 107 

Cathy Harris 106 

Clyde Hams 185 

Dan Harris 241 

Heather Harris 287 

Jim Hams 297 

Kristry Harris 297 

Maggie Harris 112, 168 

Mary Margaret Harris 310 

Shane Harris 52 

Amy Harrison 58, 204 

1- Kline Harrison 96 

Jennifer Harrison 203 

Jenny Harrison 217, 27 

LaDwaun Harrison 121, 124 

Rahman James Harrison 109, 111 

David Hart 58 

Heather Susan Hartman 111 

JonHartseU 190 

Jonathan Hartsell 297 

Charlotte Harlzog 202 

Craig Harlzog 185 

Nessa Harvey 206 

Glenn Harvm 297 

Slade Harvin 287 

Wendy Hasenkamp 112 

Wendy Michelle Hasenkamp 111 

Elizabeth Haskell 269 

Liz Haskell 154 

Sultan Hassan 230 

Merrie Hatch 204 

Steve Hatch 185 

Ryan Hatcher 269 

Leigh Halchetl 108, 110, 206, 287 

PalHatchett 144 

Pahncia Hatchett 269 

Tracy Hauk 204, 269 

Megan Hauser 310 

GregHausner 191 

Stacy Hawes 154 

Lindsay HawHeld 204 

Tom Hawk 189 

Tara Hawks 310 

Elmer K, Hayashi 102 

KyleHayden 24, 26 

Candace Hayes 269 

Candle Hayes 206 

Jason Hayes 192, 287 

344 • Index 

-■> •«ea m, -.» •» -, m 


Justin Hayes 142, 310 
Paula Hayes 206. 234. 242. 2b9 
Paula RcKha Hayes 109. Ill 
Susan Hayes 144, 287 
Ton Hayes 20b 
Will Hayes 185 
Daniel Hayford 222. 243, 247 
Heather Hazen 205 
Michael David Hazen 47 
Ja>'me Head 204. 287 
JoeHealy 190 
Richard Heard 103 
President Heam 33 
President Heam W3. 78. 78 
Thomas K Heam Jr 88 
Candnce Heath 310 
Heather Mackay 241 
Lizzy Hechenbleikner 138 
Nanc\' Hechenbleikrer I'M 
Dvian Heck HI 
Jac C Heckelman 98 
John Hedlund 58 
Roger .\ Hegstrom 4t, 
Lizzy Heichenbleiknu 203 
Julie Heiesler 203 
ChnsHeim 190 
Rebekah Heim 298 
Jared Heiman 269 
Knstie Hems 205. 2b9 
Megan Hekman 298 
Michael Held 298 
Mara Helm 204 
Robert M Helm 104 
Nanc\ Helms 110. 154 
PaulHemler 102 
Knstina Hemphill 56 
Knstm Hemnc 310 
OmaarHena 50, 217 
Donna Henderson 99 
len Henderson 205 
Jennifer Henderson 269 
Edwin Hendncks 101 
John Hendricks 164 
Knsti Hennan 241 
Andrew Hermese\- 51 
Andy Hennessey 192 
Kim Henney 204 
Kimberly Hennev 269 
Nanc>- Henning 199. 310 
Todd Henningsen 185 
Laura Hensley 298 
Tiana Herbin 269 
Ken Herbst 146 
Kate Hershey 205 
Dam Hershberger 245 
Marcus B Hester 104 
Enca Hetrick 203. 269 
Enc He\\-itt 298 
HilaJ Hibn 230 
Jon-Paul Hickey 110. 269 
Beth Hickman 99 
Brent Hickman 287 
Hadlev Hicks 138 
Sara Hicks 204 
Julie Hiester 222. 310 
Terri Hiete 168 
Kathenne Higgason 204 
Laura Higgason 310 
Heather Higgins 58. 241, 298 
Mane Higgins 269 
Meghan Higgins 203 
Kathenne High 108. 269 
Katie High 203 
Russell Hightower 244 
y Hilbum 24, 217 
Debbie Hill 99 
IV Hill 310 
,1 Hill 53 
n Hill 298 
> -^ HiU 105 
M:!Il> 58 

■ llman 181 
Am Hills 203 
Blake Hiltabrand 186 
AIlvM.n Hilton 206 
Heather Hinkle 150 
M.irt HLnshaw 186 
Uilhr L Hmze 96 
I. I l.uionHippJr 96 
Stu.irt Hipp 241 
Ah. Hitchcock 95 
C.irr;, Hixon 226. 310 
VkLi Cathy Ho 109. Ill 
Vicki Ho 269 
Emily Hoagland 203, 298 

Jenny Hobbs 2t>9 
Michelle Hocke 270 
John Hocutt 185 
Phil Hiides 187. 226 
DaveHixiges 192 
LeeAnn Hodges 241. 287 
WiU Hodgson 19] 
Josh Hoffman 192 
Joshua Hoffman 310 
Susan Hoffman 241 
Kenneth G Hoglund 106 
Rebecca Hoke 204 
Heath Holcomb 298 
RobHolcomb 192 
Robert Holcomb 58 
David Holden 164. 189 
lason Holden 192 
Bob Holdmg 185 
Robert Holding, IV 270 
Mark HoUenbeck 121 
Heather Hotley 241. 310 
David HoUiday 241, 243 
Judson Hollifield 270 
Jeff HoUingsworth 186 
TTiomas Hollmgsworth 185 
Mark Hollowetl 124 
Bill Hollows 121. 124 
Harold R Holmes 89 
Marsha Holmes 99 
Michael Holmes 164 
Whitney Holmes 203 
Andy Holtgrewe 192 
George M Holzwarth 104 
Monica Holmes 270 
Graham Honaker 181 
Thomas Honaker 270 
Angel Honeycutt 218. 298 
Enn Honeycutt 187 
Lee Honeycutt 298 
UurenHook 135 
leff Hwker 270 
Mandy Hooten 205 
Joel Hopkins 191 
Tnsta Hopkins 144 
Betsy Hoppe 89. 96 
Lindsay Hoppe 206 
Jon Hopson 175 
Kerry Horgan 1 38 
Katie Home 127. 129 
Tom Homer 186 
Ann Hor^ley 30, 222. 287 
Fred L Horton Jr 106 
Kimberly Horton 310 
Bnan Hoskins 186 
Man,- Kathryn Hostmskv 109 
Michael Hostinsky 310 
Mia Hough 206 
Sarah Houghtlin 298 
Sarah Elizabeth Hovis 111 
Jonessa Howald 206. 270 
David Howard 190, 270 
Edwin Howard 23, 24. 217 
Frederic T Howard 102 
Stephanie Howard 204. 298 
Lmda Howe 106 
Cassie Howell 204, 244 
Travis Howell 243. 270 
Pamela Howland 103 
Knst\' Hubbard 119, 144 
Mark Huber 96 
Enuly Hudson 204, 310 
Stephanie Hudson 30, 205 
Emily Hudspeth 287 
Stephen J Huebner 103 
Lacye Huffaker 203 
Kathy Huffman 206 
Beverly Huffstetler 112, 206, i: 
Bnan Hughes 310 
Johna Hughes 112. 270 
Uigh Hughes 310 
Michael L Hughes 101 
Rebekah Hughes 270 
Rebekah Lyrui Hughes 1 1 1 
Rhett Hughes 190 
Mike Huie 27 
Rodney Hull 191 
Amelia Hummel 52. 204 
W Giles Hunnings, III HI 
Jay Hunston 298 
Adnenne Hunt 298 
UiurieHunt 202 
Betsy Hunter 204 
Steve Huntington 192 
Kathleen Hurley 270 
Beth Hulchens 97 
Cheryl Hutchinson 102 
Iran Hutchmson 142 

Nicole Iaco\one 204. 2«8 
Suneon O Ilesanmi lOh 
Charlotte Imbler 20b. 310 
None Imdadullah 230 
Enn Ingram 270 
Marcus Ingram 218. 242 
Craig Inman 175. 189 
Lee Inman 202, 298 
Jim Insco 190 
Kyle Irwin 187, 270 
David Isbister 96 
losh Ilzoe 164 
Holly hanoff 202 
Johanna Iwata 92 
Joanne Izbicki 101 
Amv Izzo 203 

Tinajabali 161, 270 
Ben Jackson 189 
Jessica Jackson 202 
Leslie Jackson 270 
Leslie Ann Jackson 

24, 110. 111. 112, 203, 
Mark Jackson 186. 298 
Wendy Jackson 138 
Whitney Jackson 135 
Emily Jacobs 202. 310 
Uihn Jacobs 270 
SheUy Jacobs 206. 270 
Shelly Ann Jacobs 108 
Mordecai J. Jaffe 95 
Carmen James 111 
Dave James 186 
Emily Jameson 310 
Matt Jamison 189 

Amanda Jarmev 138. 298 

Michael Janssen 50 

Michael Paul Janssen 111 

Holly Jarrell 218, 287 

Jonathan Jarrell 189 

Tracy Jarrell 298 

Jennifer Jarrett 144.203. 22b. 28: 

Steve Jarrett 97 

Jason McEnaney 274 

Allana Jeffnes 271 

April Jeffries 198, 242 

Michael Jeffnes 161 

Mike Jeffnes 191 

Julie Jenkin 138, 298 

Clare Jenkins 202. 271 

Helen Clare Jenkins 111 

Jaime Jenkins 298 

NielJerJdns 310 

Randy Jenkins 110, 287 

Skip Jenkins 131 

Steph Jenkins 205 

Thomas Jenkins 298 

Tommy Jenkins 190 

Andrea Jennings 206, 222, 2^8 

Urs Jensen 271 

Debra Jessup 96 

Chnstopher Jewell 310 

Came Johannesmeyer 50, 112 

Came Ann Johannesmeyer 111 

Patricia Adams Johansson 89 

Patricia A, Johansson 99 

David J. John 102 

Nicholas John 21. 23, 298 

Stane Johns 206. 288 

Amanda K Johnson 111 

Amy Johnson 110. 288 

Beau Johnson 189. 271 

Brad Johnson 234, 242 

Cureton Johnson 146 

David Johnson 288 

Frank Johnson 190, 310 

Harli Johnson 202 

Heather Johnson 298 

Jacquetta Johnson 298 

Lukas Johnson 271, 190 

Megan Johnson 206 

Melissa Johnson 22. 241 

Rob Johnson 185 

Robert Johnson 288 

Tim Johnson 191, 298 

William Johnson 310 

Chns Johnston 186 

Luke Johnston 185 

Sarah Johnston 144 
W Dillon Johnston 9S 
Alex Jonas 186. 310 
B^ibbylones 124 
Bradley T Jones 96 
Bnan lones 58 
Cathenne Jones 271 
Elizabeth Jones 206 
Heather [ones 203 
Hillar\ lones 204 


, 310 

Iill lones 311 

Kelvm Jones 124 

Larn Jones l9l 

Mary Jones 127 

Robbie Jones 218 

Tab Jones 161. 163 

Tabitha Jones 298 

Craig Joseph 22. 24. 110, 271 

Craig Anthony Joseph 111 

Mimi Joshi 202 

Al)amont Joyner 124 

David Joyner 182, 244 

Frank Joyner 26 

Paul E luras 96 

Cathenne [ushce 23, 27. 217 


Peter Kaimff 103 

Nicola Kaiwai 168 

Beth Kaleida 56. 204 

Manda Kalvestrand 203, 233, 242 

McHenryKane 24, 53. 187 

Morgan Kane 121, 124 

Jason Kaplan 192, 298 

Rachel Kaplan 144 

Br\'an Kan- 288 

Pamela Karr 99 

Aime Kasab 205 

Tiffany Kassah 311 

Kathanne Hanna 268 

Da\nd Katona 271 

Nick Kavayiotidls 186 

David Kawesi-Mukooza 131,133 

Jennifer Kay 288 

Monica Kay 298 

Sophia Kazakos 311 

Gus Kearney 271 

Abbey Keenan 202 

Carinne Keenan 58, 202 

Emily Keenan 202 

Halley Kehoe 204, 271 

Liz Keible 204 

Bnan Kelleher 185 

Eden Kellet 202 
Josh Kellet 189 

Eden Kellett 298 

Josh Kellett 271 

Chnsty Kelley 127, 298 

Cynthia Kelley ISl. 157. 158 

Jed Kelley 189, 271 

Whitney Kelley 204 

Sara Kelling 100 

Melissa Kellogg 53, 206 

Judy K Kem 106 

Hunter Kemper 117, 142. 175 

Cathenne Kendrick 288 

Amanda Kennedy 206, 288 

Bill Kennedy 189 

Brooke Kennedy 204. 298 

Charles H Kennedy 105 

Jose Kennedy 288 

Kara Kennedy 298 

Michael Kennedy 271 

Patty Kennedy 100 

Ralph C Kennedy III 104 

Tiska Kennedy 203 

Will Kennedy 299 

William Kennedy 271 

Jessica Kent lio! 288 

Sam Oliver Kerlin 111 

Matt Kerr 189 

Nathan Kerr 189 

Sarah Kerr 206. 311 

WiUiamC Kerr 104 

Rebecca Keyser 311 

AmerKhan 217, 230 

Elaine Khatod 271 

Rohom Khonsari 230 

Allison Kiehl 271 

Emily Kilbum 243. 288 

Kelly Kilgore 311 

Grace Kim 205 

KevmKim 311 

Darnel Kim-Shapirx3 104 

Charles A Kimball 106 

Jennifer Kimbrell 57, 2: 

Angela Glisan King 96 

,\nne King 202 

Bruce King 96 

Carey Kmg 218. 299 

Charlie King 170. 191, 288 

Jean King 299 

Roberta Kmg 199 

Ronda King 311 

Todd King 131 

Wayne E King **9 

Sandra Kingerv' 106 

C Jeffre\ Kinlaw 104 

Whitney Kin law 203, 311 

Knsten Kinsey 311 

Laura Kirby 204 

Wanda B Kirby-Smith 95 

L>'nette A Kirk 311 

Ellen E Kirkman 102 

Brenda-Mock Kirkpatnck 154 

Nathan Kirkpatrick 311 

Kelly Kirwin 175 

Kurt Kissling 241, 271 

Willy KielLstrom 189 

Beth Klein 135 

Ryan Klein 191, 27] 

Scott Klem 99 
Steve Kleinmiin 222 

Anders Klemmer 186 
Stacy Kline 199, 299 

Robert Knott 95 

Nathan Knowles 142 

Jane Knox 202, 299 

MikeK.Kh 124 

ChnsKocher 241,311 

ChnsKolibash W2 

Andrea Kolski 112 

Dihp K Kondepudi 96 

Enn Korey 234, 299 

Lisa Kowalczvk 206 

Daniel Kra|e 185 

Dave Kralovich 187 

David Kralovich 245. 288 

Wendel Kralovich 187. 288 

Wendell Kralovich 244 

JanelleKraus 119, 144 

John Kraus 218, 245 

Michael Kra\-nayak 271 

Mickev Kra\-nyak 234 

Ben Knck 190 

Laura Kmger 199. 243 

ReneeKroU 233. 271 

KathJeen A. Kron 95 

Keith Krut 50, 192 

Sara Kryder 127 

Sarah Kryder 202 

Lindy Krzyzewski 22. 24. 204 

Philip Kuberski 99 

Raymond E Kuhn 95 

Ross Kuhner 192, 272 

BnanKuklick 121, 124 

Kevm Kuntz 218. 244 

JonKutner 192 

James Kuzmanovich 102 

Kelly LaChapelle 110, 111, 206, 
Abdessadek Lachgar 96, 230 
Kenneth Lachlan 272 
.Amy Lacz)-nski 57, 203 
Jumoke Ladapo 299 
Helen Lafaye 108. 272 
Elizabeth Lahize 311 
Will Lagos 190 
William I Lagos. Jr 299 
Knsti Lake 30. 205 
Lizzie Uke 204 
Ryan Lakenan 189 
Shannon Lallv 311 
WiUieLam 124 
Brockenbrough Lamb 311 
Marcus Lamm 217 

Meike Lampe 58, 205 
LeeAnn Landers 202 
Joshua Landis 101 
Stacy Landis 202 
Stacy M Landis 24 
Amanda Landon 204, 311 
Jim Landon 19] 
HugoC Lane 95 
Elizabeth Lanev 202 
Olivia Laney 144, 204 
Sarah Langlev 204 

Index • 345 

Adnen Ungiois. 1^2 
Annie Lanier 27, 311 
Heidi Lantin 100 
John Lanuh 218 
John Lanuti 187, 294 
Joe Lapan 191 
Emilie Lapeyre 50 
Joanne Upinski 202 
Christine Laporte 299 
Dave Urdien 164, 272 
Rian Larkin 272 
Jake Larkins 182. 311 


Andrew Laskowski 131. 19] 
Kara Lassen 311 
Paige Lassen 204 
Amanda Latham 288 
Jenn Laudadio 203 
Christian Laugen 142. HI 
Page H Laughlin 9? 
Stacey Lavallee 205 
Nikki UVee 204 
Jennifer Lavender 205, 311 
Megan Lavin 204 
JeffLaVoie 186 
Chnstine Law 272 
Michael S. Uwlor 98 
Sarah Lawlor 202 
Connie Law son 92 
Jay Lawson 103 
Jeffrey K Lawson 102 
Regina Lawson 92 
Michael Lawton 189 
Carolyn Lay 217, 311 
Tim Leadbetter 185 
Lula M. Leake 89 
MarkR, Leary 105 
Anne LeBlanc 203 
Lee Ellen Skelton 303 
Jason Lee 217 
KaheLee 202 
Rebecca Lee 299 
Susan Lee 288 
Wei-chm Lee 105 
BillLeeder 121, 124 



Cheryl B. Leggon 107 
Monica Lehmann 203 
Jennifer Leibert 312 
Paul Le|ue2 191 
Paul L Lejuez 108 
Khzabelh Lenox 288 
Bill Leonard 89 
David Leonard 50, 112 
Leonard P Roberge 99 
Jeffrey D Lemer 101 
Andrew Leslie 97 
Meredith Lester 135 
Whitney Lester 22. 57 
1.IS.1 letke 112, 203. 272 
Ni'Mlk' Mzench 185. 272 
i:t.n id B Levy 103 
Kathr\Ti l.evv 103 
Travis Levy 272 
Amanda Lewis 135, 288 
Ann Lewis 100, 104 
Barry Lewis 312 
Brian Lewis 185 
Charles M. Lewis 104 
De Anna Lewis 226 
Herman Lewis 124 

I.H-k Le 

s Lewi 

1 Lewis 198 

s 190 

Robin Lewis 54 
K.>hine Lewis 204 
Turner Lewis 189. 272 
Weston Lewis 175. 185. 29' 
AmvLigler 203, 312 
luhLignelli 49. 138 
bamaniha Ligon 58, 288 
Samaiha M Ligon 111 
James Lik 124 
Trent Lind 131 
Ashlev Linder 161, 299 
Tekisha Lindler 288 
Andrea Lindsay 299 
Margaret Linton 205, 312 
Darren Linvil 217 
Darren Lmvill 24 
lunnifiT Lister 144 


■i-n Lis 

346 Index 

•■ -/ -»'•• -■» -» -* - 

lohn H Litcher w 
Holly Lille 218. 288 
ViklorLitovka 131 


1 T LIf 



Kimberly Lo 2'W 
Chnslopher Loca; 
Dan lAKklair 103 
lason LiKkspeissr 312 
ErmLoRsn im 
Sea Di>g Logan 181 
William LoRan 273 
GInRcr Lohr 273 
lonLohr 185 
Crubtiin S.dnsv long 111 
Sherry VV Long 107 
Charles f Longinu 107 
Melissa Looney 203, 273 
Kay Lord 12 
Sabine Loucif lOh 
Allan D- Uiuden W 
Kelly Loudenslager 312 
Joseph Louderback 104 
Jennifer Liiughrey 273 
Renee Louis 58 
Kristen Loux 204 
McKenzie Lovelace 202 
Sarah Lovelace 273 
John Utvett 185 
Robert W Lovetl <i9 
Jason Ixiwe 131 
BoLoy 121, 124 
John Lubas 189, 273 
Margaux Lucas 206 
Nina Lucas 30 
Nina N Lucas 107 
Randy Luciano 57, 273 
Ken Lugo 14h 
Jessica Lukas 204, 2W 
Paul Lundberg 2h 
Beth Lunsford 51 
Erin Lut2 312 
Shea Lyies 299 
Dushn Lyman 122, 124 
Martha Lynch 206, 312 
Rum Lvnch 186 
Todd L\'nch 175 
Pamela R Lvnde 111 


Scott MacDonald 142 
Mike MacDougal 164 
Katie Machi 288 
Elizabeth Mack 205 
Heather Mackav 58. 204, 288 
Regan MacKay 241 
Regan Mackav 312 
Aimee Mackovic 206, 217, 273 
Amy Mackovic 38 
fenny Lee MacNeill 205 
Brooke MacPhail 202 
TimMacPhail 190 
Bob MacRevnolds 192 
TateMaddox 312 
Claire Maddrey 206. 273 
Al-Husein Madhany 217. 230 
Al-Hussein Madhnay 110 
Jen Madison 205 
Matthew Magec 299 
Dan Magner 135 
Chris Maguire 69 
Heather Mahoney 288 
DaveMaitly 1^1 
David Mailly 273 
Mike Mama 142 
Barr\' G Maine 9y 
Scott Makee 18(i 
MarkMakovec 124, 125 
Adnane Malanos 205 
Andrea Malik 203, 299 
Kelly Malinosky 138 
PalMalloy 164.192 
Katherme Maloney 273 
Katie Maloney 30, 204 
Sebastian Mandart 131 
Allen Mandelbaum 99 
Richard A Manderville 9h 
Dabney Maner 273 
Whitley Maner 312 
Crc'tchen Mangelsdorf 52 
Gretchen Manglesdorf 206 

Rachael Mangum 203. 273 
Jenny Manley 273, 204 
Mary Ahce Manning HI 



Tracy Manuck 299 
Hima Maramreddy 20fi 
AmyMarchell 138 
BillMarcum 96 
Scott Marcus 24, 273 
Milorad Margitic lOb 
Michael Manani 288 

.■ Mai 

. 164 

Takivah Mark 55 
Alison Marsh 203 
Allison Marsh 312 
Anthony P Marsh 100 
Ryan Marsh 186 
Tashawn Marshall 198 
David Marshbum 234 
DougMarsigh 121. 124 


. 105 

Alexander Martm 312 
Ashley Martin 53 
Brent Martin 187. 288 
Charlutte Martm 205, 273 
D,ile R Martin 96 
[ane Martin 288 

Meredith Martin 205, 312 
Michael Martin 273 
Reesheda Martin 273 
lon.ithan Mason 18h 
kfllv Mason 202. 273 

,■ Ma: 

■ J64 

John Massey 273 
Keith Mataya 241 
Barbara Mathes 203, 299 
Joseph Mathis 312 
Chnssv Matlaga 205 
Chnstine Matlaga 274 
Andv Matthews 185 
Carolvn Mathews 99 
George E Matthews 104 
Ke\in Maxwell 191 
Lisha Maxwell 205, 288 
J.GaylordMay 102 
Jo Whitten May 97 
Warner May 192 
Warner D May 312 
Scott Mayne 58, 288 
Scott Hardy Mayne 109 
Chad Maynor 190, 218 
lames Maynor 274 
Rjchard Mayo 24 
Michelle Mazor 199, 274 
Matt Mazzola 192 
Matthew Mazzola 112 


. 186 

1 Mc. 



Michelle McBre; 
ke]le\' McCaffre 
Catherine McCandless 288 
Kale McCandless 206 
Jennifer McCarthy 312 
Jenn\' McCarthy 199 
Megan McCarthy 144, 202 
Megan Chase McCarthy 109 
Richard McCiuney 312 
Heather McClam 217 
Heather Ann McClain 109 
Kim McClintic 205 
Kimberly McClintic 274 
Marty McConchie 1 86 
Erin McCormick 202 
JimMcCormick 191 
John McCormick 191 
Katherme McCort 58 
Kate McCourt 206 



1 McCo\ 



I eah P 

Gordon McCray 96 
Betsy McCubrey 218, 234 
Elizabeth McCubrey 245, 274 
Elizabeth Jean McCubrey 111 
Jenn McDonald 202 
Richard McDonald 312 
PatMcDonough 187 
Patrick McDonough 274 
Tameki McDowell 241 
Angela McElreath 203, 242 
Davis McElwain 300 
Mary McElwee 274, 24 
Jason McEnanev 189 

Jason R McEnaney 111 
Jason Robert McEnaney 109 
Charles McFadden 274 
Chuck McFadden 189 
EnnMcFarland 288 
Sharon McGee 206 
WillMcCehee 185 
Timoth\' McGettigan 107 
GinniferMcGill 58 
Gmn\ McGil! 202 
LizMcGill 243 

Lindsay McGlamerv l^l. WO 
Da\id McGlinchev 3(M) 
Thomas McGohev 99 
Amanda McGrady 110, 274 
Amanda Ellen McGrady 109, 111 
Jill McGrane 274 
Zach McGrath 192 
LauneMcGuckm 274 
Laurie Ann McGuckin 109 
James McHale 189 
BnanMcKee 241. 274 
EmmittMcKee 181 
Daniel McKeithan 274 
Wesley G.McKellar 300 
KatteMcKenna 300 
Bnan McKim 58, 288 
Chnstopher McKonc 18^ 


Katherme McKune 112,274 
Kathenne Ellen McKune KW, 112 
Kate Mc Lane 110. 112. 138 
Chns McLaughhn 182, 300 
Paige McLean 274 
Anthony McMahon 52 
Elizabeth McMahon 274 


lill Jordan McMillan 97 

EmonMcMilhan 158, 1=4, 158 

limmvMcMillian 189 

Laird McMulk-n 189, 288 

Dan McNair 190 

Daniel McNair 312 

Evan McNary 300 

Mac McNeill 186 

Alison McPheely 135, 204 

Dolly A, McPherson 99 

Emily McQueen 202 

Anitra McRae 274 

Kelly Meachum 312 

Jane Mead 99 

Telly All Meadows 109 

PaayalMehta 274 

Becky Meisenbach 226. 233, 274 

Rebecca Jean Meisenbach 109, 112 

Melanie Donnelly 202 

Da'Vaughn Mellerson 124 

Keil Mello 202, 275 

Gordon A Melson 89 

Ale\a Memorv 205. 275 

Rickv Mendez lo4 

Katie .Menius 203 

F, Trent Merchant 22, 23, 26 

Daniel Merkert 170, 170 

Robin Merrell 242, 275 

Regan Merrick 205 

Cathenne Merrill 289 

Elaine Mernll 218 

Wit ha 


William Merntt, Hi 300 
Jason Mersey 164 
Kathleen Mertes 144 
Stephen P Messier 100 
Elizabeths Metz 312 
Liz Metz 203 
Danielle Metzer 204 
Kathryn Frances Mever 109 
Katie Meyer 202 
Louisa Meyer 108. 275 
Matthew Meyer 190 
Emily Meyers 205 
William Mevers 106 
William K Mevers 101 
Allen Michael 64. 3(Xl 
Geoffrey Michael 275 
Geoffrey Jonathan Michael 112 
Ned Michaels 185 
Ryan Michaelski 312 
JoeMichalski l6l. 192 
Joseph Michalski 275 
Ryan Michal ski 182, 217 
Melissa Michel 3011 
Michele Tilk-v 281 
Anika Middleton 241 
Tyler Middk-ton 48 
Soledad Miguel-Prendes 11)6 
jennMiklic 154. 157 

Sarah Milam 312 
Leigh Mildren 206, 289 
Emily Miles 199. 218, 242, 
Stacia Miles 202 
Stacia Christine Miles 109 
ClayMillener 185 
Adrian Miller 192. 222, 241 
Aimee Miller 312 
Carter Miller 202 
Elizabeth Miller 243. 300 
Gar\D Milter 100 
Holly Miller 24. 204, 300 
Kathenne Miller 202 
Meredith Miller 110. 275 
Meredith | Miller 108 
Meredith Jane Miller 109 
Zach Miller 300 

1 Mills 100 
topher Mills 313 


t Mills 

Ryan Mills 313 
Joseph OMilner 99 
Annmane Milton 168 
Rebecca Minifie 56 
Richard Minnich 289 
Rick Minnich 192 
Catherine Mitchell 204 
Diane Mitchell 93 
luhe Mitchell 58, 203 
LiTonya Mitchell 243 
j-Vnanda Mitra 97 
Tiffanv Mitzman 56, 22t 

Chns Mix 

■ 241 

Chnstopher Mixter 313 

Jamie Mjyares 58 

Melissa Mizesko 217, 245 

Melissa Catherine Mizesko 109 

ChnsModelski 124 

Candace Modlin 226,275 

Candace Jane Modlin 109, 112 

Yvonne Moelk 205 

Yvonne C Moelk 313 

SueMoffatt 203 

Jeff Mohan 142, 186 

Michelle Monroe 313 

Whitney Montague 202 

A Grant Montgomery 275 

Laura Montgomery 300 

Sara Montgomery 203 

Chris Moody 234, 245 

Christopher Moody 275 

Jay Moody 192.289 

Sarah Kate Moody 205 

Heather Moon 204 

David Moore 124 

Farrah Moore 289 

Farrah Paige Moore 109, 112 

Jody Moore 218 

John Moore 300 

Joseph Motire 313 

Katherme Moore 218 

Liz Moore 144 

Mary Moore 138 

Phil Moore 189 

Sarah Moore 108, 110, 202 

Sarah A. Moore 275 

Tripp Moore 124 

John C Moorhouse 98 

Kathenne Moran 313 

Bobby Moranda 164 

Angela Morath 313 

Kim Moi;gan 99 

Louis Morrell 90 

Michael Moms 275 

Mike Morns 191 

William Morris 275 

Andrea Morrison 205 

Kelly Morrison 289 

Kelly Susan Morrison 109 

Mortar Board 61 

Carey Morton 50 

Mardene Morykwas 97 

-AnneMoser 313 

Donald J Moser 103 

Kelvin Moses 121, 124, 125 

Alisha Mosley 154, 157, 158 

William M Moss 99 

Leslie Mountcastle 206, 289 

Gloria Muday 60 

Gloria K Muday 95 

Jeff Muday 95 

Julie Muir 204 

Erin Mulhem 53 

RaeAnnaMulholland 154 

Courtney Dawn Mull 109 

ChnsMuilane 19] 

np Mullai 

Tli,jm,ib E Mullen 101 
lelliTvS MuUis 107 
WfiidvMumford 110, 11«, 203 
M.itl Mundy 24. IW, 217 
M.ilthew Mundy 313 
A.inin Mun2 182, 275 
Amv Murashi^e 20*i 


Di-bbr.i Murphv 275 
F.liM' Murphv Wl 
KfmMurph\ 175 
1.1/ Muq^h\ 144 
M.itt Murphy 2.' 
Melissa Murphv 206, 27 
Mullv Murphy 20b, 313 
Pat Murphy l'>2 
Stephen Murph\' Ult> 
Tara Miirph\' 2tl3 

,■ Murph\ 23, 21, 

I Murr 


1 Mu; 

Jeffrey MvTres 28« 


Garrett IMabocs 31: 
AIe\is Nagm 205 

3 Nahabedian ! 


I Paula Nance 27 
Josefine Nauckhoff 104 
Michelle Naylor 233, 275 
Besty Neal 203 
' Betsy Neathawk 58. 20h 
Jennifer Neeb 28<^ 
Mami Neely 58. 20h 
Meredith Neely 112, 275 
Stephen Neff 289, 3f> 
Laura Negel 112 
Linda N Neilsen V** 
Jessica Nelson 52. 38. 28M 
Liz Nelson 154 
Nancy L Nelson '*4 
Mary L^Tin Neshitt 300 
Emie Nestor 146 
Susan Nettelbeck 300 
Susie Nettelbeck 135 
I Kelly Newell 199 
Kelly Ann Newell 135 
KellyAnn Newell 28*^ 
, Sam Newlands 234, 241, 3|3 
I Emily Newman 203 
[ Beth Newsome 218 
Lisa Newth 203, 300 
CandelasS Newton lOfi 
Amy Ng 217. 313 
David Nichols 289 
Kristen Nickel 10b 
Kathryn Nickles 96 

Susan Niffenegger 313 
Matthew Nimchek 300 
Matthew Paul Nimchek 109 
Alexa Nimphie 30, 202 
MeaghanNitka 138, 313 

Mary Nix 205 

Patrick Noble 289 

Kirsten Nobman 202, 275 

Jeremy Noel 300 

John Nofsmger 276 

Ronald E Noftle % 

Blake Nolan 300 

Sarah Noland 202 

George Norris 189, 289 

James L. Norris 111 102 

PeteNosal 142 

Peter Nosal 189, 276 

Ashur Novick 192 

Sean Nowak 300 

Ken Nowend 112 

Heather Nusbaum 205 

Pnscilla Nutt 205. 300 

Scott Nve 181 


Chn),topher Patrick Obtr 109 

Kevin OBnen h7, :2f. 

Timothy OBneii 313 

RichOchoa 27h 

Alice Ocklesh.uv 205 

Thomas O'Conneil 27h 

Sheila O'C.nnor 154 

Michele O'Connor 194, 301 

Bentley layO'Dell lU) 

CaK)lynOdom 56. 203. 289 

DaveOdom 146. 150 

Josh ODonnell 190 

LyleOelrich IS'J 

William Oelrich 276 

Hannah Oettinger 218, 226. 289 

Hannah Elizabeth Oettinger 57, 109 

Tom Ogbum 9ft 

Kerry O'Hagan 241, 313 

ToddOhlandt 189 

Michael O'Keefe 289 

Patrick OKeefe 131 

Laura Okehie 276 

Bill Old 14ft 

DaveOLeary 186 

Jason Olitsky 191 

TJ Olmos 186 

LoriOlsen 233 

Laurie Olson 203 
Laurie Jeanne Olson 109 
Linnea Olson 204, 276 
Omicron Delta Kappa 61 
GregOmland 187 
Chris O'Neal 276 
Tiffany O'Neal 218 
MattO'Neil 186 
James O'Neill 110, 218 
James Chnstopher O'Neill 112 
Matthew O'Neill 58 
Charlotte Opal 60, 110, 276 
Charlotte Anne Opal 112 
Ryan Opal 40, 301 
Shame Orlowskv 205 
MeaganOrser 204 
PauIN Orser 89 
Rich Osborne 222, 226 
KarinOsbum 203, 289 
Dee Oseroff-VameU 9? 
Jane Oslislo 241 
JoshOsswaid 170 
JoshOtten 164 
Theresa Oubre 289 
Bradley Ouderkirk 58 
Gilban R, Overmg 99 
H Lee Overton 104 
Kirk Owens 192. 301 
Karen L Oxendine 97 

MarkPaccione 191 

Maury Page s 186 

Paige Deblitz 202 

Brian Paitsel 234, 245, 276 

Justin Pak 55 

Chase Palamar 185 

Mark Palmer 192 

Noelle Palmer 108 

Joe Palmieri 164 

Lee Pangle 204, 301 

Nicole Paniccia 313 

Lous Panigrosso 191 

Anthony L, PardeUa 103 

Anthonys. Parent Jr, 101 

RobmPanhar 182, 276 

AdnennePark 204, 313 

Ash Parker 186 

Elizabeth Parker 289 

Kathenne Parker 289 

Laurie Parker 234, 313 

Spencer Parker 185 

Thomas Parker 175, 185 

Thomwell Parker 276 

Thomwell Hay Parker. Ill 109, 112 

Tripp Parker 110, 161, 190 

Valerie Parker 218. 226. 313 

Joseph Parkhill 58 

Emily Parks 206, 222. 313 

Joshua Parks 301 

DaLawn Panrish 124 

Emily Parrish 110, 202, 289 

Emily Hay Parrish 112 

Daisy Parsons 203, 301 

Laura Parsons 202, 301 

John Pasalich 191 

John Michael Pasalich 109 

James Passaro 27b 
Leah Passmore 202 
Hank Patch 190 
Kireten Patchel 205 
Manisha Patel 217 
Moneil Pate! 186, 290 
Vaishaliben Patel 217 
Ryan Patrick 189 
Perry L. Patterson 98, 100 

Shelly Patterson 154 
Lauren Patti 58 

Stephen Patton 189 

Rob Paul 191 

Tamara Payden-Travers 204, 217, 

Darwin R Payne 107 

Scott Payne 234. 301 

Solomon Peace 313 

Diana Peacock 290 

Diana Lynn Peacock 109 

Keith Peacock 190 

Michele Peacock 203 

Shawn Pearce 58 

Will Pearce 313 

Julia Pearcy 222 

Joy Pearson 198 

Lawton Pearson 185 

Michael Pearson 301 

Wiihe Pearson Jr 107 

Jillian Peat 301 

Allen Peele 192 

Michael Pellegrino 276 

Andrea PelJetier 24, 135 

Russell Pemberton 192 

Emi Penafiel 55, 203. 217, 301 

Mary L.B, Pendergraft 97 

Renee Pennell 301 

Fiona Penney 202 

Jay Penry 117, 142. 301 

Jay Talmadge Penry 109 

RicardoPeral 112 

Ricky Peral 146. 149 

l\y Perdigon 203 

Brad Perkins 142 

Ken Perkins 301 

Molli Perkins 276 

PhihpJ. Pemcone 107 

Bo Perry 22, 24, 217 

Brandon Perry 124 

Dee Perry. 89 

India Perry 202, 313 
Jonathan Perry 241. 301 
Katie Perry 204, 217 
Margaret Perry 91 
PJ Perry 182 
Tremayne Perry 241 
Chrissy Person 119. 144 
Henry Persons 276 
ChadPeshak 110 
Kelly Petersen 203 
Ben Peterson 186 
Christen Juba Peterson 109 
Justin Peterson 192 
Kara Petracek 204. 313 
Elizabeth Petrino 99 
Millen Petrov 111 
MarkV. Pezzo 105 
Vi Pham 217 
Victona Pham 234 
John Phillips 19] 
Karen Phillips 313 
Megan Phillips 202, 313 
Robert Phillips 313 
Laura Philo 175 
Ogden Phipps III 170 
Bnan Pianca 56, 186 
Dave Pickering 19] 
Beau Pierce 186 
Russell Pierce 276 
Todd Pierce 301 
Bettina Pien 168 
Brian Pieslak 35. 301 
Benjamin Pirmer 301 
Ben Piper 222 
Amanda Pipkin 58 
Diane Pitassy 276 
Nell Pitman 202 
Jennifer Pittaway 218 
Kira Pittman 290 
Nell Pittman 276 
Will Pittman 313 
Jonathan Planer 301 
Michael Pleacher 276 
Michael David Pleacher 109 
Mike Pleacher 190 
Nathaniel Pleasant 186 
Robert J Plemmons 102 
Scolt Plumndge 110, 185, 241 

Scott Stuart Plumridge 109 

Don Pocnck 24. 217 

Shannon Poe-Kennedy 5b 

Amanda Mane Potnsette 109 

Mandy Poinsette 202 

Alton B Pollard Ml 106 

Joy Pollard 206, 243 

Jennifer Pollock 313 

Ashley Poison 205 

Michelle Pope 290 

Michelle Lee Pope 109 

Claire Pono 205. 313 

Frank Posi 11 ICO 185 
301 Morgan Potoat 202, 290 

Chris Potockv 187 

Cameron Powi-ll 203. 277 

lames T Powell 97 

Eric Pragle 142 

Vidya Prakasam 64, 150, 217, 

Page Pratt 182, 301 

Kunal Premnarayen 170 

Jeryl Prescott 89, 99 

Brad Preslar 301 

Cecilia Pressley 218. 243, 301 

Kara Preslage 206 

Carrena Prevette 290 

Abby Price 203 

Abigail Ashley Price 109 

Cecil Price 93 

Lebbonee Piice 226, 313 

Sara Pnce 202 

Nancy M Pnddy 98 

Eloise Priioles 277 

EloiSL- Joy Pnjoles 112 

Peter Prmci 164 
Stephan Pro 142, 314 

Kristin Proud 111, 203 
JeffPnigh 131 
Amanda Pruitt 206 
lenny Puckett 106 
BradPugh 185 
Christ)' Pugh 277 
Chns Pulliam 301 
Joe Purcell 290 
Michelle Puskar 301 
Christopher Putnam 301 
Jason Putman 189 
Chris Putnam 245 
Garret Putnam 142 
Jason Putnam 277 
Amy Pyles 58, 127, 290 

Chns Ret 


Lharl.'s(^)iiagliato 135, 277 
Wendy QuaiJe 100 
Cherie Quesenberry 242, 290 
Katie Quigley 205 
Kathryn Quilev 314 
Stacy Quiroz 277 
Stacy Elaine Quiroz 109 

> 301 

lack Rabun 185 
Kim Rado 218 
Kimberiy Rado 290 
Teresa Radomski 103 
Maryam Rahman-Esene 314 
Brooks Rainey 301 
Nicci Rainey 30. 206 
Nicole Rainey 277 
Arthur Ralston 111, 277 
Tesh Ramey 199. 277 
Jennifer Ramseur 203. 277 
Sham Ramseur 301 
Megan Allen Ramsey 109 
Mike Ramseyer 764, 186 
Anne Randall 58. 203, 222 
Ashley Randolph 56. 204, 290 
Ashley Anne Randolph 109 
Sam Ranjitkar 290 
JaakRannik 187,234. 277 
Am\' Raphael 277 
Jennifer Rapp 314 
Jason Rappaport 164 
JaneRawnsley 144 
Bryan Ray 123, 124 
David Raynor 189, 314 
Meghan Reardon 58. 204 
Paul Recksiek 142, 186 
Stephanie Reddy 203, 314 
Laura Redeker 203 
Mary Lynn B Redmond 94 
Ashley Reed 204. 314 

[uddsonReed 189. 301 
I uddson Roberts Reed 109 
Michael Reed 277 
UurenReeder 202, 314 
Evan Reemes 185 
Leslie Reese 58 
Giruiy Reeves 206 
Mary Reeves 53 
Virgima Reeves 277 
John Regan 187. 290 
Brendan Reichs 186 
Susan Reid 205 
Brian Reif 301 
Jessica Reigle 205, 314 
Jason Reigler 186 
James Reigner 186 
Ml, 301 Brendan Reilly 189 

Meredith Reinecke 314 
Natasha Reinken 301 
David Reilz 189 
JackReieskj 100 
Courmey Relyea 301 
Marc Renault 102 
Sletanie Rev-nolds 175, 314 
Phillip Rhiner 108, 222. 277 
Lee Rhoades 204 
PaulM, Ribisl 100 
Michael Ricciardelli 108 
Bill Rice 190 
Jason Rice 191 
KevmRice 131 
Lonnie V Rice. Ill 277 
Shance Rice 55 
Steve Rice 95 
Ted Rice 58 
Tiffany Rice 57 
Woody Rich 185 
Erin Richard 205 
Carolvn Richards 96 
Elton Richards 103 
Carrie Richardson 314 
Jessica Richardson 52 
Kevin Richardson 192. 301 
Lauren Richardson 242, 290 
Mia Richardson 144, 277 
Charles L Richman 105 
Eve Richter 30. 302 
Eve Mane Richter 109 
Randy Riddle 103 
KaheRief 314 
lason Riegler 277 
Andrew Riepe 164 
Bnan Rieth 192 
lason Riffle 190 
Shen Rights 203, 290 
MikeRikard 164 
WillRikard lf4 
Mike Riley 142 
Susan Riley 277 
Dana Rimel 302 
Palnck L Rimron 103 
Tiffany Rinne 199. 302 
Tiffany Ann Rinne 109 
Beth Ritter 244 
Ehziibeth Ritter 52 
Ehzabeth Diane Rillcr 112 
Peter Rives 58 
Becky Robbms 57 
Fred Robbins 124 
Rebecca Robbins 290 
Christy Roberson 218, 302 
Matthew Roberson 302 
Brian Roberts 146 
Enc Harold Roberts 109 
Snow Roberts 205 
Matthew Scott Robida 112 
Jon Robilotto 192 
Knox Robinson 50, 217 
Stephen B, Robinson 102 
Mike Robitaiile 191 
Allen Roda 23, 24. 217 
Catherine Rodgers 106 
Faye Rodman 108 
Eva Marie Rodtwitt 106 
Amy Roebuck 50, 290 
Drew Roeser 186 
Randall G Rogan 97 
Elizabeth Rogers 302 
Jackie Rogers 206 
Kate Rogers 206, 241 
Kathryn Rogers 302 
Knsta Rogers 30, 314 
Royden E, Rogers 278 
Tim Rogers 19] 
Timothv Rogers 52 

Index • 347 


Ddvid Rumhilt 1»5 

Justin Roof 175 

James Rorrer, Jr 278 

James Brewster Rorrer, Jr 112 

Kathehne Roscoe 302 

Katherine Denise Roscoe liW 

Michelle Rose 206. 290 

San Rose 135 

Sari Rachel Rose 109 

Jamie Ross 203, 233 

len Ross 205 

lenmter Ross 53 

L.iuren Ross 314 

Lawson Rothgeb 205 

Andrea Rothman 54 

Adam Rothschild 190, 302 

KenyRotondi 217, 278 

keiT)' Louise Rotondi 112 

Burch Rountree 204 

Courtney Rountree 204, 278 

Don Roveto 18"^. 290 

David Rowe 189 

Caroline Rowell 204, 314 

Jonathan Rowel) 189, 278 

Matt Rowand 190 

Brandon Rozelle 189 

Reagan Rozier 185 

Tenika Rudisell 198 

NtielRuebel 142 

Polly Ruettgers 278 

Manssa Ruke 204, 302 

Uuren Rule 314 

Claire Rumberger 205 

Susan Z Rupp 101 

Andrew Rush 58 

Drew Rush 189 

Greg Rush 1^2 

Samantha Rush 138, 205 

Jon Russell 117, 142 

Caitlrn Ruthven 203, 302 

Tony Rutland 146, 150.152. 157 

Brett Ryan 182 

Pamela Josette Ryan 110 

Beth Rymeski 314 

Karen I^onsa 58, 290 

thSaiatich 191 
Barbara Salisbury 112, 278 
Kristin Salsberry 30 
AnneSalsburv 204. 278 
Anne Gamer Salsburv 112 
Jen Salver 204 
Jennifer Salyer 291 
Ross Samchalk l^O 
Raam Sambandam 217 

Kevin Samuels 192, 314 

Nelson Sanchez lOti 

Oscar Sanchez 175 

Elaine Sanderlm 112. 202. 278 

Elaine Collier Sanderhn 10'^ 

Emily Sanders 302 

Lee Sanderson 242 

Teresa Sanhueza 106 

Ben Sankey 124 

AdamSantik-v 191 

Beth Sarles 206 

Laura Sasser 302 

Brandon Saul 191, 278 

Cary Savage 204, 315 

Myles Savage 124 

Bnana Savory 144 

Laura Sayers 204 

Amanda Saylor 202. 302 

Ellen Scarff 206, 315 

Aaron Schachter 19] 

Aaron Kalman Schachter 10^ 

CarySchaefer 205 

Tiffany Schaefer 204 

Claire Schen 101 

Sarah Schick 58, 205 

Knstcn Schdier 58. 278 

Karh Schilling 135 

Stephanie Schmkel 175 

Christina Schippers 278 

Tina Schippers 204 

James A SchiriUo 105 

Stephen Schmidt 189 

EncSchmitt 164 

Stacy Schmitt 243 

Damien Schmilz 315 

Stephen Schmitz 278 

John Schneider 58, 291 

leffSchoenheit 22.24 

Wendy Schnever 206 
Mananne Schubert 93 
MananneA Schubert 105 
Nathan Schultheiss 302 
Thomas Edward Schulthei? 
Thomas Schultheiss 291 
Jessica Schullz 138, 141 
Kimberly Comn Schutsky 109 
Beth Schwartz 291 
Jennifer Schwartz 278 
Staci Schwartz 291 
Stan T Schwartz 108 
len Schwegel 203 
Jennifer Schwegel 302 
KathleneSchwoerer 278 
Elizabeth Scott 315 
George Scott 187, 278 
Holly Scott 204. 278 
Juhe Scott 135 
Kathenne Anne Scott 109 
KathvScott 110. 204. 241, 278 




N Dane Scott 104 

Sandra Michoelle Scott 112 
RuthScotti 54 

I Brook Seatord 278 

Richard Sears 43 

Richard D. Sears 105 

Lindsay Seawnght 110, 154. 158 

Lindsay Stuart Seawnght 112 

WesSechresI 110 

Alison Segall 57. 199 

Thomas Segars 112, 278 

Thomas Hamilton Segars 109 

BnanSeibert 192 

Dan Seidenstein 56. 191 

Charlie Seitz 187 

Timothy E Sellner 100 

Emily Selvidio 144 

Nicole Serluco 138 

Catherine E Seta 105 

SamSettar 124 

Juha Settle 108. 291 

RajSetty 217 

Ralph Sevehus 189 

Kelvin Shackleford 124 

Matt Shady 117, 142 

Maggie Shaffer 204, 302 

Brantly Shapiro 30 

Marin Shaughnessy 202, 242. 291 

Andrew Shaw 186 

KurtC Shaw 100 

Rob Shaw 33. 222 

WandeShaw 124 

Matthew Sheann 315 

Maureen Sheehy 202 

Megan Sheehy 57, 205 
Cynthia Sheek 315 

leremyShelton 187 

Kathryn Shelton 203. 315 

AmyShenasky 138, 141. 279 

Joshua Ian Sheplow 112 

AmySherrill 64,161, 162 

Howard W Shields 104 

Tamlyn Shields 315 

Anne Shillingsburg 315 

Carol A- Shively 105 

Leslie Shively 205 

Heather Shnider 245, 279 

JeffShoenheit 217 

Uri Shores 35, 218, 279 

Robert N Shorter 99 

Kurt Shotzberger 245 

DawnShoultz 302 

Kelly ShoveJin 205. 302 

Jill Skowronek 279 

Bryan Shrader 189. 302 

Anne Shropshire 135 

Elizabeth Shuler 30 

Susan Shuler 54 

MattShurts 187 

WiUiam Matthew Shurts 109 

Peter Sia veils 105 

Ben Sibley 192 

Kurt J Sickman 108 

Chns Siege 112 

Keith Siegner 191 

Ben Slew 244 

Bennett Siew 112 

GaleSigal 99 

Amy Knstm Sigel 108 

leffSigmon 121, 124 

JemSigmon 315 

ZaherSilk 230 

Amanda Silva 202 

Wayne L Silver 95 

Matt Silverstcn 218 

Mike Silvestro 191 

Betsy Simmons 203 

Emilee Simmons 218, 315 

Kelly Simon 138, 140 

Michael Simons 302 

Mike Simons 185 

Jerome Simpkms 121, 124 

Blair Simpson 144 

Lia Simpson 302 

Lia Shannon Simpson 109 

Robert Simpson 30 

Sara Simpson 27. 54, 217, 302 

David Nathan-Allen Sims 24 

Jennifer Sinclair 291 

Michael L. Smclair 101 

Brian Singleton 190 

Jennifer Singleton 279 

Scott Sink 170. 191 

MarcSirotkin 192. 291 

Andrew Sisk 279 

Jarrod Michael Sisk 110 

Jessica Skalyo 202 

Lee Ellen Skelton 206, 242, 303 

Brett Skilbred 189,233 

Elizabeth Skladany 291 

Kim Sklenicka 161. 162 

Kimberley Sklenicka 279 

Jill Kristen Skowronek 109 

David Slade 222, 291 

Clyde Slappy 58 



Vanessa Slattery 135 

Shelley Slaughter 218 

Shawn Sleep 279 

Amy Sloan 279 

Anne Sloan 205 

Melanie Sloan 279 

William W Sloan 105 

Sara T Stowik 279 

Tammy Slowik 202 

Leah Small 202. 303 

Stuart Smartt 303 

Kem Smelzer 303 

Allison Smith 291 

Ashanl] Smith 241 

Ashley Smith 58 

Aurora Smith 30 

Brad Smith 124 

Brandy Smith 5h 

Bnan Smith 27t> 
Carter Smith 23, 24 
Courtney Smith 241, 279 
Courtney Cathenne Smith 109. li; 

David Smith 185. 315 
Duval Smith 315 
Earle Smith 107 
Howell Smith 101 
left Smith 189, 303 
lennifer Smith 206, 279 
losh Smith 190 
Kathleen B Smith 105 
Katita Smith 205 
Keith Smith 181 
Kevin Smith 124 
Keyshom Smith 124 
Latraviette Smith 198 
Laura Smith 206, 315 
Margaret Smith 96 
Margaret S Smith 95 
Melanie Smith 58, 204 
Peyton Smith 131 
Ross K Smith 97 
Steven Smith 58 
Terry Smith 107 
Tma Smith 218. 279 
Wayne Smith 108 
Matthew Smith-Kennedy 303 
Chrissy Snapp 206 
Christine Mane Snapp 109 
KaiSncad 124 
Marc Sneed 244 
ToddSninski 192. 279 
Alison Snodgrass 204 
Marcus Snow 58 
Marcus Hilton Snow 109 
Andrew Snyder 279 
Andy Snyder 234 
Jessen Snyder 135 
Jill Snyder 119, 144 
Marc Snyder 315 
Beth Sydnor 280 
JoeSoave 191. 316 
Michael Softer 303 
Kelly Sokol 206 
Cecilia H Solano 105 
D'Angelo Solomon 124 
DaveSonntag 190 

David Soruitag 316 

Raymond Soriano 131 

Mimi Soule 203 

Drew Southern 190 

Jordana Soyke 222, 31b 

Amanda Spain 316 

DaveSpangler 192 

Emily Sparkman 21. 23, 24, 217 

AnnaSpaugh 303 

AmySpeas 202 

Sarah Speeg 57, 303 

Sarah Woodward Speeg 109 

Nathan Spees 279 

Jamie Spencer 110,218 

Fiorella Speziani 279 

Sharon Spilker 242 

Sharon Kathleen Spilker 109 

JillSpillane 316 

Rashard Spiller 303 

Wilmot Spires 124 

John Spitler 279 

Rosanne Spolski 95 

Richard Sponner. Jr 280 

Richard Brent Spooner 110 

Drew Sprague 222 

Amanda Spring 316 

Jennifer Springs 316 

Jenny Springs 234 

Kevin Sprouse 189.316 

Elizabeth Sprunt 204 

Stefanie Spurlin 316 

KateSpurlock 203 

Kathenne Spurlock 280 

Ben Stafford 124 

Courtney Stahl 161, 204, 316 

Sarah Rybum Slainton 204 

John Stanford 192 

Caroline Stanley 202 

Jessica Stanlev 53 

Barbara Stanton 20*) 

KaciStarbuck 245 

Charles Stark 234 

William Starhng 93 

Patncia Steffen 303 

Emily Steiler 233 

Seth Stein 112 
Jen Steinberg 202 
Carmine Stengone 191 

Karen Stephan 316 
Jon Stephen 186 

Dan Stephens 182 
J P Stephens 22 

Brad Stephenson 23. 24, 187, 21* 

Bradley Stephenson 316 
Dan Stem 217 
Daniel Stem 51 
Janelle Stem 244, 291 
Roger Steur 303 
Tom Stuetzer 280 
Drew Stevens 185 
Kevin Stevens 186 
Will Stevens 186 
Amy Stewart 303 
Brad Stewart 316 
Jennifer Stewart 291 
Lamont Stewart 222, 241 
Loraine M, Stewart 99 
Margaret Stewart 280 
Teresa Stewart 280 
Emily Stieler 206, 280 
John Stillerman 192 
Shannon Stirmett 280 
Shannon Elizabeth Stinnett 109 
Manssa Stocklin 205 
Adam Stockton 142 
Ricky Stokes 146 
Auhinnn Stokley 204 
Autumn Don Stokley 109 
Aaron Stoller 182 
Adnenne Stone 203 
Eric Stone 105 
Greg Stone 19] 
Randolph Tyler Stone 111 
Tyler Stone 189. 280 
Emily Stoots 204, 316 
MarkStopa 291 
Jandy Stoughton 206, 280 
Brett Strahan 142 
Claire Strang 202. 316 
Damian Strassforth 222 
Brett Strathan 142 
Jennifer Rioux Straub 144 
Chrishe Straube 218. 226, 317 
Scott Street 146, 146 
Thomas Sh^et 111. 280 
January Streeter 30, 205 
Amy Stribling 56, 204 

Benjamin Strickland 303 
David Strickland 146 
John Strickland 243 
Jonathan Stnckland 292 
Garrett Stringer 280 
William Stringfellow 146 
Thomas Strohl 55 
Karen Stroinev 317 
Matthew Strong 303 
MattStroot 66, 218 
Matthew Stroot 303 
BethStroupe 199 
David Stroupe 100 
Margaret Stroupe 280 
Margaret Elizabeth Stroupe 112 
David EG Sturm 104 
Bradley Charles Strunk 112 
April Stuart 317 
Jason Shibbs 317 
Ryan Stubits 303 
Tom Stuetzer 121, 124 
Timothy Stute 186, 292 
Daniel Styrtm 54 
Terrence Suber 121, 124 
PauISugden 112, 161 
Rebecca Suits 218, 317 
Stephen Sullivan 164 
Jason Summerton 189 
Todd Sumner 191 
EnnSutika 205, 303 
Andrea Sutton 205, 317 
ChrishneSwam 106 
Justin Swan 57 
Nolan Swanson 117. 142 
Patrick Swanson 142 
Tyson Swanson 317 
Paul Swenson 292 
Judith Swicegood 104 
Robert L Swofford 96 
Heather Sword 303 
Mouhamadou Sy 230 
Brooke Sykes 202 
Keith Szehga 245 
Keith Ryan Szeliga 109 

JeffTacau I^l 

Jenny Tackabury 205 

Brian Tague 95 

Stefarue Tanis 100 

Ian M Taplin 107 

Andrew Tapp 23 

PeteTarsa 192 

KendaUTarte 106 

Andrew Joseph Taska 109 

Ginger Tate 205 

Virginia Gray Tate 109 

Angel Taylor 198 

Anne Taylor 317 

Brooks Taylor 189, 280 

Craig Taylor 187, 244 

Craig A, Taylor 292 

Craig Allan Taylor 109 

David Taylor 185 

Erin Taylor 206, 304 

Fleurtashia Taylor 280 

Margaret Taylor 51 

Rufus Taylor 124 

Susan Taylor 206. 280 

Thomas C Taylor 96 

Harold C. Tedford 107 

Stanton K Tefft 94 

Kate Temoney 280 

Jessica Temple 304 

Kim Templeton 202 

Kimberly Templeton 280 

Temporary Reprieve 28. 35, 39 

Kymberly Temyer 317 

Sally TerBeck 205 

Sam TescJiner 205 

Samantha Teschner 280 

Elizabeth Thalhimer 23,217 

Kathenne Thalhimer 317 

Sarah Thalhimer 58 

StaceyTharp 199, 304 

Amine Tharrington 317 

LukeTheilken 190 

Aianc Thieshen 124 

Bradley W Thomas 317 

Bryan Thomas 50, 280 

Claudia Thomas 89 

Claudia N Thomas 99 

Crystal Thomas 21. 23, 281, 304 

Elizabeth Thomas 281 

Patricia Thomas 281 





Paul Thomas 57, 233 

Rachel Thomas 135, 217 

Stan I Thomas 102 

Tracv L Thomas 108 

Both Thompson 217 

C Michael Thompson % 

Daniel Thompson 243 

Glenn Thompson 190 

Hayes Thompson 185 

Jessica Thompson 281 

Keith Thompson 2^2 

Ken Thompson 22, 217 

Kenneth Thompson 292 

Knstm Thompson 58, 241 

Michael A Thompson 96 

Rolhe Thompson 192 

Myres Winston Tilghman 109 

VVmston Tilghman 192 

Michele Tilley 281 

NateTilman 190 

Nathan Tilman 281 

Lind^ev Tilt 202 

Josh Timbers 131, 133 

John Timmer 304 

Alexandra Timmermans 281 

Xandra Timmermans 20? 

Emily Tingle 54 

Harry B Titus Jr 95 

RobbTodd \-^\ 

Sarah Tolhson 202 

Tomas Tolvaisas 281 
Jamie A Tomhave 58, 111 

Alisha Tomlmson 206, 218. 317 

Kathryn Tompkins 58, 292 

Enn Jordan Tooley 281 

T.xidC Torgersen 102 
TarvnToval 218 

Ralph B Tower 96 
Meredith Townsend 56, 292 
Meredith Ebzabeth Townsend 109 
Katie Townshend 203 
Terrance Tracey 189 
Terrence Patnck Tracey 112 
Jennifer Trafton 281 
Jennifer Mane Trafton 112 
Karen Trammell 20ti. 304 
Shannon Trant 304 
JeffTrapani 189 
Ben Trayes 192 
Matthew Trenchard 292 
Steve Trezvant 142 
Virgmifl Tnce 281 
Greg Tnmble 189 
Gregory Trimble 304 
NateTnnklein 191 
, LeonaTrombly 292 
Kevm Troup 282 
Marty Trumbore 190, 292 
Theodore Tseng 282 
Laura Tucker 205, 292 
Uura Thomas Tucker 108 
Mark Tucker 282 
Chns Turner 135. 164 
KimberJy Turner 282 
Margaret Turner 202 
Mike Turner 182 



■ 146 

Trey Turner 185, 282 
Tim Tweten 243 
Timothy Tweten 292 
Ashley Twiggs 222 

1 Ivh 


Deborah Tyson 110. 206, 292 
Will Tyson 241 
WUham Tyson, Jr 292 


MaHUdvari 142 
Casey Ueberroth 186 
Lindsey Ueberroth 282 
Robert W Ulery Jr 97 
Caroline Ullnng 168 
Ramsey Umar 230 
, Hunter Reeve Underbill 110 
KathyA Underwood 103 
Dan Usher 168 

Kourtney Vahle 23. 24. 205, 217 
Olga Valbuena 99 
Erik Van Der Sande 108, 186 
Knstine Van Doran 203, 304 
JUl Van Pelt 218, 234, 243 

Susan Van Sciver 48, 20h, 218. 317 

Sarah VanAuken 199. 244 

Ronald Vance 293 

Jeff Vandershce 192 

Jeffrey Vanderslice 282 

Elide Vargas 105 

BrenVamer 48, b4, 234, 241, 304 

ChnsVaughan 142. 317 

Carmen Vaughn 206. 293 

Ashley Vermillion 202 

E Joy Vermillion 24 

Joy Vermillion 110, 206. 222, 293 

ShanaVidal 154 

Jay Vidovich 131 

UuraVieta 205, 304 

ErikaViltz 317 

John Virdin 185 

Ahcia Vitti 106 

Antonio Vitti 106 

DanVivareUi 189 

JuanVizcaya 175 

Mary Vo 217 

Will Voelzke 190. 293 

Wilt Rowland Voelzke 109, 112 

JoeVoIpe 64. 241 

Joseph Volpe 304 

Joseph Michael Volpe 109 

Paul Volpe 191 

Chns Vrabel 317 

Karen Vucic 317 

Avani Vyas 217 

AvanieVyas 222 


Marcellus E, Waddill 102 

Emily Wade 24, 205, 317 

Wendy Wade 57, 203 

Chad Martm Wagner 109 

Eugene P Wagner 96 

Knsten Wagner 175 

Spencer Wagner 124 

Wake Alternative Breakers 64 

Wake Forest Handbell Choir 4b, 47 

Matt Wakefield 190 

Matthew Wakefield 282 

Cam Walker 127. 128 

Cheryl Walker 282 

Janice Walker 101 

Lori Walker 282 

ClaudeHa Wail 282 

Jason Wall 189 

Rob Wall 51 

Amy Wallace 119, 144, 154 

Danielle Wallace 144 

Kelle Wallace 205 

Bram Walls 124 

TreyWaltere 185. 317 

Adam Ward 192. 318 

Andie Ward 206 

Andrea Ward 318 

Brian Ward 282 

Chad Ward 108, 282 

Chad Inline Ward 112 

Jack Ward 96 

Jeremy Ward 364, 186 

KatyWard 204 

Uura Ward 203. 282 

Michele Ware 99 

Julia Wareing 318 

Bonnie Warren 202, 293 

Geoff Warren 192 

Geoffrey Warren 318 

Knsten Warren 52. 293 

Krishn Nicole Warren 109 

Michael Warren 218, 304 

Michael Dale Warren 109 

Nikki Warren 206 

Paige Warren 202 

Christy Warrington 293 

Brad Washburn 318 

Nicole Washienko 205. 318 

Shannon Watkins 318 

Gin Watson 244, 304 

Katima Watson 241, 318 

Liz Watson 202 

Scott Watson 182, 318 

Enc Watts 97 

Sarah L. Watts 101 

Mary R. Wayne-Thomas 107 

Elaine Weatherly 96 

David S Weaver 94 

Viclona Weaver 198, 282 

BnanWebb 190, 293 

Bnan Garry Webb 109 

Suzanne Webb 282 

Suzanne Chnstine Webb 112 

Jeremy Weber 18h 

Scott Weber 18t. 

Jill Webster 318 

LeeWedekind 190. 304 

Courtney Wedl 202.318 

Stefani Wedl 56. 202 

Stefani Loree Wedl 109 

Anushi Weerakoon 217 

Peter D Weigl 95 

KariWeil 106 

Jamison Weinbaum 52 

David R Wemstein 105 

Amanda Welbom 293 

Angie Welch 199 

Ruth M, Welch 103 

Karen Weyler 99 

Chance Welfare 190 

Mark E. Welker 96 

Nicole Lynn Wellman 109 

Meredith Wells 318 

Ann Wells 218, 318 

Byron R. Wells 106 

Meredith Wells 318 

Tammy Wells 282 

Helga Welsh 60, 105 

FredWendelboe 127 

Stacy Wentworth 203, 318 

Jen Wentzel 27 

Kevin Wenzel 222 

Evie Wesley 241 

Dennis Wesney 293 

Dermy Wesney 218 

NickWesslmg 218 

Larry E. West 100 

Page West 96 

Rodney West 14b 

AdamWhalen 192. 318 

JohnWhaley 192 

Robert M Whaples 98 

Kimberty Whatley 282 

Ben White 56 

Brian White 318 

Bnan M White 234 

David White 190, 318 

Elizabeth White 282 
Joanna M White 108 

Mary Brooke W^ite 57. 304 
Sam White 304 
Stacy W/hi(e 206, 241 
Timothy White, Jr 304 
Virginia White 282 
John Whitehead 124 

Mark Richard Whiteman 109 
M. Stanley Whitley 106 
JohnWhitmire 283 
John Floyd Whitmire, Jr. 112 
Kendra Whittington 226, 233 
Jennifer Whitty 203, 293 
Danielle Whren 318 
Steven Wicker 102 
Jeniufer Widener 293 
Chnton Wilbum 124. 304 
Amy Wilhelm 206. 293 
Amy Ruth Wilhelm 110 
Jack V^ilkerson 89 
Jack E. Wilkerson 96 
David Wilkins 185 
Weston Willard 243 
Suzanne Willers 202, 293 
Alan J Williams 101 
Amy Williams 283, 318 
Ben Williams 190 
Bill WiUiams 190, 283 
Brett Williams 186 
Burr Williams 131 
David B Williams 305 
David BenneH Williams 109 
Devyn Williams 199 
Gavin Williams 191 
George P Williams Jr 104 
Jackson Williams 110, 293 
Jason Williams 112 
Jason Drew Williams 112 
Jessica Williams 67 
Megan Williams 206, 242, 283 
Richard T Williams 104 
Selena Wilhams 23, 230, 318 
Greg Wilhamson 186 
Gregory L. Williamson 319 
Leah Williamson 204, 319 
Tom Williamson 187 
Valerie Williamson 205 
MikeWiUis 182 
Jon Wilsie 192 
Alex Wilson 192, 305 
Alisa Wilson 154, 233, 305 

Ben Wilson 305 

Benjamin Lewis Wilson 109 

Brett Wilson 144 

Bnan Wilson 111. 182. 283 

Cameron Wilson 319 

Cammie Wilson 23 

David C Wilson 102 


[ill Kimberly Wilson 109, 112 

Kim Wilson 205 

Kimberly Wilson 283 

Matt Wilson 319 

Michael Wilson 305 

Mike Wilson 192 

Erin Wilt 205, 283 

Wendy Winalski 203. 319 

Elizabeth Wingfield 319 

Liz Wingfield 204 

CoryWinig 191 

Krishn Winkle 58, 112, 203, 283 

Varm Winslow 283 

Kyle Wittenbom 192 

Maia Witzl 82, 

Bethany Wolf 203 

Donald H Wolfe 107 

Kelly Wolfe 144 

Sam Wollman 189 

Bnan Wolverton 124 

Jamie Womack 234 

Jordan Wong 38, 305 

Yue-Lmg Wong 96 

Kristin Wontka 58, 205 

Angle Wood 22b 

John H Wood 98 

LynseyWood 50, 202 

Lynsey Ann Wood 108 

Michelle Wtxid 199, 293 

Ralph C WoodJr 106 

Susannah Wood 305 

Tom Wood 185 

Ned Woodall 94 

Corinne Woodcock 283 

Betsy Woodruff 241, 319 

Kevm Woods 319 

Loren Woods 146, 149. 152 

Tim Woods 131 

Shelly Wiwdson 305 

Shelly Lynn Woodson 109 

Ben Woody 124 

Chnstma Wooldndge 23. 206 

Katie Wooten 199 

Ben Worley 283 

Benjamin Worley 189 

Natalie Worley 319 

JoanC Worth 105 

Anitra Worthy 305 

Sarah Wrege 203 

Betsy Wnght 242 

Jennifer Maren Wnght 109 

John Wnght 185, 186 

Sydney Wright 319 

Wayne Wright 124 

Matthew Wrynn 319 

Erin Wuller 53, 206, 226, 293 

Sarah Wysocki 204 

Tamara Yacavone 203 

Jason Yanni 305 

Lucy Yarbrough 206 

Lucy Moore Yarbrough 109. 112 

TonyYamall 121. 124 

GenYasaki 182. 283 

Andrew J Yates 98 

Murphy Yates 192, 283 

Steve Yates 127 

Pamela Yeager 241, 319 

BnanYeazel 110 

Bryan Joseph Yeazel 109 

Chmg-WanYip 104 

Carrie York 305 

Came Elizabeth York 109 

ChnsYorro 293 

Abbie Young 293 

Audrey Young 319 

Julie Young 204. 305 

Lance Young 175 

Michelle Young 206 

Polly Young 199 

Bobby Yurkutat 182 

Robert Yurkutat 305 

David Zadel 124 

Fizzah Zahir 203. 305 

Adam Zajac 164 

Craig Zakrzewski 319 

Pete Zambito 35. 283 

Liza Maria Zavaleta 283 

LizaZavaleta 110 

Karen Zawoy sky 112. 233. 283 

Karen Elizabeth Zawoysky 109 

David Zazworsky 185 

RonZazworsky 185 

KateZelasko 206 

Kathenne Zelasko 283 

J(»eZelenka 124 

Manan Zetick 283 

Manan Margaret Zehck 112 

Missy Zetick 108 

Ken Zick 90 

LarsZiehn 170 

Cheryl Zimmerman 135 

larrett Zimmerman 185 

Zack Zimmerman 187 

J eft Zmn 170 

David Patrick Zins 112 

lli|aZlatar 13] 

Armen Zohrabian 305 

Jason Zook 161, 190. 217, 293 

Jason David Zook 109 

Richard L. Zuber 101 

Margaret D Zulick 97 



J997 Howler 

Managing Editor 
Copy Editor 
Production Manager 
Photography Editor 
Business Manager 
Classes Editor 
Organization Editor 
Student Life Editor 

Bren Varner 
Erin K. Grail 
Tamara Beavers 
Vidya Prakasam 
Bryan Herring 
Anitra McRae 
Michael Warren 
DeAnna Lewis 
Erin K. Grail 


Kristin Thompson. Editor-in-Chief 
Bryan Herring 
LeeAnii Hodges 

liana Anderson Carlton Ward 

Tripp Hanington Jordan Wong 

Kara Lassen Corinne Woodcock 

Kelly Sokol Julie Young 

Glenn Thompson 


The 1997 Howler is the 95th edition of the 
Wake Forest University yearbook. The Howler is 
produced by the Student Publications Board of Wake 
Forest University. Opinions expressed are not 
necessarily those of the trustees, administration, 
faculty, staff, or students of Wake Forest University. 

The Howler offices are located in room 500 
of the Benson University Center. All correspon- 
dence should be sent to P.O. Box 7306, Reynolda 
Station, Winston-Salem, NC 27109. The office 
telephone number is (910) 758-5289. 

This edition of the Howler was printed by 
Delmar/Herff Jones Publishing Company in Char- 
lotte, North Carolina. Our representatives were 
Elizabeth Wearn and Joanne Lewis. 

Copies of the book are provided as part of 
the tuition to all students of Wake Forest University. 
Financing for the publication is provided by the 
University through the Student Budget Advisory 

This edition has 352 pages and has a trim 
size of twelve by nine inches. The press run was 
2700 copies. Paper is 100 pound gloss. Smyth sewn 
binding, rounding, and backing with headbands were 
used. Four color processing is on 72 pages and spot 
color is on 48 pages. 

All pages were designed on Macintosh LCII 
and LCIII computers using Aldus PageMaker 5.0. 
Pages were submitted on disk to Delmar/Herff Jones 
for publication. 

Color and black and white photographs for 
this edition were taken by members of the Wake 
Forest University Photography Staff Black and 
white film used included Kodak TMax 100, 400, and 
3200 film. All black and white photographs were 
developed and printed in the staff darkrooms, lo- 
cated in room 506 of the Benson University Center. 
Color slides were taken on Kodak and Fuji film and 
processed locally by Photo Lab and Talton Photo 
Finishing. All portraits were taken by Carl Wolf 
Studios of Sharon Hill. Pennsylvania. 

Advertising was solicited by Future 1st 
Global, Inc. out of Marietta, Georgia. 

This book is copyrighted by the 1997 editor- 
in-chief and the Wake Forest University Publications 
Board. All rights reserved. No portion of the publi- 
cation covered by copyrights herein, including 
individual photographs, may be reproduced in any 
form or by any means without the prior expressed 
written permission of the editor-in-chief or the Wake 
Forest University Publications Board. 


From the 


On the campus of old Wake Forest there stood an elm tree that grew beside a wel 
Tacked to the tree was a "message board" of campus activities and events. Gradually the tree 
became known as the "Howler Tree." In 1903. these notes were bound for the first time in order to 
chronicle the year's events. And thus, the Wake Forest Yearbook was bom with the first issue being dedi- 
cated to the tree that bore its name. Yearbooks have changed since that first year, but we hope that the 
Howler still chronicles the events of Wake Forest University. The staff set out to capture the memories of 
the 1996-1997 year. Thousands of hours and hundreds of pictures later, we hope that we have accom- 
plished Just that. 

Thank you to the University Editor's Office. Spoils Information, staff photographers, and all of 
those who submitted pictures. 

A special thank you to Erin K. Grail, whose unwavering dedication and support brought new life to 
the book. She has given so much, not only to the Howler, but to many other aspects of the Wake Forest 
Community. Her creafive support, design abilities, and hard work were all greatly appreciated and indis- 
pensable to the 1997 edition. Thanks also to Tamara Beavers. Even though she came on board late, she 
made many contributions that have been essential to the publication of this book. 

The production of a yearbook can often be very taxing. However, my job was made so much easier 
b) the lo\e. support and understanding of my family. I am most appreciati\e for the help and encourage- 
ment from my mom and grandmother. I love you, I always will, and thank you for everything. 

It has been a true honor to work on this book. I am very grateful for all that I have learned and 
experienced through this job. When 1 began working on the Howler my freshman year, I had the privilege 
of becoming acquainted with a very dear friend, Lavonn Bell. Over the past two years. I have enjoyed 
receiving her calls of encouragement and her words of advice. There are few people with as much school 
spirit and love for the Howler as Lavonn Bell. Lavonn. I hope that you enjoy the book. Go Deacs! 

It has been our intention to capture at least a small part of the 1 996- 1 997 year. If you are browsing 
through the book years from the day that you left the Reynolda campus. I hope that it elicits some of the 
wonderful memories that you experienced while at Wake Forest. Enjoy the book, and happy browsing. 

^^u^ /^M/^t^ 

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